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Bernard Albert Walker and Una May Goss

3-Bernard Albert Walker was born on 10 Dec 1887 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 1 Sep 1957 at age 69.

Bernard married Una May Goss, daughter of John William Goss and Margaret Boxhall, on 22 Sep 1914 in Longford, Tasmania. Una was born on 14 May 1894 in Longford, Tasmania. They had three children:


Ronald and



Bernard Walker

After marrying, Robert worked for Mr. Kingston at Exton, then moved to Mr. George Cresswell's farm at Deloraine where he worked for 30 years, and on retiring built a house at Deloraine. He joined the Bowling Club where he became a champion bowler.

As a young man he played football and cricket for Exton. Any spare time he could always be found in his garden

4-Neil Walker was born on 20 Aug 1915 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 12 Jan 1936 at age 20.

4-Ronald Walker was born on 17 Dec 1917 in Exton, Tasmania, died on 5 Nov 1984 at age 66, and was buried in Nov 1984 in Deloraine Cemetery (D101-0621). Ronald married Harriett Walker. Harriett was born on 5 May 1920 and died on 24 Sep 1983 at age 63. They had one son: Malcolm.

5-Malcolm Walker was born on 27 Jun 1945. Malcolm married Sue Geard. Sue was born on 8 Oct 1947. They had two children: Rodney and Mark.

6-Rodney Walker was born on 26 Oct 1970.

6-Mark Walker was born on 7 Jul 1972.

Ronald next married Lila Bellinger. Lila was born on 2 Sep 1932. They had five children: Shirley, Darrell, Karen, Sandra and Colin.

5-Shirley Walker was born on 18 Jul 1957. Shirley married Patrick Jago. Patrick was born on 28 Jun 1955.

5-Darrell Walker was born on 30 Jul 1961.

5-Karen Walker was born on 3 Mar 1964. Karen married Peter Kelly. Peter was born on 20 Nov 1962. They had two children: Kerri Lee and Shaun Craig.

6-Kerri Lee Kelly was born on 28 May 1983.

6-Shaun Craig Kelly was born on 25 Feb 1987.

5-Sandra Walker was born on 27 Feb 1968.

5-Colin Walker was born on 29 Apr 1971.

4-Valma Walker was born on 11 Dec 1920. Valma married Ronald Charles Edwards. Ronald was born on 26 May 1915 and died on 1 Jun 1986 at age 71. They had five children: Lesley, Neil, Barbara, Ronald and Lorraine.

5-Lesley Edwards was born on 10 May 1941. Lesley married Frederick Ratcliffe. Frederick was born on 1 Dec 1938. They had seven children: Cheryle, Kaylene, David, Christopher, Luke, Lauren and Renee.

6-Cheryle Ratcliffe was born on 27 Jun 1961.

6-Kaylene Ratcliffe was born on 6 Jun 1964.

6-David Ratcliffe was born on 4 Nov 1966.

6-Christopher Ratcliffe was born on 4 Apr 1975.

6-Luke Ratcliffe was born on 14 Jan 1977.

6-Lauren Ratcliffe was born on 4 Mar 1981.

6-Renee Ratcliffe was born on 4 Mar 1981.

5-Neil Edwards was born on 18 Feb 1942. Neil married Assunta McAliffe. Assunta was born on 4 Feb 1946. They had three children: Shane, Brett and Donna.

6-Shane Edwards was born on 14 May 1968.

6-Brett Edwards was born on 14 May 1969.

6-Donna Edwards was born on 14 Sep 1972.

5-Barbara Edwards was born on 6 Aug 1943. Barbara married Gerard Shoemaker. Gerard was born on 28 Aug 1934. They had three children: Sharon, Tania and Alison.

6-Sharon Shoemaker was born on 23 Mar 1967.

6-Tania Shoemaker was born on 17 Feb 1973.

6-Alison Shoemaker was born on 20 Sep 1976.

5-Ronald Edwards was born on 15 Apr 1945.

5-Lorraine Edwards was born on 18 Oct 1946. Lorraine married George Taylor. George was born on 19 Dec 1941. They had four children: Kylie, Stephen, Shane and Narelle.

6-Kylie Taylor was born on 18 Mar 1970.

6-Stephen Taylor was born on 7 Dec 1971.

6-Shane Taylor was born on 15 Oct 1975.

6-Narelle Taylor was born on 9 Oct 1977.