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3-Percy Alexander Harvey was born on 29 Oct 1894 in Black Hills, Osmaston, Tasmania and died on 10 Aug 1938 in Launceston at age 43. He served in the First World War.

Percy married Lillie Isabel McHugh, daughter of John McHugh and Elizabeth May Young, on 27 Dec 1921 in Launceston. Lillie was born on 22 Jun 1893 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, died on 26 Jun 1974 in Launceston at age 81, and was buried on 28 Jun 1974 in Carr Villa, D1/258.

They had three children:

Percy Alexander Harvey    Percy and Lillie Harvey

Percy Harvey
Weekly Courier 17 Jun 1915: Percy A. Harvey, second son of Mr. Jas. Harvey, West Kentish

Percy joined up in the Third Light Horse in 1914 at the age of 19, and served four years and one month in Egypt. He was discharged in September 1918, after which he went back to the farm at West Kentish.  Description on army papers — "Complexion: Fair; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Grey; Height: 5 ft 11 inches." A further Certificate of Discharge is held showing that Staff-Major Percy Harvey had completed 91 days at a special school of instruction at Liverpool, concluding in January 1920.

Despite his discharge papers being endorsed "medically unfit through illness contracted on active service" his widow, left with three school-age children when he died at the age of 43, from deep-seated pneumonia, was stead­fastly refused a service pension. To her great credit she 'made it alone' and saw all three daughters through five years of high school and then teachers' college training.

After the war Percy, and Edith's fiancé Claude Priest, armed with motorbike and camera set up as travelling photographers in the Devonport area of the North-West. They would visit farm houses and offer to photograph the family lined up on the front verandah. It was during this time that Percy met and married Lillie McHugh, granddaughter of the co-founder of McHughs Pottery works in Launceston. They were married on 27th December, 1921 at the Baptist Tabernacle in Launceston. They settled at Ferndale, a Soldier Settlement farm at Sisters Creek on the North-West coast of Tasmania. Claude married Edith and became an apprentice builder with his uncle.

Percy had become interested in religion and was an active lay preacher with the Methodist Church. He was as deep thinker and an avid reader on social and religious issues, Dr. Leslie Weatherhead and William Barclay being favourite authors. Percy's daughters still recall hearing him memorizing Frances Thompson's The Hound of Heaven and by contrast C. J. Dennis' The Sentimental Bloke.

In May 1923 their first daughter, Corrie, was born at Ferndale. Unfortunately financial support for purchase of implements and farm development was not available and in 1925 they left the farm after the years of hard work without having made any financial progress.  They moved to Launceston where they lived with Lillie's widowed mother, taking over purchase of her home at 59 Trevallyn Terrace (now Bain Terrace) where they lived with her for the rest of their married life. It was here that Mavis, in 1925, and Mary in 1932, were both born. Percy died in this home on 10th August, 1938 at the age of 43.

An amusing sidelight re this property was Percy's reaction to the two large masonry domes set on concrete posts at the bottom of the front steps. These boldly proclaimed ''ATHENS VILLA" in relief lettering. Percy considered this comically pretentious for a simple weatherboard house, so he unceremoniously removed them, thereby incurring Mother's-in-law displeasure.

Together with his close friend, the late George Richard Record, Percy was very actively involved in the Toc H. movement. (An organisation established in Europe in 1915 for helping those in need and introduced in Northern Tasmania in 1926.)

In 1937 he was persuaded to stand for State Parliament as an Independent. Although not elected he was complimented on the cleanness and depth of his campaign and despite warning that Independents must expect to lose their deposit £15 (15 pounds) through polling insufficient votes, he comfortably polled well enough to save the £ 15. Following the election he was approached by the Labor Party with a guaranteed seat if he would join them. His response was that he could not compromise his principles by joining either party.

As mentioned he was a special favourite of his mother and shortly before he died he wrote a poem (below) for Mother's Day as a tribute to her.

In 1932 their "little-depression-baby" was to arrive — Percy had a special yen for a little boy but when another daughter was born at 'No. 59' he sent a telegram to his loved sister, Ella Mary, saying "Our little son has arrived and we've called her Mary Jennette". That was not to say there was any doubt about the welcome for this beautiful baby — so like her father that friends called her "little Percy" — a very special little daughter she was to him, although sadly only six and a half years when he died.

