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Victor Richardson and Emily Florence Southernwood

3-Victor Richardson was born on 20 Jan 1887 in Paddy's Scrub, Osmaston, died on 18 Jul 1958 at age 71, and was buried in Methodist Church, Hagley.

Victor married Emily Florence Southernwood, daughter of William Joseph Southerwood and Lucy Barker, on 3 Dec 1913 in Westbury, Tasmania. Emily was born on 6 Nov 1887 in Launceston and died on 7 Feb 1968 at age 80.

They had four children:

Victor Richardson

Victor was born at Paddys' Scrub, Osmaston but his parents soon moved to Exton where he attended school and in 1907 they moved to "Lenna", Hagley.  As a young man he loved the river and often stripped off for a swim before coming home for his evening meal. He had a small boat and often took his girl-friends for a row.

On 3rd December, 1913 he married Emily Florence Southerwood who was always known as 'Queenie'. She was the housekeeper of the Hagley postmaster, Mr. Earn Viney. Victor had spend many hours building a new home for his bride and on the wedding day presented her with the key as his wedding present.

He worked the farm with his brother Arthur until 1928 when Arthur left to take up a property at Bracknell.


4-Lucy Richardson was born on 16 May 1917, died on 10 Nov 2005 in Aldersgate Home, Launceston, Tasmania at age 88, and was buried on 14 Nov 2005 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Lucy married Leslie James Walkden. Leslie was born on 6 Jul 1908 and died on 5 Aug 1960 at age 52. They had five children: Edna Dorothy, Maxwell Victor, Leslie James, Barry David and James Thomas.

5-Edna Dorothy Walkden was born on 11 Jan 1942. Edna married Peter Johnson. Peter was born on 3 Oct 1940. They had three children: Lynette Helen, Stephen Peter and Susan.

6-Lynette Helen Johnson was born on 23 May 1963.

6-Stephen Peter Johnson was born on 22 Mar 1966.

6-Susan Johnson was born on 12 Aug 1970.

5-Maxwell Victor Walkden was born on 2 Dec 1945. Maxwell married Marie Cook. Marie was born on 1 Sep 1948. They had two children: Julie Anne and Darren.

6-Julie Anne Walkden was born on 2 Sep 1968.

6-Darren Walkden was born on 4 Jun 1972.

5-Leslie James Walkden was born on 16 Feb 1948. Leslie married Vicki Maloney. Vicki was born on 27 May 1949. They had two children: Mark and Lisa Louise.

6-Mark Walkden was born on 24 Aug 1967.

6-Lisa Louise Walkden was born on 9 Nov 1968.

5-Barry David Walkden was born on 25 Nov 1952. Barry married Maureen West. Maureen was born on 17 Jun 1957. They had two children: Michael James and Jackie Louise.

6-Michael James Walkden was born on 11 Jul 1974.

6-Jackie Louise Walkden was born on 25 May 1975.

5-James Thomas Walkden was born on 9 Apr 1960. James married Rhonda Pellow. Rhonda was born on 13 Dec 1964. They had one son: Joshua.

6-Joshua Walkden was born on 17 Sep 1984.

4-Mona Annie Richardson was born on 1 Oct 1919 in Hagley, Tasmania. Mona married her first cousin Raymond Charles Richardson, son of Henry Samuel Richardson and Melvina Gertrude Heazlewood. Raymond was born on 15 Apr 1915 in Hagley, Tasmania and died on 8 Feb 1981 at age 65. They had four children: Margaret, Kaye, Jeane and Tony Ray.

5-Margaret Richardson was born on 14 May 1942. Margaret married Michael Hart. Michael was born on 23 Feb 1940. They had two children: Rodney and Amanda.

6-Rodney Hart was born on 3 Mar 1972.

6-Amanda Hart was born on 1 Aug 1974.

5-Kaye Richardson was born on 14 Dec 1947. Kaye married Peter Jetson. Peter was born on 3 Jun 1950.

5-Jeane Richardson was born on 3 Jun 1950. Jeane married William Hellinger.  They had two children: Jamie and Andrea.

6-Jamie Hellinger was born on 23 Dec 1972.

6-Andrea Hellinger was born on 27 Aug 1974.

Jeane next married Peter McQueen. Peter was born on 23 Feb 1950. They had one daughter: Tania.

6-Tania McQueen was born on 1 Oct 1978.

5-Tony Ray Richardson was born on 21 Nov 1951. Tony married Marie Louise Howard. Marie was born on 27 Jun 1959. They had two children: Timothy and Christopher.

6-Timothy Richardson was born on 23 Dec 1977.

6-Christopher Richardson was born on 14 Feb 1980.

4-Dorothy Richardson was born on 10 Feb 1925. Dorothy married Frank Morse, son of Clive Spicer Morse and Nellie Vera Kirkcaldy. Frank was born on 30 Jul 1919 in Sheffield and died on 25 Jul 1987 at age 67. They had three children: Miriam, Heather and Kevin.

5-Miriam Morse was born on 2 Feb 1952. Miriam married Christopher Robinson. Christopher was born on 11 Mar 1949. They had four children: Julian, Zackari, Georgia and Alexander.

6-Julian Robinson was born on 24 Jul.

6-Zackari Robinson was born on 4 May 1975.

6-Georgia Robinson was born on 8 Feb 1979 and died on 18 Feb 1979.

6-Alexander Robinson was born on 5 Aug 1981.

5-Heather Morse was born on 9 Sep 1953. Heather married Dale Barnes. Dale was born on 11 Jun 1951. They had three children: Anthony, Christine and Katie.

6-Anthony Barnes was born on 23 Jul 1977.

6-Christine Barnes was born on 25 Feb 1980.

6-Katie Barnes was born on 11 Nov 1984.

5-Kevin Morse was born on 14 May 1955. Kevin married Elizabeth Dobson. Elizabeth was born on 22 Nov 1963.

4-Joy Mary Richardson was born on 5 Aug 1931. Joy married Andrew Blackwell. Andrew was born on 29 Jan 1929. They had three children: Phillip Andrew, Jennifer Anne and Bruce Arnold.

5-Phillip Andrew Blackwell was born on 16 Jul 1952. Phillip married Penelope Ann Wale. Penelope was born on 8 Sep 1955. They had three children: Douglas Phillip, Amanda Lee and Petrina Ann.

6-Douglas Phillip Blackwell was born on 24 May 1978.

6-Amanda Lee Blackwell was born on 15 Feb 1980.

6-Petrina Ann Blackwell was born on 13 Dec 1984.

5-Jennifer Anne Blackwell was born on 23 Jul 1954. Jennifer married Robert Fletcher Moore. Robert was born on 4 Aug 1946. They had one son: Peter Benjamin.

6-Peter Benjamin Moore was born on 13 Apr 1984.

5-Bruce Arnold Blackwell was born on 16 Dec 1962.