James and Margaret Hally

Bridget Mary Hally and Michael Martin Mackey

2-Bridget Mary Hally was born on 16 Jul 1867 in Brighton, Tasmania, died on 15 Jun 1922 in Bangor, Tasmania at age 54, and was buried in Karoola Catholic Church Cemetery. Bridget married Constable Michael Martin Mackey, son of Thomas Mackey and Bridget Mary Fitzpatrick, both born in Ireland (pictured below) , on 9 May 1888 in St Matthews, Brighton.

Thomas and Bridget Mackey

Michael was born on 1 Oct 1858 in Antill Ponds, Tasmania, died on 11 Sep 1947 in Bangor, Tasmania at age 88, and was buried in Sep 1947 in Karoola Catholic Church Cemetery.

 They had 11 children:

Memorium: Bridget Mary Mackey

3-Helena Mary Alacoque (Nell) Mackey was born on 26 Apr 1889 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania, died on 29 Dec 1961 at age 72, and was buried in Karoola Catholic Church Cemetery. Helena married someone.  They had no children.

3-Winifred Margaret Mackey was born on 22 Dec 1890 in Oatlands, died on 26 Apr 1954 in Bangor, Tasmania at age 63, and was buried on 28 Apr 1954 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Winifred married Joseph Michael Griffin, son of Richard Griffin and Annie McCarthy, on 4 Jan 1922 in Karoola. Joseph was born on 6 Jan 1894 in Launceston, died in Apr 1950 at age 56, and was buried on 17 Apr 1950 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had six children: Anthony Richard (Dick), Irene Mary, Margaret Anne, Wilfrid Patrick (Pat), Mary Kathleen and Lawrence John.

4-Anthony Richard (Dick) Griffin was born in 1922, died on 10 Jul 1988 in Norwood Haven, Launceston at age 66, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Anthony married Sylvia Pauline Morrisby, daughter of Orlando James Calvert Morrisby and Elsie Jane Lumsden. Sylvia was born on 28 Nov 1912 in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Hobart and died on 25 Apr 2001 in Cosgrove Park, Launceston, Tasmania at age 88. They had two children: Ross Anthony and Paul Orlando.

5-Ross Anthony Griffin was born on 26 Jun 1952. Ross married Sally Smithurst.  They had one son: Anthony.

6-Anthony Griffin.

5-Paul Orlando Griffin was born on 31 Mar 1956. Paul married Heather Cunningham.  They had four children: Rosemary, Sophie, Thomas Richard and Elizabeth.

6-Rosemary Griffin was born in 1983.

6-Sophie Griffin was born in 1986.

6-Thomas Richard Griffin was born in 1988.

6-Elizabeth Griffin.

4-Irene Mary Griffin was born on 20 Feb 1924, died on 16 Jan 1996 in Private Hospital Launceston at age 71, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Irene married James Francis Welsh on 21 Jan 1950. James was born in 1913, died on 9 Jan 1996 at age 83, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had five children: David John, Eric James, Michael Francis, Terence Bernard and Helen Winifred.

5-David John Welsh was born in 1951. David married Rosemary Hayes.  They had two children: Rebecca and James David.

6-Rebecca Welsh was born in 1980.

6-James David Welsh was born in 1984.

5-Eric James Welsh was born in 1953. Eric married Angela Inkson.  They had three children: Marcus, Hayden and Monique.

6-Marcus Welsh was born in 1988.

6-Hayden Welsh.

6-Monique Welsh.

5-Michael Francis Welsh was born in 1954. Michael married Susan Wilson.  They had three children: Meghan Frances, Bridget and Declan.

6-Meghan Frances Welsh was born in 1984.

6-Bridget Welsh.

6-Declan Welsh.

5-Terence Bernard Welsh was born on 29 Dec 1956. Terence married Rosi Pasin.  They had three children: Samara Leanne, Jack Giulio and Enrica.

6-Samara Leanne Welsh was born in 1985.

6-Jack Giulio Welsh was born in 1986.

6-Enrica Welsh.

5-Helen Winifred Welsh was born on 31 Jan 1958. Helen married Graeme Bray.  They had three children: Jelina, Anita and Eamon.

6-Jelina Bray.

6-Anita Bray.

6-Eamon Bray.