"Puck" as he was endearingly called by his loving sisters, had a wonderful sense of humour to balance his more serious side and was a wonderful husband and father — most patient and gentle, yet full of strength and wise counsel, so warm and loving. How he would have enjoyed his eight grandsons and 12 great grandsons, not to mention 6 granddaughters and 9 great granddaughters. That was not to be, but there can be little doubt that the lives of all those who knew him were the richer for that knowing.


The funeral of Percy Alexander Harvey took place yesterday at the Carr Villa Cemetery.

Among those present were members of the Launceston sub-branch of the R.S.S.A.I.L.A. of Australia.

The Rev. Bernard conducted services at the house and graveside. Alderman E. E. Von Bibra read the R.S.L. service.

Pallbearers were former members of the Third Light Horse A.I.F. and were Messrs. T. Drake, C. Johnstone, W. Homan, and R. Reeman. Carriers were nephews and were Messrs. Alvin Arnold, Andrew and Eric Austin, who were also chief mourners, with Mr. Priest of Devonport (brother-in-law).

Representatives present included those from the Launceston Baptist Tennis Club and Church, the Ravenswood branch of C.W.A. in Tasmania, St. Andrew's Lodge, No. 6 T.C. Manager and staff of the United Insurance Co., The Electrical and Radio Federation of Tasmania, Launceston TocH. and the Tabernacle Women's Auxiliary.

Mr. Harvey who died at his residence, Trevallyn, on Wednesday, after a short illness leaves a wife and three daughters. On one occasion he stood for parliament in Douglas Social Credit interests.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by C. T. Finney.

 My Mother

I thank thee Lord, for my dear Mother
Whose love is like to Thine;
Her love and Thine are linked together,
In union that is sublime.

The best of her sweet life's been given
In striving for her bairns' welfare;
through all the years she's daily striven,
To teach us other loads to share.

I thank thee for the way she guided
My faltering footsteps in the path of duty
that she's trod and weathered
With faith in Thee, her constant staff.

When I was young and immature,
She taught me from Thy book of Love;
How to battle and to endure,
Gaining strength from Thee above.

And as I grew to adolescence
Fighting many fierce temptations
 In the twilight's soft quiescence
She gave me sweet communications.

And now that I've to manhood grown,
I like to sit and recollect
How she her love to me has shown,
Trying, my footsteps to direct.

Oh thank you God, for my dear Mother
The truest friend I've ever had.
Oh grant that I may show I love her
By actions that will make her glad.

And as I think this Mother's Day
Of her who taught me how to plod
Upward in the heavenward way,
I see the Mother-heart of God.

P. A. Harvey.


Biography: Private Percy Alexander Harvey by grandson Andrew

Percy Alexander Harvey wasted little time thinking about whether to volunteer for the First World War. He enlisted locally on 20 August 1914, just two weeks after Britain declared war and he reported to the Pontville training camp ten days later where he took the oath and formally joined C Squadron of the Third Light Horse Regiment. [1] He served on foot at Gallipoli before returning to Egypt to fight on horseback. Injury, suffering and the extended extreme weather conditions all took a heavy toll on his health, which ultimately failed him, but helped shape his spiritual beliefs towards an abhorrence of aggression and competition and towards social responsibility and collaborative care for others.

He was born to a Scottish immigrant father and a Tasmanian-born mother at Black Hills, Osmaston, Tasmania on 29 October 1894 [2] . His father was a hardworking and successful farmer in the relatively isolated rural community of West Kentish with a penchant for lay preaching and reading Shakespeare aloud. [3]

Percy had been a serving volunteer member of the Light Horse Militia for some two years and undoubtedly yearned to see more of the world and what it had to offer. [4] His squadron left Hobart on HMAT A2 Geelong on 20 October, disembarking in Egypt on 9 December 1914. [5]

Mounted troops were not required at Gallipoli, so the 3rd Light Horse Regiment volunteered to operate as infantry and arrived there on 12 May 1915. [6] They played a defensive role in the Gallipoli campaign, and finally left on 14 December 1915. [7]

