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Leslie John Walker and Lavinia Maria Cook

3-Leslie John Walker, seventh son of Samuel and Sarah, was born on 31 Dec 1882 at Exton, Tasmania and died on 15 Mar 1946 at age 63.

Leslie John Walker

Leslie married Lavinia Maria Cook, daughter of Thomas Cook and Elizabeth Page, on 23 Jun 1909 in Devonport. Lavinia was born on 15 May 1879 in Latrobe and died on 2 Mar 1961 in Devonport at age 81. They had five children:

Les moved with his brothers to the Moriarty district when in his teens, working with machine gangs and as a general farm hand. During this period of time Les met the daughter of Thomas Cooke of Latrobe, marrying her on 24 Jun 1909. Les and Lavinia had three children, Gladys, Corrie and Ruby, before he enlisted for the Army in 1914. Lavinia was not a very capable person at that time and spent some time with her sister-in-law Lena until she was able to rent a home and settle down to rearing and schooling her little ones. Les returned after the war and the family moved to Riana and then to Rocky Cape and farmed there for about nine years. Two more children were born while living there, Joy and Carl.

Les found it extremely difficult to settle down after the war and when his last child Carl was only four years old, he deserted them and went to Victoria to live. He died in 1950 and is buried at the Springvale cemetery at Melbourne. Lavinia with the help of her sister-in-law Alice, her husband Tom and their elder girls eventually settled at Devonport, living there until her death in 1961.

Corrie, Lavinia and Les's daughter with whom Lavinia lived during her latter years, married Harold Smith and they lived in Devonport all their lives, rearing a family of eight. Ruby, Gladys and Joy all moved to Victoria to live. Carl married Daphne Bird and has a son Warren and his daughter Robyn married Allan Bassett. They have two daughters, Melissa and Angela and all are living at Devonport.

Leslie's war records show:

Regimental number 17
Religion Methodist
Occupation Labourer
Address Devonport, Tasmania
Marital status Married
Age at embarkation 32
Next of kin Wife, Mrs Lavina Walker, Appledorf Street, Devonport, Tasmania
Enlistment date 7 March 1916
Rank on enlistment Private
Unit name 40th Battalion, Headquarters
AWM Embarkation Roll number 23/57/1
Embarkation details Unit embarked from Hobart, Tasmania, on board HMAT A35 Berrima on 1 July 1916
Rank from Nominal Roll Lance Corporal
Unit from Nominal Roll 40th Battalion
Fate Returned to Australia 6 September 1919

4-Gladys Norma Walker was born on 20 Nov 1909 in Moriarty and died on 14 Mar 1983 at age 73. Gladys married Michael Gordon. Michael was born in 1901.

4-Corrie Mildred Walker was born on 2 Feb 1912 in Latrobe and died on 7 Jan 1986 at age 73. Corrie married Henry William Percy Smith, son of Percival Henry Smith and Asenath Elliott, on 26 Sep 1929 in Devonport. Henry was born on 16 Jun 1907 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 26 Dec 1981 at age 74. They had eight children: June Winifred, Noel Elliott William, Beverly Asenath Joyce, Ellenor, Margaret, Harvey, Athol Carl and Allison.

5-June Winifred Smith was born on 18 Aug 1929 in Tasmania and died on 3 Jan 1981 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 51.

5-Noel Elliott William Smith was born on 20 Sep 1930. Noel married Dianne Telfie Johnstone. Dianne was born on 21 Jul 1942 and died on 22 Nov 1987 at age 45. They had three children: Phillip Norman, Murray Allan and Katharine Anne.

6-Phillip Norman Smith was born on 14 Apr 1964.

6-Murray Allan Smith was born on 10 Dec 1968.

6-Katharine Anne Smith was born on 24 Jul 1975.

5-Beverly Asenath Joyce Smith was born on 16 Jan 1932. Beverly married Garnet Ritchie Oliver. Garnet was born on 30 Jul 1928. They had two children: Wayne Garnet and Kerrie Marie.

6-Wayne Garnet Oliver was born on 5 Dec 1953. Wayne married Beverly Jessica Natasha Champion. Beverly was born in 1951. They had one son: Wayne Nathan Adam.

7-Wayne Nathan Adam Oliver was born on 30 Oct 1979.

6-Kerrie Marie Oliver was born on 20 Feb 1962. Kerrie married Paul James Lapthorne. Paul was born on 1 Dec 1959. They had one daughter: Chery Maree.

7-Chery Maree Lapthorne was born on 8 Apr 1986.

5-Ellenor Smith was born on 25 Feb 1933. Ellenor married Harold Williamson. Harold was born on 17 May 1931. They had eight children: Shane Elliott, Melvina Corrie, Suzanne Lillian, Craig Isaac, Gregory, Andrew, Jennifer and Corey.

6-Shane Elliott Williamson was born on 18 Aug 1954. Shane married Julieanne Radford. Julieanne was born on 24 Dec 1955. They had four children: Michael John, Anthony Peter, Justin Scott and Deanne Louise.

7-Michael John Williamson was born on 22 Feb 1973.

7-Anthony Peter Williamson was born on 12 May 1975.

7-Justin Scott Williamson was born on 29 May 1977.

7-Deanne Louise Williamson was born on 18 Jun 1979.

6-Melvina Corrie Williamson was born on 15 Oct 1955. Melvina married Russell John Osborne. Russell was born on 20 Feb 1952. They had two children: Marcus Andrew and Naomi Tamara.

