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Louis Robert Dobson and Ethel Roles

3-Louis Robert Dobson was born on 2 Nov 1885 in Exton, Tasmania and died on 17 Sep 1945 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 59. Louis married Ethel Roles. Ethel was born on 11 Aug 1883 and died on 28 Jul 1959 in Devonport at age 75.

Louis Robert Dobson

Louis married Ethel Roles and lived at Ulverstone, where he conducted a livery stable, behind Furner's Hotel. He owned a Phaeton in which he used to drive his mother, Sarah, to visit other members of the family.

This method of transport was ideal, as being a low vehicle it allowed Sarah comfort in her dropsy condition. When a boy, Cousin John Walker well remembers visiting Louis during his very early droving days, with his father Norman.

Louis and Ethel later shifted to George Street, Ulverstone, where they were engaged in running a poultry farm. Louis passed away on 17th September, 1945, and Ethel on 28th July, 1959 at Devonport where she had retired after Louis' death.