Percy's older brother James Francis (Frank) Harvey enlisted on 18 Sep 1914 as a driver in the Field Artillery Brigade 3, Reinforcement 1. [8] Their younger brother Edward Thomas Harvey (Ted) enlisted on 21 July 1915 in the 9th reinforcement of the 3rd Light Horse. [9] On arrival in Egypt, Ted transferred to Frank's regiment and by good fortune they were both together at the same time that Percy returned from Gallipoli. Ted wrote to his father:

"Poor old Percy was very excited when he saw us. He looks tip-top. We saw him the first night he got back from the Peninsula. He only had two days' spell in Egypt when he was started off to action, on his horse this time. … He has had some very narrow escapes." [10]

Percy's regiment reformed as mounted troops and within a fortnight had been deployed to defend Egyptian economic centres throughout the Nile Valley. The conditions were hot, dry and exhausting with daily dust storms and water shortages. [11] After enduring four months of action, Percy succumbed and on 29 April 1916 was admitted to the 1st Light Horse Ambulance Hospital at Girga for 37 days suffering pyrexia (a form of heat exhaustion) before returning to his regiment on 5 June 2016. [12]

On 8 Jan 1917 the Regiment left El Arish for Rafah which, prior to the war, had been the site of the Egyptian Police Post between the border of Egypt and Palestine. The Turks held control, courtesy of a large, bald and heavily entrenched hill which enabled them to defend it with heavy rifle and machine gun fire. The town was taken but not before ten died and 49, including Percy, were wounded. [13]

He received two gunshot wounds to his arm and some shell shrapnel also penetrated his thigh. He spent a month in various hospitals until transferred to hospital in Abbassia, Cairo where he recuperated for a further two months. He was discharged, suitable for light duties and transferred to the 1st Light Horse Training Regiment in Moascar on 10 March 1917. He then undertook two months of training at the School of Instruction, Zeitoun, where he completed the 20th Signalling Course before returning to the 3rd Light Horse Regiment at Marakeb on 21 June 2017. [14]

The entire Anzac Mounted Division had, by then, relocated to Marakeb which provided a less hazardous environment to enable the men to re-group and conduct regular sorties. However, Percy failed to recover and was showing early signs of shell shock, better known today as post-traumatic stress disorder. He was hospitalised for tonsillitis, surgery for a painful varicocele (agony on horseback) and finally on 3 February 1918 he was transferred to the Desert Corps Rest Camp at Port Said where he was transferred to a staff position. [15]

He wrote from Port Said:

My Dear Mother

"Did you get my last letter [20 Feb 1918] telling you I have been made permanent base. … Mrs Bisdee is in here during the day. She is the wife of Major Bisdee VC. … They say they are going to look after me now and feed me up a bit. But I am not anxious to stay. I want to come home for a while … I will be quite willing to come back and do a bit more after I have had a few months at home." [16]

He vomited after most meals, had lost a great deal of weight with well-marked debility and tachycardia and he became breathless and tremulous at any exertion. [17] He was classified as "B2 Debility and D.A.H." (permanent base light duties). [18] In May 1918 he was recommended for six months' disability but found not to be permanently incapacitated. He left the war aboard the Port Darwin at Suez on 11 July 1918 and was discharged, medically unfit on 20 September 1918. [19]

Percy struggled to find his feet on his return. He returned to the family farm at West Kentish but was physically unable to undertake strenuous work. He continued to suffer severe breathlessness upon exertion and a range of digestive system issues. [20] He had developed an interest in radio from his army training in Signalling and he initially teamed up with his sister's fiancé, Claude Priest, riding a motor bike around the Devonport district, selling radios or family portraits. [21]

Percy's experiences strengthened his religious and social convictions and he became an active lay preacher with the Methodist Church (as was his father and many before him). He was a deep thinker and keen reader on social and religious matters and a keen advocate of the TOC H movement which had emerged from the horrors of the battlefields of Ypres. [22] It was through the church that he met and married Lillie McHugh and after they married in 1921, they took up the offer of a soldier settlement at Ferndale, Sisters Creek on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

In 1925 they were forced to walk off with nothing, like many others. During this period his partial war service pension was cancelled because he failed to report as ordered for a medical examination to which had no way of getting. [23]

