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Maida Lillian Harvey and Ernest Linden Cairns

3-Maida Lillian Harvey was born on 12 Apr 1889 in Black Hills, Osmaston, Tasmania and died on 19 May 1976 in Woodbridge, Tasmania at age 87.

Maida married Ernest Linden Cairns, son of James Cairns and Sophia Maria Thiessen, on 12 Jan 1916 in Elphin Road Baptist Church, Launceston, Tasmania. Ernest was born on 20 May 1886 in Franklin, Tasmania and died on 26 Feb 1970 at age 83.

They had six children:

Ella Rosa and Maida Harvey
Ella, Rosa and Maida Harvey

The Government was offering a six weeks teacher training course for those who could pass an entrance exam. Maida and Ella, having been coached by their young sister Edith, who was still at school, passed the exam, did their training and were sent to teach in the Huon area.

Maida opened a new school at Cairns Bay where she had between 20 and 30 children of all ages, many of whom could neither read nor write. She met apple orchardist Ernest Cairns, who used to wait to open the gate for her when she took a short cut across one of his paddocks.

They married in 1916 and lived at Cairns Bay for about 30 years before moving to Woodbridge.

4-Lucy Margaret Cairns was born on 18 Nov 1916 in Cairns Bay, Tasmania. Lucy married William Charles Robert Morrow, son of Charles Arthur Morrow and Hannah Matilda Thomas, on 12 Apr 1944 in Hobart, Tasmania. William was born on 9 Sep 1909 and served in the Second World War. They had four children: David James, Janet Margaret, Robert Cairns and Elizabeth May.

5-David James Morrow was born on 7 Dec 1944. David married Robyn Maree Ladd. Robyn was born on 13 Dec 1951. They had three children: Penny Jaclyn, Natasha Maree and Adam David.

6-Penny Jaclyn Morrow was born on 12 Nov 1974.

6-Natasha Maree Morrow was born on 19 Oct 1976.

6-Adam David Morrow was born on 4 Dec 1982.

5-Janet Margaret Morrow was born on 17 Dec 1947. Janet married Malcolm John Burgess. Malcolm was born on 20 Apr 1948. They had two children: Roslee Anne and Judith May.

6-Roslee Anne Burgess was born on 5 Apr 1969.

6-Judith May Burgess was born on 18 Apr 1972.

5-Robert Cairns Morrow was born on 6 Nov 1951. Robert married Catherine Jean Kirk. Catherine was born on 29 Oct 1950. They had one daughter: Pauline Alissa.

6-Pauline Alissa Morrow was born on 1 Jan 1978.

5-Elizabeth May Morrow was born on 22 Feb 1955. Elizabeth married Ian John Maher. Ian was born on 22 Jul 1951. They had three children: Rebel Jane, Leigh Ryah and Amber Louise.

6-Rebel Jane Maher was born on 10 Nov 1974.

6-Leigh Ryah Maher was born on 16 Aug 1976.

6-Amber Louise Maher was born on 26 Nov 1978.

4-Ella Maisie Cairns was born on 13 Oct 1918 in Cairns Bay, Tasmania. Ella married James Patrick Brown. James was born on 12 Oct 1911. They had three children: Linda Joy, Pauline Mary and Michael James.

5-Linda Joy Brown was born on 11 Jun 1952.

5-Pauline Mary Brown was born on 11 Oct 1957. Pauline married Jeffry Donne. Jeffry was born on 1 Feb 1956. They had one son: Gerry Allan.

6-Gerry Allan Donne was born on 13 Aug 1978.

5-Michael James Brown was born on 9 Feb 1963.

4-Betty Pauline Cairns was born on 11 Oct 1921. Betty married her second cousin Dallas Anthony Harvey, son of James Christopher Harvey and Edna Louisa Lord. Dallas was born on 2 Jun 1912 in Sheffield. They had one daughter: Kaye Elizabeth.

5-Kaye Elizabeth Harvey was born on 26 Feb 1954. Kaye married Stephen Charles Bavage. Stephen was born on 21 Jul 1953. They had two children: Shannon James and Jemma Lee.

6-Shannon James Bavage was born on 30 Sep 1976.

6-Jemma Lee Bavage was born on 11 Jul 1978.

4-Lorna Lillian Cairns was born on 30 Jul 1923. Lorna married Allan Campbell Diprose, son of Richard Diprose and Harriet King. Allan was born on 25 Oct 1912 in Tambellup, Western Australia and died on 11 Oct 1975 in Rosanna, Victoria at age 62. They had two children: Kenneth James and Raymond John.

5-Kenneth James Diprose was born on 29 Sep 1952 and died on 16 Dec 1983 at age 31.

5-Raymond John Diprose was born on 30 Aug 1958 and died on 1 Mar 1976 at age 17.

4-James (Jim) Harvey Cairns was born on 5 Nov 1925 and died on 1 Sep 1976 at age 50. He served in the Second World War. James married Gloria Joan Freudenstein. Gloria was born on 19 Feb 1927. They had five children: Norman James, Peter Harvey, Jennifer Ann, Robyn Joan and Steven Rodney.

5-Norman James Cairns was born on 1 Apr 1948. He served in the Vietnam War. Norman married Lorraine Joy Clarke. Lorraine was born on 7 Feb 1949. They had six children: Michael James, Kim Thi, James David, Ty Harvey, Debra Joy and Pria Ion.

6-Michael James Cairns was born on 16 Jun 1964 and died on 20 Jun 1974 at age 10.

6-Kim Thi Cairns was born on 4 Aug 1974.

6-James David Cairns was born on 10 Jan 1977.

6-Ty Harvey Cairns was born on 22 Jul 1979.

6-Debra Joy Cairns was born on 9 Jul 1981.

6-Pria Ion Cairns was born on 9 Jul 1984.

5-Peter Harvey Cairns was born on 6 Oct 1949. Peter married Roslyn Ann Sidnell. Roslyn was born on 22 Mar 1952. They had three children: Leah Marie, Anna Louise and Gregory Peter.

6-Leah Marie Cairns was born on 28 Feb 1975.

6-Anna Louise Cairns was born on 27 Mar 1977.

6-Gregory Peter Cairns was born on 4 Oct 1978.

5-Jennifer Ann Cairns was born on 28 Sep 1952. Jennifer married Wayne Bernard Wright. Wayne was born on 24 Sep 1946. They had three children: Robert Wayne, Catherine Anne and Michael Peter.

6-Robert Wayne Wright was born on 11 Dec 1970.

6-Catherine Anne Wright was born on 7 Aug 1973.

6-Michael Peter Wright was born on 17 Nov 1978.

5-Robyn Joan Cairns was born on 12 Jan 1954. Robyn had a daughter: Amy Zae.

6-Amy Zae Cairns was born on 11 Sep 1974.

Robyn married Peter Button. Peter was born on 19 May 1946.

5-Steven Rodney Cairns was born on 30 Oct 1956. Steven married Catherine Betty Eaves. Catherine was born on 5 Nov 1957. They had three children: Anita Marie, Emily Frances and Andrew Robert James.

6-Anita Marie Cairns was born on 2 Nov 1979 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Emily Frances Cairns was born on 9 Apr 1985 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Andrew Robert James Cairns was born on 28 Jun 1986 in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Another name for Andrew is Dain.

4-Joy Belle Audrey Cairns was born on 2 Apr 1929.