James and Margaret Hally

James Hally and Margaret Casey

James and Margaret (nee Casey) Hally met and married in Tasmania at the start of the second half of the nineteenth century. From lowly beginnings, they prospered, making a home for their family in Pontville. Their hundreds of descendants are now spread around Tasmania, in other Australian states, and overseas.

James Hally was born in Ireland, presumably in County Tipperary, between 12 July 1826 and 11 July 1827 if the information in his death notice placed in The Mercury on 18 July 1903 – “aged 76 years” - is correct. 

Margaret Casey was born in Ireland, presumably in County Clare, between 26 November 1834 and 25 November 1835 if the information in her death notice placed in The Mercury on 26 November 1907 – “in the 73rd year of her age” – is correct.

Margaret arrived in Hobart, Van Diemen’s Land (VDL), on 4 November 1851, along with 150 other young single females from Ireland.

James arrived in Hobart, as a convict, 14 months later, on 29 January 1853.

James and Margaret were married in St. Joseph’s Church, in central Hobart, on 4 September 1854.

They lie in unmarked tombs somewhere in the old section of the graveyard at St. Matthews Church, the Catholic place of worship on the southern slope of the River Jordan at Pontville, Tasmania.

They had nine children, seven of whom survived childhood. The youngest, Margaret, was the last to die, in 1948.

Table of Contents

  1. James Hally in Ireland
  2. James' Journey
  3. James in Hobart
  4. Margaret Casey in Ireland
  5. Margaret's Journey
  6. Early Married Life
  7. The Family
  8. Life in Pontville
  9. James Hally the Activist