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Lambert Gordon Goss and Vera Bertha Selina Moore

3-Lambert Gordon Goss was born on 22 Oct 1891 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 23 Nov 1962 at age 71. He served in the First World War.

Lambert Gordon Goss
Weekly Courier 29 Aug 1918: Private L. G. Goss (wounded) returned after twelve months at the fighting front.

Lambert married Vera Bertha Selina Moore, daughter of George Henry Moore and Frances Bish, on 15 Feb 1925 in Devonport. Vera was born on 9 Feb 1903 in Best Street, Devonport, Tasmania. They had two children:

Lambert and Vera Goss
Vera Bertha and Lambert Goss with sister Ruby May

Lambert worked for a time for one Wilfred Campbell, dug potatoes during the season, and worked for Basil Elphinstone as a groom, leading his New Zealand bred Clydesdale stallion, Outward Bound, around the State: the last by family standards a responsible and honourable position.

Lambert worked for a time in Dover prior to his death, and was buried there. 

4-Gordon Goss was born in 1927.

4-Doris Jessie Goss was born on 12 Nov 1928. Doris married John McNamara. John was born on 23 Dec 1922 and died on 19 May 1981 at age 58. They had three children: John Patrick, Janette Helen and Wayne David.

5-John Patrick McNamara was born on 30 May 1952. John married Gael Proudfoot. Gael was born on 1 Aug 1952. They had three children: David, Mark Paul and Emma Louise.

6-David McNamara was born on 27 May 1971.

6-Mark Paul McNamara was born on 22 Mar 1976.

6-Emma Louise McNamara was born on 9 Dec 1980.

John next married Rosetta Smith. Rosetta was born on 4 May 1954. They had two children: Mathew and Justin John.

6-Mathew McNamara was born on 22 Sep 1982.

6-Justin John McNamara was born on 9 Mar 1987.

5-Janette Helen McNamara was born on 17 Aug 1956. Janette married Dennis Keith Maccarthy. Dennis was born on 22 Aug 1952. They had four children: Charissa, Ashley Keith, Nicole Helen and Chantelle Louise.

6-Charissa Maccarthy was born on 27 Mar 1976.

6-Ashley Keith Maccarthy was born on 24 Jun 1977.

6-Nicole Helen Maccarthy was born on 31 May 1978.

6-Chantelle Louise Maccarthy was born on 15 Dec 1982.

5-Wayne David McNamara was born on 6 May 1959. Wayne married Robyn King. Robyn was born on 29 Aug 1960. They had one son: Justin John.

6-Justin John McNamara was born on 9 Mar 1987.