Michael and sarah Walker
Michael and Sarah Walker ... ... Samuel George Walker and Sarah Crawford ...

Victor Maurice Walker and Bertha Emily Milton

3-Victor Maurice Walker was born the 13th child and eighth son of Samuel and Sarah Walker on 13 Nov 1888 in Exton, Tasmania and died on 3 Mar 1956 at age 67.

Victor married Bertha Emily Milton, daughter of James Milton and Sarah Jane Brown, on 6 Jul 1910 in East Devonport, Tasmania. Bertha was born on 7 Jun 1892 in Mersey, Devonport, died on 4 Sep 1922 at age 30, and was buried in Methodist Cemetery, Wesley Vale.

They had five children:

Victor Walker and sons
Victor Walker and sons Back: Gordon, Ray and Vern, Front Ron and Rex

Victor next married Mildred Esther Crawford, daughter of Francis Crawford and Elizabeth Clark. Mildred was born on 23 Jul 1885 in Port Sorell and died on 17 Jul 1972 at age 86. She had previoulsy been married to Victor's brother, Edgar Oswald. They had one son:

When Victor was in his early teens the family moved to the north west coast into the farming district of the Ulverstone area, where Victor worked as a farm labourer for a few years. Around 1908 Victor moved to Thirlstane where he worked on a property for Mr. Len Douglas and it was while working there that he met and married Bertha Emily Milton whose parents lived in the Wesley Vale area. Victor and Bertha had five sons born between 1911 and 1918, the last two were twins. In 1922 Bertha who had tuberculosis died at the very early age of 30 years, and was buried in the Wesley Vale Methodist cemetery next to her parents-in-law Samuel and Sarah. After Bertha's death Victor left the district, going to Victoria.

The five boys were brought over to Victoria by their father, Victor and the three eldest, Vern, Ray and Gordon were placed in St. Vincent de Paul orphanage, and the twins, Ron and Rex, who were too young for the orphanage, were placed in St. Joseph's Foundling Home. This was in 1902, but Gordon can remember going to school for a short time in Silvan, in the Dandenongs, before going to the orphanage. He can also remember being told by the Brothers at the orphanage, when his twin brothers were transferred to the orphanage from the Foundling Home.

All the boys when they were at school leaving age (15) were placed with people who wanted to employ them and would look after them. Gordon was sent to a farm at Burke's Flat in 1930, where he worked for the first 12 months for his keep, and then was given 7/6 a week for the next 12 months. Vern was sent to a grocer in Kew. Rex and Ron were sent to Scrubby Creek near Mitta Mitta, which is in the Australian Alps and we don't know where Ray was sent, but Gordon hadn't seen him for years, until he met him at Ruby, in South Gippsland working on a dairy farm about 1935-36. On this same farm was Obediah Milton, who was the brother of Bertha Milton their mother.

Needless for me to say that the five boys had very little contact with each other for many years, as they were travelling over much of Victoria searching for work.

In 1939, beginning of the war, Ron and Gordon joined the Army together. Gordon the year before had met his father in Lilydale and from that time onwards they were able to contact each other. Ray was a very bad asthmatic and died in 1940. Vern joined the Air Force and served until the end of the war. After the war ended Vern and his wife and family worked on dairy farms, share-farming, as did Ron and his wife and his wife's family, mostly in the South Gippsland area.

Gordon after the war settled in Lilydale for a few years, working in a sawmill, a sawyer on the breaking-down saw, and it was at Lilydale that he was married.

Rex spent a lot of his life travelling around Australia, working on the outback stations, and every few years he would come back to Victoria and look for Vern, Ron and Gordon and then head back after a short visit with us all.

The boys' father, Victor, during and after the war, worked as a chef at a hotel in Lilydale and then was employed at the Melbourne Club in Melbourne as a Chef, until 1953 when he suffered a stroke and died in 1956.

