James and Margaret Hally

Edward and Mary Kent

1-Edward Kent was born in England on 9 Jul 1757. Edward married Mary Barry on 24 Nov 1782.  They had two children: Caroline Matilda and Christian Schooling.

2-Caroline Matilda Kent died on 4 Jan 1837. Caroline married Captain Alexander Wales.

2-Christian Schooling Kent was born on 19 Apr 1807 in London, England, was christened in Apr 1808 in St George East, London. England, and died on 25 Nov 1839 in Pattersons Plains, Tasmania at age 32. Christian Schooling Kent, arrived in Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land with his brother-in-law, Captain Alexander Wales, on 12 November 1829.  He arrived in Launceston from Hobart Town on 13 Jan 1830 on the Prince Regent.

On 2 January 1832, Christian applied for a first class allotment in Launceston and he became the Master of a new colonial sloop owned by Alexander Wales, the Endeavour, which completed its maiden voyage, at Launceston in November 1832.  He also held the licence for the Star and Garter Hotel, Launceston, and had a boat for trading between Launceston and George Town.

Christian married Susannah Tyreell on 4 Feb 1834 in Presbyterian Church, Launceston. Susannah was born in 1817 in England and died on 15 Jul 1880 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 63. She arrived in Van Diemen’s Land with her parents and a brother and sister on the Princess Royal in 1832.  After the death of Christian she married free settler James Evans and they had nine children.

Christian and Susannah had three children: Anna Schooling, Susannah and Edward.

3-Anna Schooling Kent. Anna married Walter Wilding Home in Hobart on 212 Apr 1890.

3-Susannah Kent.

3-Edward Kent was born on 11 Aug 1836 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 16 Dec 1925 in Nugent, Tasmania at age 89. Edward married Mary Dowling on 28 Jan 1859 in Sandhurst, Victoria. Mary died on 3 Dec 1925 in Nugent, Tasmania.

On 30 Mar 1852 Edward left Tasmania for Victoria on the Vixen.  He married there and later returned to a life of farming at Nugent.

Hobart Mercury Wednesday 32 December 1925 Page 6

There passed away on the 14th inst., at Nugent, an old and esteemed resident, in the person of Mr. Edward Kent, aged 100 years. He was a native of Tasmania, and the only son of Mr. Christian Schooling Kent, who came from England in the early twenties in a ship, owned by his uncle, Captain Wales, and took up farming in the Longford district. He died young, leaving a son and two daughters.

The daughters passed away a few years ago, and left Edward Kent the only representative of the Kent family. Edward Kent received his education at Clifton Academy, New Norfolk. He took part in the gold rush in Victoria in the fifties.

He married there, and returned to Tasmania, and settled at Nugent, where he has lived over 60 years. His wife, who attained the age of 98 years, died only a week before him. He leaves a family of seven sons and a number of grandchildren.

Edward and Mary had ten children:

4-Thomas Kent

4-Edward Alexander Kent was born in 1864 in Sandhurst, Victoria and died on 3 Dec 1929 in Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia at age 65. Edward married Margaret Hally, daughter of James Hally and Margaret Casey, on 3 Jul 1896 in St Lukes Church of England, Zeehan. Margaret was born in 1870 in Brighton, Tasmania, died on 11 Dec 1948 in Home, Hunter St. Queenstown at age 78, and was buried in Dec 1948 in Lyell General Cemetery, Tasmania. They had eight children: Cecil Herbert, Hubert Edward, Patrick, Winifred Pretoria, Irene Adele, Coraline, Daphne May and Leonard Keith.

4-John Leonard Kent 1865 - 1943

4-Margaret Kent 1867 - 1887

4-John Squizzy Kent 1868 -

4-Walter Kent 1869 - 1948

4-William Kent 1872 - 1933

4-Stephen Kent 1874 -

4-Arthur Kent 1876 - 1951

4-George Kent 1878 - 1962