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Wilfred James Walker

 3-Wilfred James Walker was born on 29 Mar 1886 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 10 Mar 1959 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 72.

Wilfred married Coral Melinda Atkins, daughter of Alfred Thomas Atkins and Alice Mary Stephens, in 1922. Coral was born on 18 Jan 1897 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 29 Jun 1924 at age 27.  They had one daughter:

Wilfred next married Evelyn Irene Medwin, daughter of George Medwin and Mary Clarke Duncanson, on 12 Jun 1929 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Evelyn was born on 14 Jun 1889 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 2 Sep 1957 at age 68. They had two children:

Wilfred Walker about 1930

Wilfred went to New Zealand as a young man, but was called home to help his mother with the farm the family was managing. After his mother's death, younger sister Ella kept house for him until her marriage in 1920. In 1922 Wilfred married Coral Melinda Atkins and they had one daughter, but Coral died in 1924. In 1929 Wilfred married Evelyn Irene Medwin of Kindred and they reared two children, of whom the second died in 1953.

Wilfred, who owned a drag saw, was engaged in wood cutting in the early 1920's, but after his marriage managed a property at Forth, commencing a lenghty battle with rheumatism, potato blight, and the crippling burden of working a run-down property. The family left Forth in 1938 with little more then the clothes they were wearing, but after spending a year at Kindred managed to raise the £100 (200 dollars) needed as deposit on a 99 acre property at Sprent. The total price was £1,000 (2,000 dollars) and although the property was later extended, life was never easy.

A member of the family recalls that during the first year at Sprent they picked a ton of blackberries for processing by H. Jones and Co. With income from the blackberries, fowls and a few cows the family was able to make both ends meet. Rabbits also figured prominently in the economy, not only providing revenue from sale of skins and carcasses, but also appearing as items on the family menu, cooked in every conceivable way. As in other branches of the family, baked rabbit with seasoning was a prime favourite, closely followed by rabbit stewed with bacon. However, asserts the informant, the mere sight of cooked rabbit today is hardly bearable. Sheep were occasionally killed for provisions, and the family had roast beef on Sundays. Irene was a true farmer's wife, managing the fowls and blackberrying and excelling as  housewife, in short, an outstanding help to her husband.

Wilfred and Irene retired to Ulverstone in 1950, and resided there until Irene's death on 2nd September, 1957, and Wilfred's on 10th March, 1959.

4-Jean Isobelle Walker was born on 18 Jun 1923. Jean married Patrick Thomas Gregory. Patrick was born on 29 Mar 1917 in Sheffield and died on 26 Apr 1978 at age 61. They had seven children: Mary Coral, Judith Ann, Christine Jean, Catherine Joan, Peter John, Jennifer Patricia and David Patrick.

5-Mary Coral Gregory was born on 14 Feb 1948. Mary married Brian Harper. Brian was born on 30 Apr 1948. They had two children: Andrew Brian and Gregory James.

6-Andrew Brian Harper was born on 1 May 1973.

6-Gregory James Harper was born on 12 Dec 1977.

5-Judith Ann Gregory was born on 20 Oct 1950. Judith married John Woodward. John was born on 18 May 1939. They had two children: Rachel Elizabeth and Jason Patrick.

6-Rachel Elizabeth Woodward was born on 11 Feb 1977.

6-Jason Patrick Woodward was born on 6 Feb 1979.

5-Christine Jean Gregory was born on 27 Jun 1952. Christine married Stephen Wells. Stephen was born on 25 Oct 1949. They had three children: Shane Dylon, Angela Jean and Adam Leigh.

6-Shane Dylon Wells was born on 12 Aug 1982.

6-Angela Jean Wells was born on 30 Jul 1986.

6-Adam Leigh Wells was born on 2 Mar 1989.

5-Catherine Joan Gregory was born on 1 Feb 1956. Catherine married Charles Bovill. Charles was born on 10 Feb 1956. They had two children: James Michael and Emma Kate.

6-James Michael Bovill was born on 8 Mar 1984.

6-Emma Kate Bovill was born on 9 Nov 1986.

5-Peter John Gregory was born on 7 Nov 1959.

5-Jennifer Patricia Gregory was born on 2 Oct 1962. Jennifer married Robin Geoffrey Wise. Robin was born on 29 Jan 1950 in Devonport. They had three children: Jacqueline, Cristen Georgina and Penny Elizabeth.

6-Jacqueline Wise was born on 17 Aug 1985.

6-Cristen Georgina Wise was born on 27 Mar 1989.

6-Penny Elizabeth Wise was born on 13 Nov 1990.

5-David Patrick Gregory was born on 6 Jul 1965. David married Claire Burt.


4-Reginald James Walker was born on 3 Aug 1930 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 8 May 2010 at age 79. Reginald married Iris Ellen Margaret Page on 18 Dec 1952 in Lower Wilmot, Tasmania. Iris was born on 8 Sep 1931. They had eight children: Evelyn Ann, Robert Reginald, Neil Stanley, Elizabeth Mary, Gregory Wilfred, Brian Oliver, Brenda Joy and Jonathon James.

