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Jane Crowden and George William Miles

3-Jane Crowden was born on 7 Jul 1887 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 6 May 1928 in Mole Creek, Tasmania at age 40.

Jane married George William Miles, son of Philip Miles and Sarah Wilson, on 4 Dec 1912 in Caveside, Tasmania. George was born on 21 Jul 1884 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died in 1972 in Deloraine, Tasmania at age 88.

They had three children:

4-Sarah Jean Miles was born on 6 Jan 1916 in Caveside, Tasmania and died on 18 Jan 1982 in Mole Creek, Tasmania at age 66. Sarah married Carlyle Blair. Carlyle was born about 1914 and died on 14 Jan 1981 in Mole Creek, Tasmania aged about 67. They had three children: Judy, Gregory David and Stewart.

5-Judy Blair. Judy married David Crosby.

5-Gregory David Blair was born on 15 Dec 1947. Gregory married Cheryl.

5-Stewart Blair. Stewart married Charmain Turson.

4-Gordon Henry Miles was born on 22 Feb 1920. Gordon married Joyce Ivy (Meg) Holloway.

4-William Harvey Miles was born on 3 Jul 1926 and died in 2010 at age 84. William married Faye Elaine Gibson.  They had five children: Jeanette, Grenville, Craige, Rodney and Denise.

5-Jeanette Miles. Jeanette married Ron Cooke.  They had three children: Rebecca, Caleb and Melissa.

6-Rebecca Cooke.

6-Caleb Cooke.

6-Melissa Cooke.

5-Grenville Miles. Grenville married Beth Richards.  They had two children: Stephen and Matthew.

6-Stephen Miles was born on 15 Mar 1985.

6-Matthew Miles was born on 2 Mar 1988.

5-Craige Miles. Craige married Katrina Matje.

5-Rodney Miles. Rodney married Raylene Dawkins.  They had two children: Richard and Gary.

6-Richard Miles.

6-Gary Miles.

5-Denise Miles. Denise married Cameron Suna.