They took up residence with Lillie's mother in Launceston and Percy tried with varying success a range of occupations as a builder's labourer, outdoor salesman, storeman and life insurance salesman. [24] Although quite successful at the latter, he quit because it troubled his conscience. [25] He ultimately opened a retail radio shop in Launceston. [26]

His abhorrence at the futility of war had sharpened his social conscience and he wanted a world governed through collaboration and respect and support for all. In 1937 he stood as an Independent for State Parliament on a platform of social conscience. [27] He spurned the offer of a safe Labour seat because he wanted to see co-operation and collaboration in politics, not competition. On 10 August 1938 he succumbed to his health issues, dying of "deep seated pneumonia", a kind and gentle man, whose war experiences drove him to strive to make the world a kinder place. [28]

His wife’s desperate appeals for a war service widows pension were denied and she was left to raise and educate their three young daughters on her own.


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4-Corrie Isabel Harvey was born on 13 May 1923 in Launceston and died on 8 Aug 1964 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 41. Corrie married Harry Douglas Maclaine, son of John Duart Maclaine and Madge Lucadou-Wells, on 1 Jan 1942 in Launceston. Harry was born on 12 Dec 1920 and died on 22 Aug 1986 in Midland Highway, Epping at age 65. They had five children: Denis John, James Duart, Jeanette Coral, Kevin and Margaret Annemarie.

5-Denis John Maclaine was born on 31 Mar 1945 in Launceston. Denis married Claire Townsley, daughter of Wilfred Asquith Townsley and Louisa Keay. Claire was born on 22 Aug 1946 in Hobart, Tasmania. They had three children: Genevieve Alice, Ivan Alexander and Katrina Louise.

6-Genevieve Alice Maclaine was born on 5 Aug 1973 in Hobart, Tasmania. Genevieve married Patrick Michael O'Sullivan, son of Niall O'Sullivan and Faye (O'sullivan), on 1 Sep 2001. Patrick was born in 1965 in Saigon, Vietnam. They had one daughter: Elise Claire.

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6-Ben Maclaine was born on 18 Jun 1971.

6-Lachlan Maclaine was born on 20 Jan 1978.

6-Anna Maclaine was born on 13 Nov 1979.

6-Laura Maclaine was born on 25 Jun 1983.

5-Jeanette Coral Maclaine was born on 29 Jan 1947 in Hobart, Tasmania. Jeanette married Brian Robert Collin. Brian was born on 29 Sep 1931. They had two children: Peter John and Sandra Jane.

6-Peter John Collin was born on 13 Jan 1969 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Sandra Jane Collin was born on 4 May 1971. Sandra married Stephen Mattingley.

5-Kevin Maclaine was born on 22 Sep 1952 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 26 Jan 1976 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 23.

5-Margaret Annemarie Maclaine was born on 15 Sep 1958 in Hobart, Tasmania. Margaret married Alan Richard Park. Alan was born on 31 Aug 1940 in Hobart, Tasmania. They had two children: Daniel James and Michael Bennett.

6-Daniel James Park was born on 11 Feb 1983 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Michael Bennett Park was born on 11 Jun 1985 in Hobart, Tasmania.

4-Mavis Edith Harvey was born on 3 Jul 1925 in Launceston, died on 7 Nov 2006 in Philip Oakden Hospice, Launceston at age 81, and was buried on 13 Nov 2006 in Cremated after service at Pilgrim United Church, Launceston. Mavis married John Donald Maclaine, son of John Duart Maclaine and Madge Lucadou-Wells, on 27 Dec 1944 in Launceston. John was born on 18 May 1918 in Clarke Island, Bass Strait and died on 26 Dec 1978 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 60. They had five children: Helen Mary, Elizabeth Anne, Jillian Margaret, Catriona and John Leslie Duart.

5-Helen Mary Maclaine was born on 25 Oct 1946 in Launceston. Helen married David Rhys Stephen. David was born on 20 Nov 1940. They had two children: Sarah Elizabeth and Nicholas Rhys.

