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Jean Elizabeth Harvey and Leslie George Fisher

3-Jean Elizabeth Harvey was born on 8 Feb 1898 in Devonport, died on 12 Jun 1939 in Ulverstone General Hospital at age 41, and was buried on 14 Jun 1939 in Ulverstone General Cemetery.

Jean married Leslie George Fisher, son of Albert Charles Fisher and Lucy Hulcombe, on 8 Sep 1920 in Leith, Tasmania. Leslie was born on 15 Aug 1892 in Ross, died on 15 Jun 1959 in Queensland at age 66, and was buried on 18 Jun 1959 in Ulverstone Public Cemetery. A 23 year old navvy Leith ,he served with the 15th Battalion in The First World War, was wounded three times and returned to Australia 8th January 1919.

Leslie George Fisher

They had nine children:

4-Dorothy Fisher was born on 1 Jul 1921 and died on 15 Aug 1985 at age 64. Dorothy married Noble Alexander Fidler. Noble was born on 3 Dec 1916, died on 14 Jun 1981 at age 64, and was buried on 16 Jun 1981 in Burnie Lawn Cemetery. They had 12 children: Kay Francis, Brenda Jean, Ellen Margaret, Alick Wayne, Colin John, David Charles, Lesley, Elizabeth, Kerry, Gaylene, Gregory and Denise.

5-Kay Francis Fidler. Kay married Gwen.

5-Brenda Jean Fidler. Brenda married Neville Britton.  They had four children: Adele Edith, Carol Anne, Wendy Jean and Elenore Margaret.

6-Adele Edith Britton. Adele married Scott Townley.  They had one daughter: Sophie Bella.

7-Sophie Bella Townley.

6-Carol Anne Britton. Carol married someone.  He had one son: Benjamin Neville.

7-Benjamin Neville Porteous.

6-Wendy Jean Britton.

6-Elenore Margaret Britton.

5-Ellen Margaret Fidler died on 18 Oct 1969 in Launceston and was buried on 21 Oct 1969 in Ulverstone General Cemetery.

5-Alick Wayne Fidler.

5-Colin John Fidler.

5-David Charles Fidler. David married Jill.

David next married Shirley Aherne.  They had three children: David, Peter and Tony.

6-David Fidler.

6-Peter Fidler.

6-Tony Fidler.

5-Lesley Fidler. Lesley married Ken Monson.  They had two children: Nigel and Natalie.

6-Nigel Monson was born on 23 Oct 1976.

6-Natalie Monson was born on 3 Jun 1978.

5-Elizabeth Fidler. Elizabeth married David Sutton.  They had three children: Damien, Anita and Thomas.

6-Damien Sutton.

6-Anita Sutton.

6-Thomas Sutton.

5-Kerry Fidler. Kerry married Christine Docking.  They had three children: Nathan Charles, Justin Samuel and Angela Margaret.

6-Nathan Charles Fidler was born on 14 Jul 1988.

6-Justin Samuel Fidler was born on 22 Oct 1992.

6-Angela Margaret Fidler was born on 17 Aug 1996.

5-Gaylene Fidler. Gaylene married Michael Shaw.  They had two children: Jacinta May and Jeremy.

6-Jacinta May Shaw.

6-Jeremy Shaw was born on 4 Nov 1993.

5-Gregory Fidler. Gregory married Alison Winell.

5-Denise Fidler. Denise married David Grieve.  They had one daughter: Kristy.

6-Kristy Grieve.

4-Robert George (Bob) Fisher was born on 23 Oct 1922. Robert married Janet Maisie Lehman.  They had three children: Peter James, Anne Elizabeth and Jennifer Lesley.

5-Peter James Fisher. Peter married Shirley Maxwell.  They had four children: Tracy, Susan, Allison and Mark.

6-Tracy Fisher.

6-Susan Fisher.

6-Allison Fisher.

6-Mark Fisher.

5-Anne Elizabeth Fisher. Anne married Jeffery Leslie.  They had two children: Jennifer and Ben.

6-Jennifer Leslie.

