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Rosa May Harvey and Adolphus Charles Howell

3-Rosa May Harvey was born on 17 Nov 1887 in Black Hills, Osmaston, Tasmania and died on 17 Jan 1957 in Devonport at age 69.

Rosa married Adolphus Charles Howell, son of Albert James Howell and Louisa Jane Smith, on 1 May 1930 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Adolphus was born on 22 Jun 1872 in Christchurch, New Zealand and died on 8 Aug 1944 in Devonport at age 72.

Ella, Rosa and Maida Harvey
Ella, Rosa and Maida Harvey

Rosa paid five pounds to a Launceston hospital for her training as a mid-wife. She received no pay nor one day off for the entire nine months of her training. The family was most shocked by her gaunt, exhausted condition when she returned home.

In 1924 Margaret and Rosa opened a private hospital in Barrack Street, Deloraine. This was mainly, though not exclusively, a maternity hospital.

Later Rosa travelled to New South Wales where she nursed for some time in country towns. She met, and in 1929, married Charles Howell, a mining engineer from New Zealand. They returned to take over the Barrack Street hospital which Rosa managed with Jean's help until the late 1930's when Rosa and Charlie moved to Taronga, Middle Road, Devonport next to the home of Dame Enid Lyons. Charles died in 1944 but despite suffering from severe arthritis Rosa lived until she was 70, dying in January 1957.