7-Marcus Andrew Osborne was born on 25 Jan 1974.

7-Naomi Tamara Osborne was born on 3 Apr 1977.

6-Suzanne Lillian Williamson was born on 26 Jan 1957. Suzanne married John William Brown. John was born in 1952. They had one daughter: Natalie Maree.

7-Natalie Maree Brown was born on 18 Feb 1976.

6-Craig Isaac Williamson was born on 17 Jun 1958. Craig married Kim Maree Sheehan. Kim was born on 1 May 1963. They had three children: Alanna Maree, Jessica Rose and Sarah Courtney.

7-Alanna Maree Williamson was born on 29 Sep 1982.

7-Jessica Rose Williamson was born on 5 Jan 1984.

7-Sarah Courtney Williamson was born on 30 Oct 1986.

6-Gregory Williamson was born on 13 Jul 1959. Gregory married Lyn Byrne. Lyn was born on 9 Jun 1958.

6-Andrew Williamson was born on 8 Aug 1961. Andrew married Shari Lea Odgers, daughter of Roy Bernard Odgers and Jean Isobel Ralston. Shari was born on 26 Oct 1966. They had one daughter: Karena Lea.

7-Karena Lea Williamson was born on 24 Nov 1987.

6-Jennifer Williamson was born on 15 Aug 1962.

6-Corey Williamson was born on 16 Aug 1971.

5-Margaret Smith was born on 16 May 1934. Margaret married Eric Howe. Eric was born on 12 Dec 1932. They had two children: Lindsay and Stephen.

6-Lindsay Howe was born on 1 Jan 1955. Lindsay married Barbara Winn. Barbara was born on 6 Aug 1957. They had three children: Alexander, Jemma and Joel.

7-Alexander Howe was born on 27 Nov 1978.

7-Jemma Howe was born on 11 Sep 1983.

7-Joel Howe was born on 11 Sep 1983.

6-Stephen Howe was born on 6 Feb 1957. Stephen married Vicki Appleby. Vicki was born on 2 Oct 1955. They had two children: Erin and Ryan.

7-Erin Howe was born on 20 Aug 1981.

7-Ryan Howe was born on 19 Nov 1983.

Margaret next married Louis Morris Solomon. Louis was born on 5 Jul 1920.

5-Harvey Smith was born on 15 Feb 1936 and died on 16 Jan 1986 at age 49. Harvey married Carlene Grace Latimer. Carlene was born on 23 May 1945. They had one son: Shayne.

6-Shayne Smith was born on 24 May 1967.

5-Athol Carl Smith was born on 7 Nov 1939. Athol married Faye Lynette Loone. Faye was born on 3 Dec 1945. They had two children: Ashley Peter and Narelle Margaret.

6-Ashley Peter Smith was born on 6 Oct 1971.

6-Narelle Margaret Smith was born on 2 Jun 1975.

5-Allison Smith was born on 4 May 1941. Allison married Darrel Leslie Desmond Coppleman. Darrel was born on 3 Jun 1939. They had four children: Michael Darrel, Mark William, Darren Leigh and Anne-Maree.

6-Michael Darrel Coppleman was born on 14 Jul 1960.

6-Mark William Coppleman was born on 22 Oct 1961.

6-Darren Leigh Coppleman was born on 15 Sep 1964.

6-Anne-Maree Coppleman was born on 11 Apr 1967.

4-Ruby May Walker was born on 29 Sep 1913 in Devonport and died on 24 Dec 1983 at age 70. Ruby married Allan Lindsay.

Ruby next married Bernie Flanagan. Bernie was born on 17 Aug 1911. They had one daughter: Barbara Louise.

5-Barbara Louise Flanagan was born on 21 Apr 1945. Barbara married Robert John Ward. Robert was born on 23 May 1944. They had two children: Sharon Leanne and Joanne Margaret.

6-Sharon Leanne Ward was born on 7 May 1964.

6-Joanne Margaret Ward was born on 24 Jan 1967.

4-Joy Rae Walker was born on 11 Nov 1920. Joy married John Anderson. John was born on 18 Nov 1916. They had two children: John and Geoffrey Rhode.

5-John Anderson was born on 21 Sep 1943. John married Pauline Smith. Pauline was born on 28 Dec 1944. They had three children: Lisa, James and Anthony.

6-Lisa Anderson was born on 18 Jan 1965.

6-James Anderson was born on 20 Sep 1966.

6-Anthony Anderson was born on 28 Jan 1969.

John next married Janne Howe.

5-Geoffrey Rhode Anderson was born on 12 Jul 1949. Geoffrey married Pauline Wellard. Pauline was born on 15 Aug 1951. They had one son: Heath.

6-Heath Anderson was born on 9 Apr 1974.

Joy next married Ron McLennan. Ron was born on 9 Mar 1916.

4-Carl Leslie Walker was born on 28 Feb 1923. Carl married Daphne Catherine Bird, daughter of William Alfred Bird and Eleanor May Phillips. Daphne was born on 10 Mar 1919 in West Devonport, Tasmania. They had two children: Warren and Robyn Eleanor.

5-Warren Walker was born on 21 Jan 1949.

5-Robyn Eleanor Walker was born on 14 Feb 1952. Robyn married Allan Laurence Bassett. Allan was born on 24 Oct 1949. They had two children: Melissa Jane and Angela Louise.

6-Melissa Jane Bassett was born on 18 Jan 1973.

6-Angela Louise Bassett was born on 1 Sep 1974.