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Walter Roy Harvey and Marjorie Adams

4-Walter Roy Harvey was born on 2 Apr 1923 in Devonport and died on 14 Jan 1997 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 73.

Walter married Marjorie Adams, daughter of James Adams and Matilda Vickers, on 22 Sep 1945 in Edgehill, Oxfordshire, England. Marjorie was born in England. 

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 They had five children:

5-Marilyn Harvey was born on 10 Jul 1947 in Westbury, Tasmania. Marilyn married Kevin Whiteway.  They had three children: Cassandra, Paul and Brett.

6-Cassandra Whiteway was born on 20 Feb 1966.

6-Paul Whiteway was born on 17 Oct 1970.

6-Brett Whiteway was born on 15 Feb 1972.

5-Diane Joan Harvey was born on 5 Oct 1948 in Westbury, Tasmania. Diane married John Castley. John was born in Hobart, Tasmania. They had three children: Susan, Helen and Andrew.

6-Susan Castley was born on 19 Jan 1972.

6-Helen Castley was born on 29 Jan 1975. She worked as a Doctor. Helen married Jeremy Rackham.

6-Andrew Castley was born on 22 Aug 1977. He worked as a Doctor.

5-Kathryn Lesley Harvey was born on 23 Jun 1950 in Launceston. Kathryn married Peter Fitzgerald. Peter was born in Hobart, Tasmania. They had four children: Stuart, Meghan, Cameron and Patrick.

6-Stuart Fitzgerald was born on 30 Jul 1969.

6-Meghan Fitzgerald was born on 9 Jun 1974.

6-Cameron Fitzgerald was born on 22 Mar 1976.

6-Patrick Fitzgerald was born on 1 Feb 1980.

5-Ian Ross Walter Harvey was born on 2 Feb 1953 in Launceston. Ian married Anita Li. Anita was born on 13 Aug 1952. They had one son: Simon.

6-Simon Harvey was born on 12 Dec 1980.

5-Graham Allan Harvey was born on 28 Sep 1954 in Launceston. Graham married Coral Kilpatrick. Coral was born on 26 Jan 1956. They had three children: Matthew, Stephen and Peter.

6-Matthew Harvey was born on 5 Oct 1985.

6-Stephen Harvey was born on 15 Jul 1987.

6-Peter Harvey was born on 12 Feb 1990.