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Henrietta Walker and Frank Rootes

3-Henrietta Walker was born on 22 Mar 1890 in Spring Rises, Exton, died on 15 Apr 1971 in Launceston at age 81, and was buried on 19 Apr 1971 in General Cemetery, Westbury, Tasmania.

Henrietta married Frank Rootes, son of Thomas Richard Rootes and Mary Ann Warburton, on 23 Sep 1914 in Westbury, Tasmania. Frank was born on 30 Jun 1885 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 11 Oct 1968 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 83, and was buried on 14 Oct 1968 in General Cemetery, Westbury, Tasmania.

They had two children:

Henrietta Walker

Henrietta was attractive with a pleasing personality and a popular member of her family. She married Frank Rootes of Westbury in 1914 and lived most of her married life by the village green at Westbury, where her only daughter Rosa (Mrs. Ned Donald) now lives. Kenneth, her only son, has built a home on some of the land that previously belonged to his parents.

Henrietta enjoyed a large circle of friends, her home being a popular calling place for many people. Her brothers, visiting Westbury on sale days, had the midday meal with her. She was always waiting for them with her welcoming smile and as ever the good strong pot of tea which all the Walker girls excelled in making. In earlier days at Spring Rises she made small bags for her brothers' pockets to carry mixed fruit. Apparently they were forbidden the cake tins between meals.

Henrietta was very involved in the life and work of the Methodist Church, being a lifelong supporter. At times the ministers sought her wise advice. She was patron of the Ladies Guild. Her other main interest was in the Red Cross Society, as a member of the Westbury branch for over 50 years, after which she received a long service medal. With the aid of her sewing machine she raised large amounts for the various charitable causes in the district. Henrietta died in a Launceston hospital aged 81 years.

4-Kenneth Frank Rootes was born on 22 Aug 1920 and died on 21 Jun 2012 at age 91. Kenneth married Ailsa Gwendoline Stebbing on 12 Dec 1942 in Cressy, Tasmania. Ailsa was born on 12 Dec 1922. They had five children: James Kenneth, Trevor John, Margaret Ailsa, Shirley Anne and Geoffrey Frank.

5-James Kenneth Rootes was born on 15 Dec 1946 in Scottsdale. James married Judith Mary Fuller on 4 Sep 1971 in Yacka, South Australia. Judith was born on 16 Aug 1948 in Blyth, South Australia. They had two children: Sarah Louise and Jane Elizabeth.

6-Sarah Louise Rootes was born on 28 Aug 1974 in Hobart, Tasmania. Sarah married Shane Suris on 31 Mar 2001 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Jane Elizabeth Rootes was born on 23 Sep 1976 in Devonport. Jane married Simon Troy Appleton.  They had one son: Fletcher James.

7-Fletcher James Appleton was born on 24 Nov 1999 in Victor Harbour, South Australia.

5-Trevor John Rootes was born on 8 Jun 1949 in Scottsdale. Trevor married Margaret Rosalie Dixon on 14 Jan 1972 in Hobart, Tasmania. Margaret was born on 15 Oct 1949. They had three children: Benjamin John, Megan Emily and Joshua Charles.

6-Benjamin John Rootes was born on 8 Aug 1975 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 4 Mar 2006 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 30.

6-Megan Emily Rootes was born on 7 Jul 1978 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Joshua Charles Rootes was born on 12 Dec 1982 in Hobart, Tasmania.

5-Margaret Ailsa Rootes was born on 19 Jan 1954 in Scottsdale.

5-Shirley Anne Rootes was born on 3 Oct 1955 in Scottsdale. Shirley married Tony Dallas Walker, son of Frederick John Walker and Shirley Boon, on 28 Sep 1974 in Westbury, Tasmania. Tony was born on 14 Oct 1953. They had three children: Yvette Louise, Fred and Adam Troy.

6-Yvette Louise Walker was born on 24 Oct 1975 in Launceston. Yvette married Shaun Matthew Edwards on 21 Nov 1998 in Launceston.

6-Fred Walker was born on 4 Aug 1977 in Launceston and died on 4 Aug 1977 in Launceston.

