James and Margaret Hally
James Hally and Margaret Casey ...

James in Hobart

When James was eventually discharged from hospital, on 16 July 1853, after 166 days, he was “sent to Davidson’s foundry”. He would have been able to use his blacksmithing skills in this establishment at the southern end of Collins Street. His quarters must have been in the business itself or in a nearby cottage.

The Catholic Church, St Joseph’s, on the corner of Harrington and Macquarie Streets, was just a couple of blocks from the foundry. It is highly likely that it was here that he met a fellow traveller from Ireland, the young servant girl, Margaret Casey.

On 14 February 1854, James was awarded his ticket of leave, “for meritorious conduct”. Less than 6 months later, on 3 August, he applied for permission to marry Margaret. The authorities’ consent came after 6 days.

Table of Contents

  1. James Hally in Ireland
  2. James' Journey
  3. James in Hobart
  4. Margaret Casey in Ireland
  5. Margaret's Journey
  6. Early Married Life
  7. The Family
  8. Life in Pontville
  9. James Hally the Activist