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Sarah Jane (Jean) Harvey

3-Sarah Jane (Jean) Harvey was born on 27 Dec 1886 in Black Hills, Osmaston, Tasmania and died on 3 Oct 1944 in Devonport at age 57.

Sarah Jane Harvey

In December 1886 Martha was 'thrown' from a pony trap and Sarah Jane was born three months prematurely. It seems incredible that she survived, but although weighing very little Martha kept the tiny baby alive, wrapped in cotton wool in a padded box which was to be her bed for two months; but survive she did and came to be the most dearly loved and loving Auntie Jean of her nieces.

Sarah Jane (Jean) went to train at a private hospital in Victoria but having never been robust she had an attack of kidney failure and was unable to complete her training. Nevertheless she was a very capable nurse, always known as "Nurse Jean" when later she assisted at the private Deloraine hospital run by her sisters Maggie and Rosa. She lived to the age of sixty, dying in October 1944 at the Devonport home of her sister Edith where she had lived for some years.