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Gordon Bruce Crowden and Olive Laurel Oliver

3-Gordon Bruce Crowden was born on 31 Jul 1891 in Chudleigh, Tasmania, died on 26 Feb 1961 at age 69, and was buried in Deloraine, Tasmania. He served in the First World War.

Gordon married Olive Laurel Oliver, daughter of Alexander Oliver and Eliza Jane Wyatt, on 11 Oct 1923 in Caveside, Tasmania. Olive was born on 30 Jan 1887 in Launceston, died on 19 Jan 1925 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 37, and was buried in 1925 in Deloraine General Cemetery.

Headstone Olive Laurel Oliver

They had one daughter:

4-Olive Hope Crowden was born on 19 Dec 1924 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 12 Aug 2006 in Launceston at age 81, and was buried in Launceston. Olive married Percival Vernon Brown. They adopted two children.

Gordon next married Elsie May Barker on 9 Nov 1929 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Elsie was born on 6 Dec 1900 and died in 1964 at age 64.

Headstone Gordon and Elsie Crowden

They had five children:

4-Oswald Thomas Crowden was born on 18 Jan 1930 in Deloraine, Tasmania.

4-Rae Crowden was born in Dec 1930 in Deloraine, Tasmania.

4-Ian Bruce Crowden was born on 22 Feb 1933 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Ian married Elizabeth Mary Gill, daughter of Alick Roy Gill and Vera Blanche Harris, on 18 Apr 1958 in Launceston. Elizabeth was born on 21 Mar 1937 in Launceston and died on 6 Jun 2014 at age 77.  Alick served in the First World War.

Alick Roy Gill
Driver A. R. Gill Weekly Courier: 17 Feb 1916
Ian and Elizabeth had three children: Gregory Bruce, Rodney Roy and Tracie Ann. 

5-Gregory Bruce Crowden was born on 13 Jun 1959 in Westbury, Tasmania. Gregory married Jennifer Mary McShane in Jun 1992 in Pontville. Jennifer was born on 3 Oct 1963 in Hobart, Tasmania. They had three children: Josie Ann, Tessa Mary and Campbell Davis.

6-Josie Ann Crowden was born on 25 Sep 1993 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Tessa Mary Crowden was born on 14 Sep 1995 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Campbell Davis Crowden was born on 5 Mar 1999 in Hobart, Tasmania.

5-Rodney Roy Crowden was born on 19 Sep 1961 in Launceston. Rodney married Arianne Spratt on 14 Mar 1987.

Rodney next married Rebecca Jane Scantlebury on 16 Mar 2000.  They had two children: Claire Elizabeth and Erin Jane.

6-Claire Elizabeth Crowden was born on 3 Dec 2002.

6-Erin Jane Crowden was born on 12 Oct 2005.

5-Tracie Ann Crowden was born on 13 Aug 1966 in Longford, Tasmania.

4-Gerald Crowden was born in Deloraine, Tasmania.

4-Helen Crowden was born in Deloraine, Tasmania.