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Mary Louisa Harvey and George Frederick Cullen

3-Mary Louisa Harvey was born on 22 Sep 1899 in Tasmania and died on 19 Dec 1978 in Tasmania at age 79.

 Mary married George Frederick Cullen, son of Arthur Edward Cullen and Bertha Emily Brumby. George was born on 20 Feb 1892 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 6 Aug 1945 at age 53.

Mary Harvey married George Cullen of Forth, Tasmania.  They had a farm in Kindred, where her sister Rosa lived and farmed.  Later they moved to North Motton where George suffered a fatal accident.  He was riding his brand new motor bike to or from the farm to North Motton.  After the accident the family moved back to Forth and occupied the substantial Georgian style house (still standing) that was built by the first doctor in the area on Wilmot Road.  Mary and George had three sons, Trevor, Neil and Keith.  None of the boys ever married.  Trevor and Keith lived together in Devonport after their mother’s death.  Trevor died June 2003, whilst Keith past away in November 2000 and Neil, (born about 1924) lives in Devonport.

George and Auntie Mary Cullen were a great support to Susan, wife of Roy.  They took her in when she left Roy Harvey.  At the time they lived in Leith.  Susan was very sick from stress at the time and Uncle George would take her to the doctors to receive an injection for the severe asthma episodes she would have.  The doctor was in Devonport, so it was no small effort in those days to bring her back and forth.  Eventually Uncle George was allowed to inject Susan with relieving medicine.  The drugs available at the time were very limited compared to today.

 They had three children: Trevor, Neil and Keith.

4-Trevor Cullen.

4-Neil Cullen.

4-Keith Cullen died in 2000.