James and Margaret Hally

Kate Hally

2-Kate Hally was born on 13 Sep 1864 in Brighton, Tasmania and died on 1 May 1926 in South Melbourne, Victoria at age 61. Another name for Kate was Catherine. Kate married Phillip Deveraux on 29 Jan 1885 in St. Matthews, Pontville. Phillip was born in 1856 and died on 3 Mar 1891 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 35. They had two children: William Francis Xavier and Margaret Mary Alacoque (Molly).

3-William Francis Xavier Deveraux was born on 3 Dec 1885 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania, was christened on 6 Dec 1885 in St. Matthews, Pontville, and died on 15 Jan 1914 in Hobart General Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania at age 28. William married Ruby Maud Johnson, daughter of John Johnson and Margaret Watson, in 1909. Ruby was born on 24 Jan 1880 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania and died on 6 Feb 1969 at age 89. They had three children: Terence Carl, William Terence and Ada Vivian.

4-Terence Carl Deveraux was born on 16 Apr 1910 in Pontville and was christened on 29 Aug 1910 in St Matthews, Brighton.

4-William Terence Deveraux was born on 10 Sep 1914 in Brighton Junction, was christened on 16 Nov 1914 in St Marks Anglican Church, Pontville, and died on 14 Oct 1993 at age 79.

4-Ada Vivian Deveraux was born on 23 Feb 1912 in Brighton, Tasmania and died on 18 Jan 1983 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 70. Ada married Cyril James Gordon. Cyril was born about 1911 and died on 17 Sep 1994 aged about 83. They had one daughter: Diane Margaret.

5-Diane Margaret Gordon. Diane married Palmer.  They had two children: Anthony Brian and Michael Gordon.

6-Anthony Brian Palmer.

6-Michael Gordon Palmer.

3-Margaret Mary Alacoque (Molly) Deveraux was born on 26 Apr 1887 and was christened on 15 May 1887 in St Matthews, Brighton. Margaret married Harvey Johnston, son of James Johnston and Honor Harvey, on 15 Apr 906 in Pontville. Harvey was born on 21 Nov 1885 in Brighton, Tasmania and died on 8 Aug 1962 in New Town at age 76. They had one son: James Louis.

4-James Louis Johnston was born on 16 Aug 1906 in Pontville and died on 28 Sep 1986 in Blacktown, New South Wales at age 80. James married Evelyn Frances May Prairie, daughter of Edward Leaburn Prairie and Rose Hannah Brooks, on 4 Jun 1934 in Hobart, Tasmania. Evelyn was born on 18 Aug 1912 in Zeehan, Tasmania and died on 25 Feb 1963 in Noble Park, Victoria at age 50. They had one daughter: Yvonne May.

5-Yvonne May Johnston was born on 11 Jun 1935 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 12 Nov 1985 in Glenhuntly, Victoria at age 50. Yvonne married Bevis Avian Glynne, son of George Stphen Glynne and Doris Muriel Archer, on 28 Sep 1958 in St Marys, East St Kilda, Victoria. Bevis was born on 25 Jan 1928 in Brighton, Victoria and died on 13 Jul 2009 at age 81.

Kate next married William James Marshall, son of William Marshall, on 15 Jul 1896 in Fitzroy, Victoria. William was born in 1870 in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and died in 1926 in South Melbourne, Victoria at age 56. They had two children: James Hally and Kathleen.

3-James Hally Marshall was born in 1899 in Coolgardie, Western Australia and died on 8 Mar 1968 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 69.

3-Kathleen Marshall.