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Isaac Henry Thomas and Christina Reid Clark Walker

3-Isaac Henry Thomas Walker, usually known as Henry, the eight child of Samuel and Sarah  was born on 1 Sep 1876 in Westbury, Tasmania and died in 1955 at age 79.

 Isaac married Christina Reid Clark Walker in 1900 in New Zealand. Christina was born on 20 Nov 1875 and died on 26 Oct 1962 at age 86.

They had four children:

Isaac henry Thomas Walker

Isaac attended the local Exton school and Sunday school. During the late 1890's, Henry with his elder brother Albert, left Tasmania to visit their brother Robert in the north of the South Island of New Zealand, later working their way right around the Island. Henry was very impressed with New Zealand and stayed on in the Dunedin area, Albert returned to Tasmania.  Henry wasn't there for very long before he met a young lass, member of a Scottish Walker family who had been born just after the ship which brought them from Liverpool to New Zealand.

Contact with Henry and his family was lost for many years, but thanks to our lady researcher Gaynor Kirkby we were able to renew that connection. Below are a few snippets from a letter from one of Henry's grandchildren.

I have enclosed a photo of Gran and Granddad's home in Reid Street, South Dunedin. I am not sure when they moved there but the home was called "The Arches". It was rather a large property for a town house, with a big garden and glass houses. Granddad was a keen gardener and grew many glass-house plants, outdoor shrubs and seedlings. I never knew him to go out to work and guess he did this for a living. His son Henry Robert 'Uncle Bob' ran a seed and florist shop in King Edward Road, South Dunedin and Granddad spent a lot of time there, it's possible that he supplied plants and shrubs for the shop. Uncle Bob was there for many years, then gave up this business about the time that his family started to arrive, taking over the management of a seed merchant and florist shop in Dunedin city, and was there until his retirement. He and his family lived in the old Fabel home in Ravenbourne. Aunt Ivy, I believe, had lived there all of her life. They both died while living there.

Granddad and Gran sold the Arches about the time uncle Bob moved to the town and bought a small home in Wavely Street, South Dunedin, living there until they died. Gran belonged to the Red Cross nursing unit. I can still see her in her grey uniform. By the way, Gran's mother also lived in South Dunedin, I can remember visiting her with Gran. She must have lived to quite an age.

 Uncle Alfred was still living with Gran and Granddad when I first recall him, he was a commercial traveller in those days and when he married Rebecca 'Aunt Ruby' they lived with Gran and Granddad for some time before moving to the northern end of Dunedin, not far from Margaret 'Aunt Rita' and her husband George McGuire. George was a brewery manager, and they moved to Invercargill about the time that Rebecca died. Rebecca died when her children were still quite young and Alfred moved his little family to Invercargill too. They lived with George and Margaret until the children were old enough to look after themselves, Alfred then bought a home and the children lived with him until they married. Alfred never remarried, he passed away at Invercargill.

James Edgar was the play-boy of the family, a bit of a lady's man. He met and married my mother in Christchurch. She was an orphan and had been adopted by two old maids, who were disappointed when she married at such a young age and never really forgave them when they decided to live in Dunedin. It's strange, but I seem to remember more about my uncles then I do about my father in those early days. The first thing I remember was that he was out of work during the 1930-35 depression. We were lucky in that we never went without, due no doubt to his family and my mother's wonderful ability as a homemaker. Father eventually got a job as a taxi driver and was still in this job until a short time before he died.


4-Margarita Isobel Walker was born on 7 Apr 1902. Margarita married George Maguire. George died in Oct 1962. They had one son: Leonard George.

5-Leonard George Maguire was born on 4 Apr 1929.  Leonard married Bernice Maureen Clark.  They had two children: Maureen Isobel and Michael.

6-Maureen Isobel Maguire.

6-Michael Maguire.

4-Henry Robert Walker was born on 1 Mar 1905 and died on 5 Feb 1973 at age 67. Henry married Ivy May Favel. Ivy was born on 27 Mar 1906 and died on 18 Jan 1985 at age 78. They had four children: Roberta Maude, Ewan John, Joy Christina and Gaynor Jessie.

5-Roberta Maude Walker was born on 14 Dec 1937. Roberta married Donald John Moth. Donald was born on 23 Mar 1933. They had three children: Adrian Leslie, Geoffrey Robert and Bronwyn Melanie.

6-Adrian Leslie Moth was born on 18 May 1961. Adrian married Ann Maree Steele. Ann was born on 11 Aug 1964. They had two children: Elysa Mae and Rebecca Lea.

7-Elysa Mae Moth was born on 4 Jul 1984.

7-Rebecca Lea Moth was born on 31 Dec 1985.

6-Geoffrey Robert Moth was born on 29 Jul 1962. Geoffrey married Virginia Wallis. Virginia was born on 26 Aug 1962.

6-Bronwyn Melanie Moth was born on 7 Jul 1965.

5-Ewan John Walker was born on 26 Jan 1939. Ewan married Ma Mai Ora Tipa. Ma was born on 18 Aug 1942. They had four children: Jan Maree, Trudy Catherine, Philip John and Robert James.