5-Evelyn Ann Walker was born on 8 Oct 1953. Evelyn married Andrew Edmund McKenzie on 6 Sep 1975 in Latrobe. Andrew was born on 27 Nov 1947. They had three children: Ruth Evelyn, Philip Andrew and Timothy James.

6-Ruth Evelyn McKenzie was born on 25 Feb 1979.

6-Philip Andrew McKenzie was born on 17 Jun 1981. Philip married Leah Amy Christine Beckwith on 7 Sep 2002 in Breezes Road Baptist Church, New Zealand. Leah was born on 4 Aug 1981. They had two children: Caleb Andrew and Joshua Philip.

7-Caleb Andrew McKenzie was born on 11 Sep 2006.

7-Joshua Philip McKenzie was born on 28 Oct 2008.

6-Timothy James McKenzie was born on 11 Jun 1984.

5-Robert Reginald Walker was born on 10 Feb 1955 in George Town, Tasmania. Robert married Paulette Jean Morice on 1 Feb 1975 in Latrobe. Paulette was born on 31 Jul 1954. They had four children: Damien Robert, Joel Mark, Luke Paul and Aleisha Maree.

6-Damien Robert Walker was born on 24 May 1981. Damien married Melissa Kamphuis on 10 Jan 2004 in Ulverstone Reformed Church. Melissa was born on 28 Jun. They had three children: Isaac Damien, Tayla Anne and Connor James.

7-Isaac Damien Walker was born on 9 Apr 2006.

7-Tayla Anne Walker was born on 22 May 2007.

7-Connor James Walker was born on 6 Apr 2009.

6-Joel Mark Walker was born on 6 Feb 1983.

6-Luke Paul Walker was born on 6 Feb 1983.

6-Aleisha Maree Walker was born on 8 Jul 1991.

5-Neil Stanley Walker was born on 25 Jun 1956 in George Town, Tasmania. Neil married Michelle Carol Marie Fisher, daughter of Michael Fisher and Lenora Williams, on 3 Jun 1989 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Michelle was born on 10 May 1966 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. They had two children: Sebastian Paul and Alexander Neil Brett.

6-Sebastian Paul Walker was born on 5 Sep 1991.

6-Alexander Neil Brett Walker was born on 24 Oct 1995.

5-Elizabeth Mary Walker was born on 28 May 1958 in George Town, Tasmania. Elizabeth married Peter Graham Gathercole on 18 Dec 1982 in Latrobe. Peter was born on 18 Nov 1958. They had three children: Jessica Lee, Oliver John and Christopher James.

6-Jessica Lee Gathercole was born on 27 Apr 1984.

6-Oliver John Gathercole was born on 28 Sep 1986.

6-Christopher James Gathercole was born on 22 Nov 1989.

5-Gregory Wilfred Walker was born on 9 May 1960 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Gregory married Jill Marie Robertson. Jill was born on 12 Feb 1966. They had six children: Shaun Gregory, Andrea Maree, Naomi Ellen, Kiran Gordon, Rachel Audrey and Caleb Thomas.

6-Shaun Gregory Walker was born on 23 Nov 1988.

6-Andrea Maree Walker was born on 12 Sep 1990.

6-Naomi Ellen Walker was born on 30 Oct 1993.

6-Kiran Gordon Walker was born on 28 Jan 1997.

6-Rachel Audrey Walker was born on 27 Jan 2000.

6-Caleb Thomas Walker was born on 17 May 2006.

5-Brian Oliver Walker was born on 30 Oct 1961 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Brian married Katrina Dawn Ling on 10 Sep 1983 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Katrina was born on 30 Jul 1962. They had three children: Jodie Anne Maree, Natalie Dawn and Adrian Brian.

6-Jodie Anne Maree Walker was born on 30 Jun 1984.

6-Natalie Dawn Walker was born on 6 Dec 1985.

6-Adrian Brian Walker was born on 22 Jan 1987 and died on 9 Feb 2010 at age 23.

5-Brenda Joy Walker was born on 5 Feb 1963. Brenda married Ian James Waterhouse on 23 Feb 1985 in Latrobe. Ian was born on 22 Nov 1962. They had three children: Nathan James, Samuel John and Hannah Jane.

6-Nathan James Waterhouse was born on 24 Jan 1987. Nathan married Sarah Gibb on 6 Dec 2009 in Presbyterian Church, Launceston.

6-Samuel John Waterhouse was born on 8 Dec 1988.

6-Hannah Jane Waterhouse was born on 4 Mar 1992.

5-Jonathon James Walker was born on 25 Jun 1964 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania. Jonathon married Debbie Anne Tree on 20 May 1989 in Devonport. Debbie was born on 11 Oct 1963. They had two children: Amelia Ellanne and Michael James.

6-Amelia Ellanne Walker was born on 26 Oct 1991.

6-Michael James Walker was born on 5 Jan 1993.

4-Evelyn Mary Walker was born on 30 Sep 1933 and died on 4 Aug 1953 at age 19.