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James Christopher Harvey and Edna Louisa Lord

3-James Christopher Harvey was born on 13 Jul 1883 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 14 Sep 1967 at age 84. Another name for James was James Cheudhope Harvey.

James married Edna Louisa Lord, daughter of George Edmund Lord and Amelia Lucy Lane, on 24 Mar 1909 in Sheffield. Edna was born on 17 Sep 1887 in Sheffield and died in 1964 in Tasmania at age 77.

They had six children:

4-Edna May Lucy (Kitty) Harvey was born on 9 Mar 1911 and died on 13 Nov 1993 at age 82. Edna married Eric Watson.

4-Dallas Anthony Harvey was born on 2 Jun 1912 in Sheffield. Dallas married his second cousin Betty Pauline Cairns, daughter of Ernest Linden Cairns and Maida Lillian Harvey. Betty was born on 11 Oct 1921. They had one daughter: Kaye Elizabeth.

5-Kaye Elizabeth Harvey was born on 26 Feb 1954. Kaye married Stephen Charles Bavage. Stephen was born on 21 Jul 1953. They had two children: Shannon James and Jemma Lee.

6-Shannon James Bavage was born on 30 Sep 1976.

6-Jemma Lee Bavage was born on 11 Jul 1978.

4-Eleanor Vivian Harvey was born on 27 Oct 1914. Eleanor married James Maxwell Day. James was born on 8 Jan 1910. They had five children: Jennifer, Roxley Maxwell, Dawn Jeanette, Boy? and Anthony James.

5-Jennifer Day was born on 24 Jan 1937 and died on 25 Jan 1937.

5-Roxley Maxwell Day was born on 11 Feb 1939. Roxley married Eileen Mary Cox. Eileen was born on 13 Jul 1939. They had two children: Julie Maree and Geoffrey Harvey.

6-Julie Maree Day was born on 1 Dec 1967. Julie married Christopher Mark Dean.

6-Geoffrey Harvey Day. Geoffrey married Jennifer Awen Tyson.

5-Dawn Jeanette Day was born on 2 Aug 1946. Dawn married David Marshall.

5-Boy? Day.

5-Anthony James Day was born on 21 Sep 1948. Anthony married Tassanee Siricharoen.

4-Jean Harvey. Jean married Rosewell.

4-Keith Harvey.

4-Rae Harvey. Rae married Billborough.