4-Margaret Anne Griffin was born on 21 Jul 1925. Margaret married Neil Thomas Prosser in 1953. Neil was born in 1928, died on 17 Aug 1988 at age 60, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had five children: Anne Estelle, John William, Timothy Michael, Phillip Thomas and Gregory Neil.

5-Anne Estelle Prosser was born on 29 Aug 1954. Anne married Ian Timothy Moore, son of Frank Reginald Moore and Joyce Lesley Bennett.  They had three children: John Stuart, Sarah Katherine and Andrew Richard.

6-John Stuart Moore was born in 1981.

6-Sarah Katherine Moore was born in 1984.

6-Andrew Richard Moore was born in 1985.

5-John William Prosser was born on 10 Apr 1956. John married Audrey.  They had one daughter: Katelyn.

6-Katelyn Prosser. Katelyn married Paige.

5-Timothy Michael Prosser was born in 1957 and died in 1961 at age 4.

5-Phillip Thomas Prosser was born in 1960. Phillip married Sonja.

5-Gregory Neil Prosser was born in 1962. Gregory married Sonja Leale.  They had one son: Thomas John.

6-Thomas John Prosser.

4-Wilfrid Patrick (Pat) Griffin was born on 9 Nov 1926. Wilfrid married Hilda Beatrice Farrelly.  They had eight children: Damien Joseph, Peter Wilfrid, Stephen Mark, Gavin Patrick, Donald Francis, Norman Thomas, Marsha Teresa and Jayne.

5-Damien Joseph Griffin was born on 20 Jun 1951. Damien married Kaylene Anne Smith.  They had three children: Jamie Damien, Michael and Jacqueline Anne.

6-Jamie Damien Griffin was born in 1977.

6-Michael Griffin was born in 1979.

6-Jacqueline Anne Griffin was born in 1982.

5-Peter Wilfrid Griffin. Peter married Judith Mary Gibbons.  They had two children: Danielle Laurn and Gillian.

6-Danielle Laurn Griffin was born in 1978.

6-Gillian Griffin was born in 1980.

5-Stephen Mark Griffin was born on 19 Jun 1954. Stephen married Suzanne Mary Little, daughter of Harold Little and Margaret Gee, on 2 Apr 1977 in Sacred Heart Church, Karoola.  They had one son: Shaun Marc.

6-Shaun Marc Griffin was born on 30 May 1981.

5-Gavin Patrick Griffin was born on 11 Oct 1955.

5-Donald Francis Griffin was born on 21 Feb 1957. Donald married Caroline Roach.  They had two children: Grant and Benjamin.

6-Grant Griffin.

6-Benjamin Griffin was born in 1978.

5-Norman Thomas Griffin was born on 19 Nov 1958. Norman married Rosiland Sprague.  They had two children: Kate and Nicola Rose.

6-Kate Griffin.

6-Nicola Rose Griffin was born on 29 Dec 1986 in Queen Alexandria Maternity Hospital, Hobart.

5-Marsha Teresa Griffin. Marsha married Dale Mitchell.  They had two children: Joshua Kenny and Declan.

6-Joshua Kenny Mitchell was born in 1987.

6-Declan Mitchell.

5-Jayne Griffin. Jayne married Anthony Blyth.  They had two children: Mitchell and Harrison Patrick.

6-Mitchell Blyth.

6-Harrison Patrick Blyth was born in 2001.

4-Mary Kathleen Griffin was born on 6 Apr 1929 and died on 16 Aug 1931 at age 2.

4-Lawrence John Griffin was born in 1932. Lawrence married Mavis Blyth.  They had three children: Anita Mary, Bernadette and John.

5-Anita Mary Griffin was born on 6 Aug 1960. Anita married someone.  She had two children: Nicholas and Bronte.

6- Nicholas.

6- Bronte.

5-Bernadette Griffin was born in 1962.

5-John Griffin was born in 1966.

3-Kathleen Benigna Mackey was born on 23 Nov 1892 in Lefroy, Tasmania and died on 7 Feb 1974 in Lilydale, Tasmania at age 81.

3-Nicholas James Hally Mackey was born on 10 Feb 1894 in Lefroy, Tasmania and died on 12 Jan 1898 in Launceston at age 3.