After we were married, Gordon was employed by Sir Alex Creswick at the Melbourne Hunt Club in Cranbourne for a couple of years. We then went back to Lilydale and from there we took a married couple's job on a sheep property at Yea, Victoria. By this time our daughter had been born and we stayed there for over six years, after which we bought our home at Dudley South and Gordon was employed by the S.E.C. for 14 years, until he had to retire after being hurt at work.

Gordon can remember his father working for a farmer named Len Douglas and can also remember playing in a blacksmith's shop. The blacksmith's name was Bell-chambers. He can't recall where in Tasmania these were, but can recall people they visited, probably aunts and uncles in Longford, Moriarty, Spreyton, Deloraine, ThirlĀ­stane, Latrobe, Wesley Vale and Penguin. One of his strongest memories is when they all came over to Victoria, going to the Melbourne zoo on a horse drawn tram.

4-Vernon Laurence Walker was born on 27 Jan 1911 in Moriarty and died on 17 Aug 1984 at age 73. Vernon served in the RAAF in the Second World War. Vernon married Edith Mary Gardam, daughter of Arthur Gardam and Elizabeth Mary Connor. Edith was born on 9 Sep 1917 in Burnie, Tasmania. They had three children: Geoffrey Vernon, Jean Mary and Beverley Bertha.

5-Geoffrey Vernon Walker was born on 9 Jan 1937. Geoffrey married Barbara Gardiner. Barbara was born on 5 Jul 1939. They had two children: Gavin Geoffrey and Mark Charles.

6-Gavin Geoffrey Walker was born on 24 Jun 1960. Gavin married Leanne Poulton. Leanne was born on 26 Sep 1964. They had one son: Bradley Gavin.

7-Bradley Gavin Walker was born on 12 Jan 1987.

6-Mark Charles Walker was born on 17 Dec 1962.

5-Jean Mary Walker was born on 3 Nov 1938. Jean married Roy Charles Morgan. Roy was born on 27 Jan 1936. They had one daughter: Karen Jannine.

6-Karen Jannine Morgan was born on 13 Dec 1959. Karen married John Payne.  They had one daughter: Donna.

7-Donna Payne was born on 12 Aug 1976.

Jean next married Richard Johns. Richard was born on 2 Nov 1933. They had one daughter: Tracey Marie.

6-Tracey Marie Johns was born on 13 Dec 1965.

5-Beverley Bertha Walker was born on 13 Nov 1939. Beverley married Robin Neil Patterson. Robin was born on 8 Aug 1939. They had two children: Denise Sandra and Leanne Joy.

6-Denise Sandra Patterson was born on 25 Feb 1963.

6-Leanne Joy Patterson was born on 13 Jun 1965. Leanne married someone.  She had three children: David, Kane and Susan.

7-David Patterson was born on 9 Mar 1981.

7-Kane Patterson was born on 16 Feb 1985.

7-Susan Patterson was born in Dec 1987.

4-Raphael Robert Walker was born on 4 Apr 1912 in Moriarty and died in 1941 at age 29. Another name for Raphael was Ray. Raphael married Nancy Gardham. Nancy was born in 1919 and died in 1942 at age 23. They had one son: Robert.

5-Robert Walker was born in 1939. Robert married Julie Shugg.  They had three children: Terrance, Debbie and Trudy.

6-Terrance Walker was born in 1958.

6-Debbie Walker was born in 1960.

6-Trudy Walker was born in 1961. Trudy married Stephen Suckling. Stephen was born in 1960.

4-Maurice Gordon Walker was born on 18 Nov 1915 in Thirlstane, Tasmania. Maurice served in the Second World War. Maurice married Patricia Maria Jones. Patricia was born on 18 May 1929. They had two children: Barbara Marie and Colin Thomas.

5-Barbara Marie Walker was born on 11 Sep 1950. Barbara married Michael Thomas Vickery. Michael was born in 1946. They had three children: Michael John, Colin Mathew and Jodi Daniel.

