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Michael Claude Walker and Edith Ethel Ambridge

3-Michael Claude Walker was born on 11 Dec 1881 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 25 Jan 1973 in New Zealand at age 91.

Michael married Edith Ethel Ambridge on 11 Oct 1913 in New Zealand. Edith was born on 1 Feb 1888 in New Zealand and died on 1 Feb 1960 in New Zealand at age 72.

They had three children:

Michael Claude Walker

Fifth child and third son, Michael Claude, was born on 11th December, 1881. As a young man with pioneering spirit, Michael went to New Zealand in 1907, but returned after a short stay. In 1911 he returned to New Zealand and entered a lengthy period of employment with C. Aickin and Sons, timber merchants. On 11th October, 1913, he married Ethel Ambridge. In 1920 Michael and Ethel moved to Wellington, where Michael opened and remained in charge of a branch of C. W. Aickin and Sons. His work involved import and export of timber and building supplies. Later Michael took over the business, operating under his own name for 15 years. He then went into partnership with Jack Hobson, trading as M. C. Walker and Hobson Ltd. The partnership held an agency for import of timber from the west coast of America, Douglas Fir from Canada and Redwood from California.

Michael and Ethel had three daughters. Michael retired to Tauranga in 1952. Ethel died on 1st February, 1960 and Michael on 25th January, 1973.

4-Dorothy St. Clair Walker was born on 3 Sep 1914 and died on 21 May 1985 at age 70. Dorothy married Reginald Stuart Beauchamp Greenhill. Reginald was born on 2 Oct 1913 and died on 2 Apr 1979 at age 65.

4-Margery Poole Walker was born on 18 Oct 1916.

4-Marie Ambridge Walker was born on 27 Jan 1919. Marie married Kenneth Charles Bowden. Kenneth was born on 2 Oct 1913 and died on 16 May 1993 at age 79. They had three children: Janet Rae, John Stuart and Lesley Margaret.

5-Janet Rae Bowden was born on 25 Jun 1945. Janet married Hugh Meredith Payne. Hugh was born on 20 Feb 1942. They had three children: Lisa Marie, Vicki Suzanne and Logan Peter.

6-Lisa Marie Payne was born on 23 Oct 1968.

6-Vicki Suzanne Payne was born on 1 May 1971.

6-Logan Peter Payne was born on 16 May 1975.

5-John Stuart Bowden was born on 20 Apr 1947. John married Gillian May Martin. Gillian was born on 27 Apr 1951. They had two children: Tracy Leigh and Jacqueline Kim.

6-Tracy Leigh Bowden was born on 26 May 1972. Tracy married Matthew John Biddle. Matthew was born on 28 Aug 1971.

6-Jacqueline Kim Bowden was born on 29 May 1974.

5-Lesley Margaret Bowden was born on 2 Sep 1951. Lesley married Neville Rosenblatt. Neville was born on 20 Nov 1947.

Lesley next married Bruce G. Johnston. Bruce was born on 4 Mar 1933.