3-Irene Claire Mackey was born on 28 Jan 1896 in Launceston, died on 1 Jan 1984 at age 87, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Another name for Irene was Sister Mary Finn Barr.

3-William Patrick Mackey was born on 19 Aug 1897 in Launceston and died in 1898 at age 1.

3-Lawrence William Mackey was born on 19 Aug 1897 in Launceston and died on 30 Nov 1898 at age 1.

3-Francis Xavier Mackey was born on 22 Jun 1901 in Patersonia, died on 7 Apr 1973 at age 71, and was buried in Karoola Catholic Church Cemetery.

3-Edith Honorine Mackey was born on 7 Jan 1904 in Patersonia, died on 19 Oct 1984 at age 80, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Edith married John Edward Williams, son of William Jonas Lucas Williams and Mary Louisa Forsyth, on 26 Jan 1932 in Karoola, Tasmania. John was born on 22 Jul 1907 in 22 William Street, Launceston, Tasmania, died on 18 Sep 1968 in Nazareth House, Launceston at age 61, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had five children: Helen Patricia, John Michael, Mary Josephine Nancy, Robert James and Edith Anne.

4-Helen Patricia Williams. Helen married Noel Johnston on 14 Feb 1959 in St Finn Barr's, Launceston.  They had three children: Michael, Jane and Elizabeth.

5-Michael Johnston. Michael married Wendy Evans.  They had two children: Meg and Andrew.

6-Meg Johnston.

6-Andrew Johnston.

5-Jane Johnston. Jane married Brett Cooper in 0003.  They had one son: Nicholas.

6-Nicholas Cooper.

5-Elizabeth Johnston. Elizabeth married Philip Illingworth.  They had one daughter: Catherine.

6-Catherine Illingworth.

4-Father John Michael Williams.

4-Mary Josephine Nancy Williams was born on 24 Oct 1932. Mary married George William Freeman on 7 Jan 1956. George was born on 21 Mar 1931. They had six children: Jennifer Mary, Suzanne Therese, Mark, Caroline Edith, John Arthur and Timothy Martin.

5-Jennifer Mary Freeman was born on 30 Dec 1956. Jennifer married Grant Mansfield on 4 Oct 1975. Grant was born on 17 Mar 1952. They had two children: Benjamin Phillip and Jessie Leigh.

6-Benjamin Phillip Mansfield was born on 9 Mar 1977. Benjamin married and had three children: Lucy, Ruby May and Molly Josephine.

7-Lucy Mansfield was born on 31 Oct 2007.

7-Ruby May Mansfield was born on 7 Mar 2009.

7-Molly Josephine Mansfield was born on 11 Dec 2010.

6-Jessie Leigh Mansfield was born on 12 Jul 1981.

5-Suzanne Therese Freeman was born on 6 Apr 1958. Suzanne married Gary Willis on 8 Jan 1977. Gary was born on 3 Sep 1952. They had four children: Melissa, Duncan Phillip, Laura Edith and Julia Ann.

6-Melissa Willis was born bfr 1977. Melissa married and had two children: Katherine and Rebecca.

7- Katherine was born on 16 Apr 2004.

7- Rebecca.

6-Duncan Phillip Willis was born on 15 Mar 1980. Duncan married someone.  He had two children: Darcy and Sydney.

7-Darcy Willis was born in Oct 2005.

7-Sydney Willis was born on 9 Jun 2008.

6-Laura Edith Willis was born on 18 Sep 1982. Laura asnd had two children: Oscar George and Maggie.

7- Oscar George was born on 10 Mar 2009.

7- Maggie was born on 11 Oct 2011.

6-Julia Ann Willis was born on 25 May 1987.

5-Vicar General Mark Freeman was born in 1959.

5-Caroline Edith Freeman was born on 8 Mar 1962. Caroline married Peter Nicholas Ryan on 16 Oct 1993. Peter was born on 3 Oct 1968. They had three children: Jordan Rhodes, Sarah Hannah and Conner Peter.

6-Jordan Rhodes Ryan was born on 5 Oct 1995.

6-Sarah Hannah Ryan was born on 30 Jan 1997.

6-Conner Peter Ryan was born on 5 Jul 1999.

5-John Arthur Freeman was born on 2 Nov 1964.

