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Michael and Sarah Walker ... ... Mary Ann Walker and Isaac Simeon Richardson ...

Sarah Matilda Richardson and Henry Robert Haslock

3-Sarah Matilda Richardson was born on 18 Jul 1875 in Paddy's Scrub, Osmaston and died on 5 May 1915 in Hagley, Tasmania at age 39. Another name for Sarah was Tot.

Sarah married Henry Robert Haslock, son of Frederick Haslock and Hannah Ladbury, on 20 Jul 1895 in Ringarooma. Henry was born on 5 Jun 1869 in St George East, London. England and died on 2 Jun 1948 in Devonport at age 78.

They had two children:

Sarah was the third child of Isaac Simeon and Mary Ann Richardson, born at Paddy's Scrub, but lived most of her life at Hagley. She was known as 'Tot'. She was always rather sickly, suffering constantly from asthma. But when she holidayed on the N.W. Coast, her health seemed to improve. She was rather big built and her bedroom had a very small doorway. She was so concerned that she would not be able to be removed from her room if she should die, that her brothers cut an exceptionally large doorway to her room.

She died on 5th May, 1915 aged 40 years.

4-Henry Edwin Haslock was born on 17 Jan 1897 in Ringarooma and died in Jul 1993 at age 96. Henry married Mary Ann Edith Bryan, daughter of George Bryan and Mary Ann Kelcey. Mary was born on 26 May 1900 in Nook and died on 13 Jun 1988 at age 88.  Another name for Mary was May.

4-Robert Garfield Haslock was born on 18 Oct 1898 in Lilydale, Tasmania and died on 29 Aug 1938 at age 39. Robert married Muriel Ivy Stretton, daughter of Albert Ernest Stretton and Gertrude Emily Blazely, on 15 Mar 1922 in Wynyard, Tasmania. Muriel was born on 19 Dec 1896 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 2 Aug 1987 at age 90. They had four children: Trevor Robert, June Lillian, Raymond and Maxwell Maitland.

5-Trevor Robert Haslock was born on 12 Feb 1923 in Tasmania, died on 9 Jan 1966 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 42, and was buried in Jan 1966 in General Cemetery, Wivenhoe, Tasmania. Trevor married Roma Mary Bird. Roma w as born about 1925 and died after 1990. They had two children: Robert Ray and Ian Edwin.

6-Robert Ray Haslock was born on 23 Feb 1948 and died about 1998 aged about 50. Robert married Pauline Ann Collins. Pauline was born about 1950 and died about 1998 aged about 48. They had three children: Lisa, Scott and Clinton.

7-Lisa Haslock was born about 12 Apr 1970.

7-Scott Haslock was born about 17 Aug 1972.

7-Clinton Haslock was born about 22 Mar 1974.

6-Ian Edwin Haslock was born on 16 Apr 1957. Ian married Sheryl Wyllie about 1980. Sheryl was born about 1960.

Ian next married Jane Maree Lacey about 1987. Jane was born about 1960. They had one daughter: Lauren.

7-Lauren Haslock was born on 18 Nov 1987.

5-June Lillian Haslock was born on 4 May 1924. June married Donald McKenzie. Donald was born on 22 Jan 1917 and died on 30 Jul 1978 in Wesley Vale, Tasmania at age 61. They had six children: Charles David, John Leigh, Phillip Robin, Elizabeth Ruth, Carol and Marian.

6-Charles David McKenzie was born on 26 Jan 1949.

6-John Leigh McKenzie was born on 19 Aug 1951. John married Gayle Chew about 1973.  They had two children: Leigh and David.

7-Leigh McKenzie was born on 10 Nov 1974.

7-David McKenzie was born on 18 May 1976.

John next married Carole Anne Windley about 1980. Carole was born about 1952.

6-Phillip Robin McKenzie was born on 5 Aug 1953. Phillip married Marian Clare O'Rourke. Marian was born about 1954. They had two children: Anna Clare and Sophie Lillian.

7-Anna Clare McKenzie was born on 25 Sep 1985.

7-Sophie Lillian McKenzie was born on 1 Nov 1987.

6-Elizabeth Ruth McKenzie was born on 28 Apr 1965.

6-Carol McKenzie was born about 1967.

6-Marian McKenzie was born about 1969.

5-Raymond Haslock was born on 27 Feb 1932 and died on 19 Jun 1988 at age 56. Raymond married Pamela Newman. Pamela was born on 17 Feb 1937. They had three children: Trevor Glen, Kerry Gail and Raymond Grant.

6-Trevor Glen Haslock was born on 19 Aug 1967 and died on 29 Aug 1986 at age 19.

6-Kerry Gail Haslock was born on 25 Aug 1969.

6-Raymond Grant Haslock was born on 5 Sep 1971 in Hobart, Tasmania.

5-Maxwell Maitland Haslock was born on 4 Mar 1935 and died on 5 Mar 1935.