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Edith Florence Harvey and Claude Tilley Priest

3-Edith Florence Harvey was born on 3 Nov 1898 in Osmaston, Tasmania andied on 8 Jun 1979.

Edith married Claude Tilley Priest, son of Alfred Stephen Priest and Alice Olivia Powell, on 11 Mar 1922 in Cairns Bay, Tasmania. Claude was born on 29 Jun 1895 in Port Frederick and died in Devonport on 6 Nov 1954 at age 59. He served in the First World War.

They had three children:

4-Jean Alice Priest was born on 5 May 1923. Jean married Maxwell James Ferrall, son of Richard Henry Ferrall and Catherine Beatrice Skillen. Maxwell was born on 19 Feb 1918 in 4 Mayne Street, Invermay, Tasmania. They had two children: Harvey James and Claudia Jean.

5-Harvey James Ferrall was born on 8 Apr 1944. Harvey married Janice Mary Hindle. Janice was born on 26 Dec 1950. They had two children: Rowena Janice and Paul Harvey.

6-Rowena Janice Ferrall was born on 18 Jan 1977.

6-Paul Harvey Ferrall was born on 29 Nov 1982.

5-Claudia Jean Ferrall was born on 29 Dec 1949. Claudia married Frederick Christopher Gilham. Frederick was born about 4 Apr 1948. They had three children: Angela Jean, Alexis Mary and Frederick Maxwell.

6-Angela Jean Gilham was born on 7 Jan 1981.

6-Alexis Mary Gilham was born on 30 May 1982.

6-Frederick Maxwell Gilham was born on 12 Apr 1985.

4-Leslie Annie Priest was born on 16 Sep 1927 and died on 6 Dec 2014. Leslie married James Morton (Jim) Hickman, son of Keith Morton Hickman and Mignonette Geals. James was born on 15 Jul 1926. They had five children: Edith Ann, Keith Leslie, Roger James, Rosemary Jane and Andrew Martin.

5-Edith Ann Hickman was born on 16 Mar 1951. Edith married Wolfgang Lempa. Wolfgang was born on 8 Mar 1949. They had two children: Russell and Kevin.

6-Russell Lempa was born on 7 Dec 1978.

6-Kevin Lempa was born on 19 Dec 1982.

5-Keith Leslie Hickman was born on 3 Aug 1952 and died on 2 Jul 1954 at age 1.

5-Roger James Hickman was born on 25 Feb 1954. Roger married Barbara.  They had no children.

5-Rosemary Jane Hickman was born on 16 Nov 1957.

5-Andrew Martin Hickman was born on 3 Mar 1966.

Leslie next married Sidney Henry (Sid) Rosen. Sidney was born on 6 Jun.

4-Ella Ruth Priest was born on 26 Dec 1933. Ella married Alan Duncan Forsyth Gray. Alan was born on 24 Feb 1924. They had three children: Duncan Christopher Forsyth, Margaret Ruth and Michael James.

5-Duncan Christopher Forsyth Gray was born on 28 Jul 1954. Duncan married Dianne Rodgers. Dianne was born on 4 Jan 1956. They had two children: Duncan William and Kerryn Ruth.

6-Duncan William Gray was born on 29 Jun 1982.

6-Kerryn Ruth Gray was born on 3 May 1984.

5-Margaret Ruth Gray was born on 14 Dec 1957. Margaret married Geoffrey Neil Gordon Benson. Geoffrey was born on 29 Mar 1949. They had three children: Carmen Ruth, Lewis and Sophia Kay.

6-Carmen Ruth Benson was born on 4 Jan 1982.

6-Lewis Benson was born on 10 Oct 1985.

6-Sophia Kay Benson was born on 26 Jun 1987.

5-Michael James Gray was born on 20 Feb 1958. Michael married Lorraine Brown.  They had one daughter: Casey Ellen.

6-Casey Ellen Gray was born on 26 Aug 1987.