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Agnes Selina (Lena) Walker and Leonard Badcock

3-Agnes Selina Walker was born on 27 Nov 1868 at Exton, died on 19 May 1928 in Prahran, Victoria at age 59, and was buried in Springvale Cemetery, Victoria.

Agnes married Leonard Badcock, son of Samuel French Badcock and Mary Jane Heazlewood, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Wesleyan Methodist Church on 24 Jun 1896 at the home of her parents, Samuel and Sarah Walker at Exton.

Leonard was born on 20 Sep 1869 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 16 Aug 1913 in Exton, Tasmania at age 43, and was buried in Methodist Church Hagley.

Len was the son of Samuel French Badcock and his wife Mary Jane who were farmers in the Westbury district. Len became an alcoholic and died at Exton when only 44 years of age. He was buried with his parents at Hagley's Methodist Church cemetery.

Lena moved to Devonport, leasing a large house on the corner of Elizabeth and Appledore Streets. She ran a boarding house from 1914-1917. We have no knowledge of Lena's whereabouts from 1918-1926. In 1928 she was in Victoria and living with her sister-in-law and brother Victor at Prahran, where she took a stroke and died some weeks later. Lena is buried with her brother Leslie John in the Spring vale cemetery in Melbourne, Victoria.

Agnes Selina Badcock