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Olive Anne Goss and Walter Saunders

3-Olive Anne Goss was born on 24 Nov 1882 in Longford Tasmania, was christened on 14 Jan 1883, and died on 6 Aug 1956 at age 73.

Olive married Walter Saunders. Walter was born on 1 Nov 1862 and died on 3 Jun 1942 at age 79.

Olive Ann Goss was working in New South Wales when she met and married Walter Saunders, who was a cane-cutter in Queensland. After their marriage they moved to Bracknell, where Walter built their cottage himself. He was a keen fisherman and an assiduous hunter, especially in the Mountain Vale area.

Olive practised home nursing and midwifery, but was also an accomplished gardener, with a beautiful flower garden and a prolific vegetable patch. She used the Peters Oven for cooking, as did Mary Kingston, who preferred it to anything else. The large open fireplace on top of the oven was of great advantage space-wise, as it eliminated the necessity to provide a separate fireplace in addition to a stove.