5-Timothy Martin Freeman was born on 12 Jun 1970. Timothy married Sheree Ann O'Toole on 8 Jan 1994. Sheree was born on 28 Mar 1971. They had two children: Paige Alice and Olivia May.

6-Paige Alice Freeman was born on 8 Jun 1997.

6-Olivia May Freeman was born on 28 Jul 1999.

4-Robert James Williams. Robert married Judith.  They had two children: Shane Robert and Nicole Jean.

5-Shane Robert Williams.

5-Nicole Jean Williams.

4-Edith Anne Williams was born in 1939, died on 2 Jul 1945 at age 6, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania.

3-Mary Josephine Mackey was born on 15 Mar 1906 in Patersonia. Mary married Claude Victor Watkins, son of John Joshua Watkins and Emma Louisa Rice, on 17 Jul 1933 in Sacred Heart Church, Karoola. Claude was born on 11 Aug 1906 in Lilydale, Tasmania, died on 20 Aug 1989 in Launceston at age 83, and was buried on 20 Aug 1989 in Carr Villa Lawn Cemetery, Launceston. They had nine children: Charles Victor, Mary Josephine, Kathleen Louise, Michael John, Judith Irene, Kevin Claude, Bridget Margaret, Elizabeth Elaine and Maxwell Francis.

4-Charles Victor Watkins.

4-Mary Josephine Watkins was born on 26 Oct 1936 in Launceston, died on 7 May 2002 in Launceston at age 65, and was buried on 13 May 2002 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. Mary married Brian Bernard Morrison in 1958 in St Finn Barr's, Launceston.  They had two children: David Bernard and Catherine.

5-David Bernard Morrison. David married Leanne Michelle Gleeson.  They had two children: Samantha Michelle and Kimberley Leah.

6-Samantha Michelle Morrison.

6-Kimberley Leah Morrison.

5-Catherine Morrison.

4-Kathleen Louise Watkins. Kathleen married Heinz Binder.  They had three children: Joanna Mary, Julie Louise and John Claude.

5-Joanna Mary Binder.

5-Julie Louise Binder.

5-John Claude Binder.

4-Michael John Watkins. Michael married Joan Gerardine Boon.  They had three children: Mark Victor, Donald and Carmel Louise.

5-Mark Victor Watkins.

5-Donald Watkins.

5-Carmel Louise Watkins.

4-Judith Irene Watkins. Judith married Steven Ross Kile.  They had four children: Ann, Rohan, Claire and Ruth.

5-Ann Kile.

5-Rohan Kile.

5-Claire Kile.

5-Ruth Kile.

4-Kevin Claude Watkins. Kevin married Pamela Dawn Harris.  They had five children: Lynda Dawn, Sandra Jane, Lenore Joan, Claire Louise and Bradley Claude.

5-Lynda Dawn Watkins. Lynda married Scott McKay.  They had one daughter: Elizabeth Anne.

6-Elizabeth Anne McKay.

5-Sandra Jane Watkins. Sandra married Scott Kregor.  They had two children: Jessica May and Lauren Amy.

6-Jessica May Kregor.

6-Lauren Amy Kregor.

5-Lenore Joan Watkins.

5-Claire Louise Watkins. Claire married Michael Warren.

5-Bradley Claude Watkins.

4-Bridget Margaret Watkins. Bridget married Michael Douglas Watts.  They had four children: Jane Mary, Debbie Margaret, Craig Michael and Belinda Joan.

5-Jane Mary Watts.

5-Debbie Margaret Watts.

5-Craig Michael Watts.

5-Belinda Joan Watts.

4-Elizabeth Elaine Watkins. Elizabeth married Nigel Roy Saunders.  They had five children: Anthony William, Robert Michael, Maree Josephine, Michael Roy and Paula Margaret.

5-Anthony William Saunders.

5-Robert Michael Saunders.

5-Maree Josephine Saunders.

5-Michael Roy Saunders.

5-Paula Margaret Saunders.

4-Maxwell Francis Watkins. Maxwell married Jennifer Margaret Smith.  They had two children: Tania Maree and Christopher William.

5-Tania Maree Watkins. Tania married Paul Reid.

5-Christopher William Watkins.

3-Terence Thomas Mackey was born on 10 Jan 1911 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston and died on 21 Jun 1981 in St Vincents, Sydney at age 70.  Terence married Odelia Agnes Moore.