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Alma Rachel Appleby and Walter Wheat

3-Alma Rachel Appleby, the fourth daughter of Ellen and William, was born on 31 May 1872 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 11 Nov 1935 in Tasmania at age 63, and was buried in Nov 1935 in Mole Creek Public Cemetery.

Alma married Walter Wheat, son of Charles Wheat and Hannah Elizabeth, on 13 Apr 1892 in Methodist Parsonage, Deloraine. Walter was born on 2 Mar 1862 in Worthington, Leicestershire, England, was christened in Mar 1862 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, England, died on 28 Apr 1947 at age 85, and was buried in 1947 in Mole Creek Public Cemetery.

They had four children:

Alma Rachel Wheat

It was while helping her sister Alice in the shop cooking meals for the railway workmen that Alma met Walter Wheat.

At the age of 21 Walter arrived from England during the year 1883. At the age of eight Walter worked in a coal mine in England, looking after the pit ponies. In 1876 it became law that no child should be allowed to work underground and as he was then only thirteen years and some nine months old he had to wait until he was fourteen before he could return to work.

Walter arrived in Tasmania with no money, no work and knowing no one. He was able to get work on the Deloraine-Mole Creek railway. As he had no money he offered Alice Lee his gold watch as payment for his meals until he got his first pay. Alice told him as he had an honest face she would wait until pay day.

Later he helped to do the rivetting on the present day railway bridge at Deloraine. He also worked on other sections of the Tasmanian railways.

Alma was ten years old when Walter arrived in Tasmania and at the age of nineteen they were married in the Methodist Parsonage at Deloraine on 13th April, 1892. Walter continued to work for the railways for a time, later moving to the house on the side of Den hill, where Walter worked for George Lee. Some years later they purchased a farm of their own and lived there until they retired.

Florence the second child married Cliff Prewer and for the past six and half years had been living at Aldersgate Elderly Citizens Home in Launceston. Cliff now in his 99th year and Florence who died 22nd September, 1988 were to have celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary on 26th September, 1988.

Arthur was the youngest and for many years worked on farms. He later owned his father's farm that had been purchased many years ago at Mole Creek. He also served in the Air Force in the 1939-45 War and later retired because of ill health.

4-Raymond Wheat was born on 16 Dec 1893 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died in World War 1 on 21 Aug 1916 in Pozieres, Somme Sector, France at age 22, and was buried in France, no known grave.

4-Florence Elizabeth Wheat was born on 24 Apr 1895 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Florence married Clifford Stanley Robert Prewer, son of Robert Prewer and Annie Grace Pearn, on 26 Sep 1917 in Methodist Church, Mole Creek. Clifford was born on 26 Nov 1889 in Westbury, Tasmania. They had four children: Margaret Pearl, Raymond Clifford, Dorothy Joan and Bruce David.

5-Margaret Pearl Prewer was born on 23 Aug 1918 in 9 Wellington Street, Launceston, Tasmania and died on 29 Mar 1950 at age 31. Margaret married Henry Willam Thomas Taylor. Henry was born on 9 Jan 1920 and died on 29 Aug 1977 at age 57. They had two children: Anne Marie and Philip Henry.

6-Anne Marie Taylor was born on 23 Dec 1942. Anne married Ronald Stacey Brand. Ronald was born on 20 Apr 1936. They had three children: David Anthony, Lynette Joy and Yvonne Gail.

7-David Anthony Brand was born on 3 Feb 1964.

7-Lynette Joy Brand was born on 30 Nov 1966.

7-Yvonne Gail Brand was born on 26 May 1973.

6-Philip Henry Taylor was born on 7 May 1945. Philip married Carmel Verna Davis. Carmel was born on 24 Dec 1947. They had three children: Margaret Joy, Clifford Henry and Gregory Thomas.

7-Margaret Joy Taylor was born on 29 Apr 1969.

7-Clifford Henry Taylor was born on 30 Apr 1971.

7-Gregory Thomas Taylor was born on 9 Oct 1973.

5-Raymond Clifford Prewer was born on 22 Mar 1922, died in Nov 2004 in Aldersgate Home, Launceston, Tasmania at age 82, and was buried on 23 Nov 2004. He served in the Second World War. Raymond married Betty Kerrison. Betty was born on 1 Jul 1937.

5-Dorothy Joan Prewer was born on 19 Jul 1929. Dorothy married Don Farrington Ramage. Don was born on 22 Sep 1929 and died on 15 Jan 2006 in Gandara, Ballarat, Victoria at age 76. They had three children: Margaret June, Andrew Alexander and Robert Donald.

6-Margaret June Ramage was born on 15 Jan 1954. Margaret married Robert Daryl Burdett. Robert was born on 12 Dec 1955.

6-Andrew Alexander Ramage was born on 24 Nov 1955. Andrew married Jane Elizabeth Fisk. Jane was born on 5 Sep 1957.

6-Robert Donald Ramage was born on 21 Jun 1961. Robert married Lilina D'adamo. Lilina was born on 7 Oct 1961.

5-Bruce David Prewer was born on 28 Apr 1931. Bruce married Marie Joyce Goldsmith. Marie was born on 18 Mar 1931. They had three children: David Andrew, Martin George and Christine Lyne.

6-David Andrew Prewer was born on 19 Jan 1956. David married Nancy Janet Evans. Nancy was born on 16 Jun 1955.

6-Martin George Prewer was born on 6 Oct 1957. Martin married Lyne Marie Waddington. Lyne was born on 16 Jun 1956.

6-Christine Lyne Prewer was born on 13 Feb 1960.

4-Arthur Wheat was born on 28 Dec 1897 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 10 Oct 1981 at age 83. He served in the Second World War. Arthur married Marjorie Cotton, daughter of Hubert Gerald Cotton and Ruby May Murphy. Marjorie was born on 28 Dec 1908 in Stanley. They had two children: Allen and Betty.

5-Allen Wheat was born on 24 May 1941.

5-Betty Wheat was born on 13 Dec 1944. Betty married Peter Davies.  They had three children: Wayne, Steven and Leanne.

6-Wayne Davies was born on 30 Jun 1962.

6-Steven Davies was born on 8 Jan 1964.

6-Leanne Davies was born on 24 Dec 1967.

4-Andrew Carney Wheat.