6-Sarah Elizabeth Stephen was born on 18 Oct 1972 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Nicholas Rhys Stephen was born on 28 Nov 1975 in Hobart, Tasmania. Nicholas married Olivia Margaret Sinnitt on 2 Jan 2005 in Caloundra, Queensland. Olivia was born on 17 Dec 1976 in Hobart, Tasmania. They had two children: Cooper Rhys and Parker William.

7-Cooper Rhys Stephen was born on 25 Feb 2006 in Hobart, Tasmania.

7-Parker William Stephen was born on 18 Aug 2008 in Hobart, Tasmania.

5-Elizabeth Anne Maclaine was born on 30 Jan 1949 in Launceston and died on 14 Mar 1950 in Launceston at age 1.

5-Jillian Margaret Maclaine was born on 18 Dec 1951 in Launceston. Jillian married Ray Kelly. Ray was born on 8 Jan 1926. They had three children: Donald Raymond, Heather Jillian and Andrew Frederick.

6-Donald Raymond Kelly was born on 14 Jan 1976 in Launceston.

6-Heather Jillian Kelly was born on 11 Feb 1981 in Launceston.

6-Andrew Frederick Kelly was born on 7 Jul 1983 in Launceston. Andrew had a relationship with Kim Beasey.  They had one daughter: Lillian Edith.

7-Lillian Edith Kelly was born on 20 Mar 2008 in Launceston.

5-Catriona Maclaine was born on 24 Oct 1955 in Launceston. Another name for Catriona is Cathleen Ruth (Cathie) Maclaine. Catriona married Gregory Buckley. Gregory was born on 6 Dec 1952. They had three children: Benjamin Moses, Hayley Pearl and James Zaccariah George.

6-Benjamin Moses Buckley.

6-Hayley Pearl Buckley.

6-James Zaccariah George Buckley was born on 16 Jan 1982.

Catriona next married Colin Berry in 2001.

5-John Leslie Duart Maclaine was born on 20 Sep 1960 in Launceston.

4-Mary Jennette Harvey was born on 20 Feb 1932 in Launceston. Mary married Dexter John Cocker, son of Arthur Tasman Cocker and Kathleen Mary Crothers, on 6 Jan 1953 in Launceston. Dexter was born on 28 Jan 1931 in Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. They had five children: Penelope Jane, Andrew John, Simon Alexander, Stephen Dexter and Philip Scott.

5-Penelope Jane Cocker was born on 24 Aug 1954 in Launceston.

5-Andrew John Cocker was born on 14 Jun 1956 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston. Andrew married Rosalyn Margaret Harris, daughter of Reginald Walter Harris and Winifred Ila Douglas, on 28 Jan 1984 in Hobart, Tasmania. Rosalyn was born on 20 Dec 1958 in Launceston. They had two children: Annabel Mary and Melanie Jane.

6-Annabel Mary Cocker was born on 28 Dec 1989 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Melanie Jane Cocker was born on 31 Mar 1993 in Hobart, Tasmania.

5-Simon Alexander Cocker was born on 14 Mar 1958 in Launceston. Simon married Alison Simpson McPherson on 8 Mar 1982 in Launceston. Alison was born on 12 Jul 1952 in Stirling, Scotland. They had three children: Claire Elizabeth, Fiona Mary and James Alexander.

6-Claire Elizabeth Cocker was born on 1 Sep 1982 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Fiona Mary Cocker was born on 29 Sep 1984 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-James Alexander Cocker was born on 22 Aug 1994 in Hobart, Tasmania.

5-Stephen Dexter Cocker was born on 1 Dec 1961 in Hobart, Tasmania. Stephen married Patsy Lorraine Dick on 29 Jan 1983 in Launceston. Patsy was born on 21 Jan 1963 in Launceston. They had three children: Mathew Craig, David John and Caitlin Michelle.

6-Mathew Craig Cocker was born on 6 Nov 1986 in Launceston.

6-David John Cocker was born on 14 Mar 1990 in Launceston.

6-Caitlin Michelle Cocker was born on 19 Jul 1993 in Launceston.

5-Philip Scott Cocker was born on 9 Jul 1964 in Hobart, Tasmania. Philip had a relationship with Glenda Marie Hosking.  They had one daughter: Cleo Mary.

6-Cleo Mary Cocker was born on 27 Dec 2004.