James and Margaret Hally

Nicholas James Hally

2-Nicholas James Hally was born on 21 Mar 1869 in Brighton, Tasmania, was christened on 1 Apr 1869 in St  Matthews, Brighton, died on 13 May 1941 in Private Hospital Hobart at age 72, and was buried in May 1941 in Pontville.

Nicholas married Eugenie Mary (Jean) Scott, daughter of Joseph Scott and Alice McKinley, on 13 Jun 1908 in Hobart By Rev. M. W. Gileran. Eugenie was born on 6 Feb 1880 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania, was christened on 16 May 1880 in Brighton, Tasmania, died on 17 Jun 1933 in Royal Hobart Hospital at age 53, and was buried in Cornelian Bay, Roman Catholic, H323.

They had five children:

3-Denis Joseph (Tim) Hally was born on 19 Mar 1909 in Hobart, Tasmania, died on 19 Jan 1973 in the Royal Hobart Hospital,Tasmania at age 63, and was buried on 23 Jan 1973 at Cornelian Bay, Hobart.  He is pictured below, aged about seven.  Denis served in World War II, enlisting at Butlers Gorge on 24 Apr 1942, Service Number T23855. Denis married Rita Emma Hillman, pictured below, daughter of Henry Hillman and Charlotte Alice Rollins, on 24 Jul 1943 in St Marys Cathedral, Hobart. Rita was born on 5 Feb 1907 in Glebe, Hobart, Tasmania, died on 7 Jun 1986 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 79, and was buried on 11 Jun 1986 in Cornelian Bay. They had four children: Suzanne Mary, Robert Denis, Patrick James and Veronica Jean.

     Pontville School 1916   Rita Hillman

4-Suzanne Mary Hally. Suzanne married David Naden.  They had one son: Karl.

5-Karl Naden.

4-Robert Denis Hally. Robert married Toni Cullen.

4-Patrick James Hally was born on 27 Nov 1945 in Calvary Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania. Patrick married Maxine Frances Weeding. Maxine was born in 1947 and was buried on 20 Nov 1987 in SRCT (cremated). They had one son: Matthew.

5-Matthew Hally.

4-Veronica Jean Hally was born on 5 Dec 1951 in Bush Nursing Hospital, Ouse, Tasmania. Veronica married Rodney Corbett.  They had four children: Adrian, Timothy, Sarah and Emma.

5-Adrian Corbett.

5-Timothy Corbett.

5-Sarah Corbett.

5-Emma Corbett.

3-Mary Nora Hally was born on 5 Feb 1911 in Arthur Street, North Hobart, Tasmania, died on 26 Sep 2000 in Calvary Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania at age 89, and was buried on 29 Sep 2000 in St Matthews, Pontville. Mary married Franklin Cecil Thomas Triffitt, son of Robert George Triffitt and Charlotte Mary Harris. Franklin was born on 4 Jun 1909 in New Norfolk and died on 11 Mar 1945 in Royal Hobart Hospital at age 35. They had one son: Michael (Mike).

4-Michael (Mike) Triffitt was born in 1944. Michael married Nola Hoffman.  They had two children: Jason Michael and Simone Louise.

5-Jason Michael Triffitt.

5-Simone Louise Triffitt.

Mary next married Alex Dick.

Mary next married Maurice Matthew (Bon) McShane in 1973. Maurice, pictured below in 1916 was born on 22 Sep 1907 in Broadmarsh, Tasmania and died on 23 Sep 1997 at age 90.

Maurice McShane

3-John Redmond (Jack) Hally was born on 19 Jan 1913 in Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, was christened on 23 Feb 1913 in St Marks Anglican Church, Pontville, died on 6 Dec 1972 at age 59, and was buried on 9 Dec 1972 in SCRT (cremation). John married Valma Grace Frankcombe, daughter of F. A. Frankcombe.  They had two children: Josephine Mary and Lionel John.

4-Josephine Mary Hally. Josephine married Kelvin Churchill.  They had one daughter: Christine.

5-Christine Churchill.

4-Lionel John Hally was born on 29 Aug 1938 in Montrose Private Hospital, 39 Burnett Street, was christened on 18 Sep 1938, and was buried on 11 Oct 1982 in SCRT (cremation).

3-Mary Josephine Hally was born on 29 Mar 1916 in 157 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart, Tasmania, was christened on 30 Apr 1916 in St Matthews, Pontville, and died on 6 Jan 1988 at age 71. Mary married Whyte.

3-Francis James (Pat) Hally was born on 28 Jul 1919 in Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, was christened on 3 Oct 1919 in St Matthews, Pontville, and died on 8 May 1992 at age 72.  He enlisted in the Army on 3 Jun 1941, Private No TX4822, and spent time as a prisoner of war. He was discharged 28 Jan 1946. Francis, pictured below at school in 1933, married Jane Turner. June died on 10 Jul 1974 and was buried in New Norfolk General Cemetery. They had three children: Frank, Richard (Rick) and Nigel.

Francis James Hally

4-Frank Hally.

4-Richard (Rick) Hally was born in Pontville. Richard married Carol.

4-Nigel Hally.