6-Michael John Vickery was born on 16 Apr 1970.

6-Colin Mathew Vickery was born on 18 Jul 1972.

6-Jodi Daniel Vickery was born on 16 Jan 1974.

5-Colin Thomas Walker was born on 12 Jun 1952. Colin married Maxine Golding. Maxine was born in 1955. They had one son: Timothy Joseph.

6-Timothy Joseph Walker was born on 15 May 1978.

Colin next married Jennifer Sleet. Jennifer was born in 1955. They had one daughter: Julie Patricia.

6-Julie Patricia Walker was born on 3 Mar 1984.

4-Ronald Victor Walker was born on 20 Dec 1918 in East Devonport, Tasmania. Ron served in the Second World War. Ronald married Coral Butler. Coral was born in 1922. They had two children: Rhonda and Vicki.

5-Rhonda Walker was born in 1947.

5-Vicki Walker was born in 1949.

4-Rex James Walker was born on 20 Dec 1918 in East Devonport, Tasmania and died in 1970 at age 52. Rex married Margaret Fry. Margaret was born in 1921. They had one son: John.

5-John Walker was born in 1947.


Victor next married Mildred Esther Crawford, daughter of Francis Crawford and Elizabeth Clark. Mildred was born on 23 Jul 1885 in Port Sorell and died on 17 Jul 1972 at age 86. They had one son: Keith.

4-Keith Walker was born on 3 May 1928. Keith married Norma Ethel Stone. Norma was born about 1930. They had ten children: Allan Keith, Lynnette May, Helen, John, Christine Joy, Leonard James, Morris, Lorraine Kaye, Marie and Sallyann.

5-Allan Keith Walker was born on 19 Apr 1950 and died in Jul 1950.

5-Lynnette May Walker was born on 3 Jun 1952. Lynnette married Brian L. Thompson. Brian was born about 1950. They had three children: Jodie Lee, Gabrielle Lynn and Wade Andrew.

6-Jodie Lee Thompson was born on 15 Jul 1972.

6-Gabrielle Lynn Thompson was born on 8 Aug 1974.

6-Wade Andrew Thompson was born on 13 Apr 1976.

5-Helen Walker was born in 1953 and died in 1953.

5-John Walker was born in 1954 and died in 1954.

5-Christine Joy Walker was born on 29 Jun 1956. Christine married Norman John Brown.  They had one daughter: Kylie Anne.

6-Kylie Anne Brown was born on 26 Nov 1973. Christine had a relationship with Noel David Brown.  They had one son: Keith Lee.

6-Keith Lee Brown was born on 7 Mar 1977.

Christine next married Ronald Douglas Tyler.  They had two children: Melissa Jean and Joshua Shannon.

6-Melissa Jean Tyler was born on 30 Jun 1981.

6-Joshua Shannon Tyler was born on 22 Feb 1985.

5-Leonard James Walker was born on 19 Apr 1958. Leonard had a relationship with Kathryn Anne Beaton.  They had two children: Rodney James and Stephen Jeffery.

6-Rodney James Walker was born on 9 Mar 1980.

6-Stephen Jeffery Walker was born on 3 May 1981. Leonard married Heather Joan Duffy.  They had one daughter: Elizabeth.

6-Elizabeth Walker was born on 27 Jul 1984.

5-Morris Walker was born in 1960 and died in 1960.

5-Lorraine Kaye Walker was born on 15 Nov 1961. Lorraine married Kevin Raymond Tyler.  They had two children: Shelley Loraine and Nicole Amy.

6-Shelley Loraine Tyler was born on 20 Oct 1978.

6-Nicole Amy Tyler was born on 15 Jan 1980.

Lorraine next married William Walker.  They had one son: Clinton Mathew.

6-Clinton Mathew Walker was born on 15 Oct 1985.

5-Marie Walker was born in 1962 and died in 1962.

5-Sallyann Walker was born on 12 Dec 1968.