6-Jan Maree Walker was born on 20 Jan 1962. Jan married Gavin Begg.  They had one daughter: Sophia Elizabeth.

7-Sophia Elizabeth Begg was born on 17 Sep 1986.

6-Trudy Catherine Walker was born on 9 May 1964.

6-Philip John Walker was born on 29 Sep 1966.

6-Robert James Walker was born on 8 Mar 1968.

5-Joy Christina Walker was born on 9 Nov 1941. Joy married Stanley Kenneth Waldron. Stanley was born on 2 Jun 1940. They had five children: Kerry Helen, Carol Joy, Leann Christine, Garry Kenneth and Anita May.

6-Kerry Helen Waldron was born on 3 Nov 1963. Kerry married James.  They had one son: Robert Leslie.

7- Robert Leslie was born on 5 Aug 1987.

6-Carol Joy Waldron was born on 26 Nov 1964 and died on 15 Mar 1965.

6-Leann Christine Waldron was born on 3 Apr 1966. Leann married Stephen Ives.

6-Garry Kenneth Waldron was born on 28 Feb 1968. Garry married Lisa McLellan.  They had one daughter: Amee Louise.

7-Amee Louise Waldron was born on 31 Aug 1986.

6-Anita May Waldron was born on 23 May 1970.

5-Gaynor Jessie Walker was born on 9 Nov 1941. Gaynor married David Andrew Robertson. David was born on 21 Jun 1938. They had four children: John Andrew, David John, Paul Andrew and Mark Edward.

6-John Andrew Robertson was born on 18 Jun 1966 and died on 16 Jul 1966.

6-David John Robertson was born on 25 Nov 1966.

6-Paul Andrew Robertson was born on 30 Dec 1968.

6-Mark Edward Robertson was born on 15 Mar 1972.

4-James Edgar Walker was born on 27 Nov 1906 and died on 29 Oct 1963 at age 56. James married Ivy Myrtle Widdowson. Ivy was born on 12 Aug 1908 and died on 4 Dec 1968 at age 60. They had three children: Doris Joyce, Daphne May and James Henry.

5-Doris Joyce Walker was born on 24 Feb 1927. Doris married Keith Rex Forbes. Keith was born on 1 Dec 1927 and died on 18 Oct 1961 at age 33.

Doris next married Francis Austin Welch. Francis was born about 1925.

5-Daphne May Walker was born on 15 Apr 1928. Daphne married Henry Taylor. Henry was born on 5 Oct 1920. They had two children: Janice Susan and Adele Elizabeth.

6-Janice Susan Taylor was born on 21 Nov 1946. Janice married Richard Manning. Richard was born on 24 May 1943. They had two children: Julian Ronald Arthur and Kirsten Nerissa.

7-Julian Ronald Arthur Manning was born on 21 Jun 1966.

7-Kirsten Nerissa Manning was born on 13 Dec 1968.

6-Adele Elizabeth Taylor was born on 3 Mar 1953. Adele married Piran Swee Lee. Piran was born on 25 Apr 1945. They had one son: Silas.

7-Silas Lee was born on 13 Mar 1969.

5-James Henry Walker was born on 21 Jan 1939. James married Glenys Margaret Mason.  They had two children: Suzanne Doris and James Kenneth.

6-Suzanne Doris Walker was born on 25 Jan 1964. Suzanne married Francis John Rosie.  They had two children: Jason Zane and Stephanie Erin.

7-Jason Zane Rosie was born on 25 Jun 1983.

7-Stephanie Erin Rosie was born on 21 Nov 1984.

6-James Kenneth Walker was born on 26 Nov 1966.

4-Alfred John Walker was born on 27 Jan 1908. Alfred married Rebecca Maguire. Rebecca was born in 1908 and died on 24 Jan 1948 at age 40. They had three children: Alfred Mervyn, Kenneth George and Margaret Joy.

5-Alfred Mervyn Walker was born on 30 Dec 1937. Alfred married Theresa Maloney.  They had one daughter: Tania.

6-Tania Walker was born on 21 Sep 1972. Tania married Michael White.

5-Kenneth George Walker was born on 14 Jun 1941.

 5-Margaret Joy Walker was born on 14 Jun 1941. Margaret married Neville James Penny. Neville was born on 15 Jan 1940. They had two children: Kerry Joy and Grant Neville.

6-Kerry Joy Penny was born on 9 Mar 1965. Kerry married Ricki James McLaren. Ricki was born on 21 Jun 1963. They had two children: Alana Joy and Hayden William James.

7-Alana Joy McLaren was born on 12 Oct 1987.

7-Hayden William James McLaren was born on 3 Oct 1989.

6-Grant Neville Penny was born on 27 Jun 1967. Grant married Sharon Lee Anderson. Sharon was born on 28 Aug 1970. They had two children: Marshall James and Caitlin Rose.

7-Marshall James Penny was born on 21 Dec 1998.

7-Caitlin Rose Penny was born on 7 Sep 2000.