James and Margaret Hally

Margaret Hally

2-Margaret Hally was born in 1870 in Brighton, Tasmania, died on 11 Dec 1948 in Home, Hunter St. Queenstown at age 78, and was buried in Dec 1948 in Lyell General Cemetery, Tasmania.

Margaret had a relationship with an unknown person and had one daughter in 1893:

Margaret married Edward Alexander Kent, son of Edward Kent and Mary Dowling, on 3 Jul 1896 in St Lukes Church of England, Zeehan. Edward was born in 1864 in Sandhurst, Victoria and died on 3 Dec 1929 in Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia at age 65.

They had eight children:

3-Violet Kent was born on 20 May 1894 in the Cascades Lying in Hospital and was buried on 18 Sep 1931 in Cornelian Bay, Catholic section, aa/32/A. Violet had a relationship with an unknown person.  They had one son: Kenneth George.

4-Kenneth George Kent was born on 22 Sep 1912 in Connaught Crescent Salvation Army Home for Unwed mothers and died on 9 Jun 1913 in Zeehan, Tasmania.

Violet married William Daniel Field, son of Thomas Field and Catherine Mooney, on 26 Aug 1915 in Catholic Church, Queenstown, Tasmania. Thomas was the son of convict Daniel Field and Catherine Farrell. William was born on 16 Mar 1885 in Richmond, died in Aug 1963 at age 78, and was buried on 22 Aug 1963 in Cornelian Bay Cemetery Methodist Section D, 44. Catherine Mooney was the daughter of convicts Peter Mooney and Mary Mahon who married in Richmond, Tasmania on 13 May 1858.

They had two children: Rex and Daphne Margaret.

4-Rex Field was born in 1924 and died of meningitis in 1934 at age 10.

4-Daphne Margaret Field was born on 13 Jun 1926 in 48 Forrest Road, West Hobart, Tasmania. Daphne married Adrian Frederick Elliott, son of Albert Frederick Elliott and Janet Mary Brown, on 16 Nov 1946 in Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, Tasmania. Adrian was born on 4 Dec 1924 in Campania, Tasmania, died on 20 Feb 1998 at age 73, and was buried in Feb 1998 in Campania Cemetery, Tasmania. They had nine children: Diane Margaret, Geoffrey Adrian, Peter Edward, Denise Mary, David Frederick, Christine Ellen, Elizabeth Anne, Deborah Gail and Amanda Kaye.

5-Diane Margaret Elliott was born on 5 May 1947. Diane married Royden Douglas Stacey on 22 Mar 1969 in New Town.  They had one daughter: Vanessa Louise.

6-Vanessa Louise Stacey was born on 17 Nov 1971. Vanessa married Todd Carr.

5-Geoffrey Adrian Elliott was born on 21 Jul 1948.

5-Peter Edward Elliott was born on 16 Oct 1949. Peter married Lani Mavis Cole on 18 Aug 1973 in Methodist Church, New Town.  They had two children: Dane Peter and Luke Ryan.

6-Dane Peter Elliott was born on 30 Jan 1975.

6-Luke Ryan Elliott was born on 26 Nov 1978.

5-Denise Mary Elliott was born on 26 Mar 1951. Denise married Roger Clifford Keith Lawrence on 17 Jun 1972 in St Mathew's Church of England, New Norfolk.  They had two children: Roger and Bernadette Denise.

6-Roger Lawrence was born on 10 Nov 1973.

6-Bernadette Denise Lawrence was born on 2 Oct 1975.

5-David Frederick Elliott was born on 3 Jul 1952. David married Frances Mary Ross on 28 Mar 1987 in Registry Office, Albury, New South Wales.

5-Christine Ellen Elliott was born on 6 Sep 1953. Christine married Ian Harold Hayes on 1 Oct 1973 in St John's Church of England, New Town.  They had two children: Veronica Christine and Jacqueline Anne.

6-Veronica Christine Hayes was born on 14 Nov 1974.

6-Jacqueline Anne Hayes was born on 7 Apr 1977. Jacqueline married Vince Rowbottom.

5-Elizabeth Anne Elliott was born on 31 Dec 1955. Elizabeth married John Colin Loudon on 3 Apr 1976 in St. John's Church of England, New Town.  They had three children: Bianca Lee, Megan Elizabeth and Nathan John.

6-Bianca Lee Loudon was born on 19 Oct 1976. Bianca married Anthony Curtis.

6-Megan Elizabeth Loudon was born on 19 Oct 1976. Megan married Jason Rogers.

6-Nathan John Loudon was born on 16 Dec 1977.

Elizabeth next married Alan John Aitchison on 24 Sep 1983 in Sandy Bay.  They had one son: Benjamin Alan Frederick.

6-Benjamin Alan Frederick Aitchison was born on 8 Sep 1989.

5-Deborah Gail Elliott was born on 12 Aug 1959.

5-Amanda Kaye Elliott was born on 28 Nov 1961. Amanda married Grant Fergus Stump on 7 May 1988 in Uniting Church, New Town, Tasmania.  They had two children: Erin Amanda and Jacob.

6-Erin Amanda Stump was born on 22 Sep 1990.

6-Jacob Stump was born on 5 Dec 1997.

3-Cecil Herbert Kent was born on 10 Sep 1896 in Zeehan, Tasmania. Cecil married Helen Mary. Helen died on 20 Feb 1994 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania. They had three children: Laurie, Pat and Marge.

4-Laurie Kent.

4-Pat Kent.

4-Marge Kent.

3-Hubert Edward Kent was born on 10 Aug 1898 in Zeehan, Tasmania.

3-Patrick Kent was born about 1899, died on 21 Jan 1952 in Hobart, Tasmania aged about 53, and was buried on 24 Jan 1952 in Lyell General Cemetery - LY02/00300-0. Patrick married Verginia Phyllis.

3-Winifred Pretoria Kent was born on 16 Jul 1900 in Dundas, Tasmania.

3-Irene Adele Kent was born on 19 Jun 1902 in Dundas, Tasmania.

3-Coraline Kent was born on 14 Apr 1904 in Dundas, Tasmania and died on 27 Jan 1991 at age 86.

3-Daphne May Kent was born on 28 May 1906 in Dundas, Tasmania and died on 1 Sep 1923 in Hospital Queenstown at age 17.

3-Leonard Keith Kent was born on 6 Nov 1910 in Dundas, Tasmania.