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James Harvey... Elizabeth & David Crowden...

Arthur Harvey Crowden and Elsie Victoria Annie Cameron

3-Arthur Harvey Crowden was born on 16 Mar 1890 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 28 Oct 1973 at age 83, and was buried in Mole Creek Public Cemetery.

Arthur married Elsie Victoria Annie Cameron, daughter of Robert Cameron and Hannah Amelia Mary Ashdown, on 22 Dec 1923 in Mole Creek. Elsie was born on 8 Sep 1894 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 8 Sep 1968 in Deloraine, Tasmania at age 74.

They had two children:

4-David Crowden. David married Maisie Robertson.  They had one son: Roderick McIntyre.

5-Roderick McIntyre Crowden was born on 25 Aug 1955 and died on 6 Dec 2010 at age 55.

4-Maisie Roberta Jane Crowden died on 1 Apr 2008. Maisie married Gordon Ellis.