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Oliver Eric Chalcroft Harvey and Lexie Weeks

4-Oliver Eric Chalcroft Harvey was born on 25 Jun 1926 in Devonport and died on 12 Apr 1984 in Devonport at age 57. Oliver married Lexie Weeks of Spreyton Lexie was born on 18 Nov 1927 in Spreyton and died on 19 Apr 2007 at age 79.

Oliver died of a heart attack on 12 April, 1984, aged 57.  He was on site at a silicon sand mining operation at Bakers Beach that he managed when he died.  Oliver, like the other children, was influenced by his upbringing and had difficulty committing long term to any work he had and got into financial difficulties sometimes.

They had one son: Lance Oliver.

5-Lance Oliver Harvey. Lance married Kerry Jacobs.  They had two children: Scott and Duncan.

6-Scott Harvey.

6-Duncan Harvey.