6-Ben Leslie.

5-Jennifer Lesley Fisher. Jennifer married Barry Jacobs.  They had two children: Michael and Rebecca.

6-Michael Jacobs.

6-Rebecca Jacobs.

4-Norman Harvey Fisher was born on 9 Jan 1924 and died on 22 Dec 2002 in Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 78. Norman married Mavis Aleen Purton, daughter of Eric Neil (Bill) Purton and Aleen Coates. Mavis was born on 20 Apr 1899 and died on 13 Nov 1987 at age 88. They had five children: Dianne, Tony, Leanne, Wayne and Timothy.

5-Dianne Fisher. Dianne married James Pendrey.

5-Tony Fisher. Tony married Debbie.  They had two children: Sherona and Jai.

6-Sherona Fisher.

6-Jai Fisher.

5-Leanne Fisher. Leanne married Ricky Auton.  They had three children: Sharni, Troy and Aaron.

6-Sharni Auton.

6-Troy Auton.

6-Aaron Auton.

5-Wayne Fisher. Wayne married Sandra Medcraft.  They had two children: Codey and Kelsey-Jo.

6-Codey Fisher.

6-Kelsey-Jo Fisher.

5-Timothy Fisher.

4-Herbert William (Bill) Fisher was born on 21 Oct 1925.

4-Maxwell Thomas Fisher was born on 28 Nov 1927 and died on 7 Feb 1989 at age 61.

4-Donald Albert Fisher was born on 21 Oct 1929.

4-Frances Lucy Fisher was born on 9 Apr 1932 and died in Sep 1932.

4-Lenard Charles (Len) Fisher was born on 15 Aug 1934. Lenard married Elaine Dawkins. Elaine was born on 4 Mar 1937 and died on 18 Dec 1996 at age 59. They had four children: Andrew Charles, Wendy Jean, Stephen Leslie and Ruth Elaine.

5-Andrew Charles Fisher was born on 1 May 1961. Andrew married Suzanne Hill.  They had six children: David Charles, Helen Lorraine, Andrew James, Rachael Ann, Emma Lousie and Scott Leslie.

6-David Charles Fisher was born on 29 Jan 1987 and died on 29 Jan 1987.

6-Helen Lorraine Fisher was born on 29 Jan 1987 and died on 30 Jan 1987.

6-Andrew James Fisher was born on 17 Jan 1988.

6-Rachael Ann Fisher was born on 17 Jan 1988.

6-Emma Lousie Fisher was born on 3 Nov 1989.

6-Scott Leslie Fisher.

5-Wendy Jean Fisher was born on 3 Jun 1962. Wendy married Michael David Acheson.  They had three children: Rebecca Elizabeth, Lucy Patricia and Wesley Charles.

6-Rebecca Elizabeth Acheson was born on 14 Apr 1990.

6-Lucy Patricia Acheson was born on 30 Jun 1991.

6-Wesley Charles Acheson was born on 10 Feb 1993.

5-Stephen Leslie Fisher was born on 10 Jan 1964. Stephen married Karen Bannon.  They had three children: Matthew Thomas, Jodi Sheree and Sarah Elaine.

6-Matthew Thomas Fisher was born on 4 Apr 1992.

6-Jodi Sheree Fisher was born on 27 Nov 1993.

6-Sarah Elaine Fisher was born on 31 Mar 1998.

5-Ruth Elaine Fisher was born on 28 Oct 1968. Ruth married Adrian John Neasey.  They had two children: Brady John and Jacob Thomas.

6-Brady John Neasey was born on 31 Oct 1993.

6-Jacob Thomas Neasey was born on 25 Sep 1995.

4-James Frederick (Jim) Fisher was born on 6 Dec 1937. James married Elizabeth Clare McCormack. Elizabeth was born on 16 Aug 1941. They had two children: Rodney James and Garry Michael.

5-Rodney James Fisher.

5-Garry Michael Fisher was born on 18 May 1965, died on 9 Dec 1984 at age 19, and was buried on 11 Dec 1984 in Carr Villa Lawn Cemetery.