6-Adam Troy Walker was born on 23 Sep 1978 in Launceston. Adam married Kathryn Rachelle Barker.  They had one daughter: Harley Rose.

7-Harley Rose Walker was born on 16 Dec 1999 in Launceston. Shirley next married Rodney Maxwell Martin on 7 Jul 1990 in Tasmania.

5-Geoffrey Frank Rootes was born on 29 Nov 1957 in Scottsdale. Geoffrey married Lynette Mould on 28 Oct 1978 in Launceston. Lynette was born on 13 Sep 1953 in Whitemark, Flinders Island, Tasmania. They had two children: Adrian Scott Midson and Kristy Louise.

6-Adrian Scott Midson Rootes was born on 26 Jun 1973 in Whitemark, Flinders Island, Tasmania.

6-Kristy Louise Rootes was born on 31 Oct 1979 in Launceston.

4-Rosa Maud Rootes was born on 8 Mar 1925 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on her birthday, 8 Mar 2003 in Aldersgate Home, Launceston, Tasmania at age 78, and was buried on 11 Mar 2003 in Lawn Cemetery, Westbury, Tasmania. Rosa married Edward Roy Donald on 17 Mar 1945 in Methodist Church, Westbury. Edward was born on 19 Mar 1917 in Exton, Tasmania, died on 17 Jul 1997 in Deloraine Hospital at age 80, and was buried on 22 Jul 1997 in Lawn Cemetery, Westbury, Tasmania.  Another name for Edward was Ned. They had four children: Gwenyth Miriam, Alan Edward, Jean Joan and Annette Joy.

5-Gwenyth Miriam Donald was born on 19 Sep 1945 in Latrobe. Gwenyth married Neil MacPhail Lees. Neil was born on 12 May 1938. They had two children: Neil Allan and Sharon Anne.

6-Neil Allan Lees was born on 28 Oct 1966 in Sydney, New South Wales. Neil married Heidi Simons.  They had two children: Dane Edward and Joshua Mark.

7-Dane Edward Lees was born on 26 Feb 1999 in Smithton.

7-Joshua Mark Lees was born on 5 Jul 2001 in Victoria.

6-Sharon Anne Lees was born on 13 Mar 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria. Sharon married Philip Cambell Sawers on 29 Jan 2000. Philip was born on 15 Dec 1972. They had one son: Archie Campbell.

7-Archie Campbell Sawers was born on 10 Jul 2004.

Gwenyth next married Donald Townend on 26 Jan 1985 in Tasmania. Donald was born on 14 Apr 1932.

5-Alan Edward Donald was born on 5 Feb 1947 in Westbury, Tasmania. Alan married Susan Joan Gilham on 27 Nov 1971. Susan was born on 13 Sep 1948 in Western Australia and died on 2 Jan 2010 in Western Australia at age 61. They had three children: Jarrad, Krystelle and Brei Ellen.

6-Jarrad Donald was born on 22 Jul 1975 in Perth, Western Australia.

6-Krystelle Donald was born on 11 Oct 1977 in Perth, Western Australia.

6-Brei Ellen Donald was born on 6 Apr 1981 in Perth, Western Australia.

5-Jean Joan Donald was born on 9 Sep 1951 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston. Jean married Kevin Arthur Gower. Kevin was born on 28 Sep 1949. They had two children: Corey Nicholas and Stacey Joanne.

6-Corey Nicholas Gower was born on 5 Feb 1974 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston and died on 30 Apr 2010 at age 36.

6-Stacey Joanne Gower was born on 3 Sep 1975 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston.

Jean next married Case Aalbregt on 28 Aug 1994.

5-Annette Joy Donald was born about 1953 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston. Annette married Christopher Brendan Welch on 25 Apr 1987. Christopher was born on 22 Jun 1964. They had three children: Simon, Angela and Jessica.

6-Simon Welch was born on 13 Aug 1988 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston.

6-Angela Welch was born on 16 Mar 1990 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston.

6-Jessica Welch was born on 16 Apr 1992 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston.