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Phyllis Olive Harvey and Christopher Robert Ingamells

4-Phyllis Olive Harvey was born on 24 Oct 1920.

 Phyllis married Christopher Robert Ingamells OBE, son of Christopher Ingamells and Annie Lillie Boote, on 14 Jun 1940 in Westbury, Tasmania. Christopher was born on 9 Aug 1914 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 27 Oct 1986 in Westbury, Tasmania at age 72, and was buried in Westbury Cemetery.  Another name for Christopher was Bob. He served in World War 2 and worked as a Liberal State Parliamentarian, headmaster and store owner.

Phyllis in 1940's    Phyllis in 2007

Bob (service number T155634) was a reservist in World War II.  Bob and Phyllis have two daughters, Suzanne Margaret and Judith Anne.  Bob and Phyllis operated a corner store in Westbury, inherited from Bob’s family, for 30 years.  Bob was in local and State Government, representing the seat of Wilmot in the multi member Hare Clarke electoral system for many years (May 1959 to Dec 1976).  His involvement in local government included many years as the Warden of the Westbury Council.  He was also a Justice of the Peace.  As a Liberal Party member, Bob did serve as the Speaker of the Tasmanian Parliament from 1969 to 1972.  He received an Order of the British Empire for his community service.  Bob was an outstanding cricketer as a young man— a batman / wicketkeeper, who played for Tasmania at the same time as Jack Badcock, who played for Australia.  The full potential of his cricketing career was impacted by the war.  His life centred on the Westbury Cricket Club, which he was involved with from 1926 to 1986.  He was a member of the Tasmanian Cricket Association for many years and represented Tasmania on the Australian Cricket Board for 7 years, attending the Centenary Test in England in 1980 as a board member.  Phyllis was one of the first women to dine at Lord’s, after more than 100 years as a gentlemen’s club.

Suzanne married Kevin Livingston of Hobart in 1965 and had four children, Christopher, Hammish, Donna and Paula.  Kevin and Suzanne cared for 110 foster children after Paula went to school.  They stopped foster parenting in 2000.  This was a great commitment by the family but especially by Kevin and Suzanne.

Judith married David Barton of England (5th May 1972), whom she met while he was living and working in Tasmania.  They had two children, Phillip and Melanie.  Judith and David divorced after 20 years marriage.  Judith has been a primary school teacher all her working life, working in the private school system and achieving head teacher roles.

They had two children:

5-Judith Anne Ingamells was born on 12 Dec. Judith married David Barton. David was born in England. They had two children: Phillip Harvey and Melanie Joyce.

6-Phillip Harvey Barton was born on 28 Sep 1974.

6-Melanie Joyce Barton was born on 29 Feb 1976.

5-Suzanne Margaret Ingamells was born on 7 Jul 1943 in Launceston. Suzanne married Kevin Roderick Livingston, son of Norman Barron Livingston and Sarah Margaret Hellessey, on 27 Jun 1964 in Lindisfarne, Hobart, Tasmania. Kevin was born on 31 Dec 1939 in Hobart, Tasmania and was christened in Methodist Church Sandy Bay, Hobart. They had six children: Christopher Robert, Hammish James, Donna Michelle, Paula Grace, Melissa Louise and Kristy Leanne.

6-Christopher Robert Livingston was born on 14 Jan 1965 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston, was christened in St Leonards, Launceston, and was buried at sea. Christopher married Samantha Jayne Postill on 27 Mar 1987 in Hobart, Tasmania. Samantha was born on 5 Feb 1969 in Healesville Victoria and was christened in Presbyterian  Healesville. They had one daughter: Kelly Nicola.

7-Kelly Nicola Livingston was born on 12 Oct 1989 in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Hobart.

6-Hammish James Livingston was born on 5 Sep 1967 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston and was christened in Uniting Church, St Leonards, Launceston, Tasmania. Hammish married Tracey Marie Beadel in 1994 in Hobart, Tasmania.  They had two children: Sarah Kate and Gemma Louise.

7-Sarah Kate Livingston was born on 29 May 1996 in Hobart, Tasmania.

7-Gemma Louise Livingston was born on 15 Jan 2000 in Hobart, Tasmania.

6-Donna Michelle Livingston was born on 3 Apr 1970 in Queen Alexandra Hospital Launceston Tasmania and was christened in Uniting Church, St Leonards, Launceston, Tasmania. Donna married Christopher Woodward.  They had one son: Thomas Alexander.

7-Thomas Alexander Woodward was born on 28 Apr 1994 in Royal Hobart Hospital.

6-Paula Grace Livingston was born on 7 Mar 1974 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston. Paula married Jason Brian Hedges on 18 Mar 2000 in Hobart, Tasmania. Jason was born on 1 Nov 1969.

6-Melissa Louise Pearn.

6-Kristy Leanne Pearn was born on 25 Nov 1984.