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Janet Harvey and Andrew Wilson

2-Janet Harvey was born on 7 Apr 1871 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 16 Jan 1953 at age 81.

Janet married Andrew Wilson, son of William Drummond Wilson and Mary Duggan Turner, on 22 Mar 1899 in Westbury, Tasmania. Andrew was born on 4 Jan 1870 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 15 Jul 1919 at age 49.

They had six children:

3-Norman Harvey Wilson was born on 19 Nov 1901 and died on 9 Apr 1951 at age 49.

3-Jean Wilson was born on 2 May 1903 in Caveside, Tasmania and died on 10 Jan 1994 at age 90. Jean married George Bott.  They had two children: Janet and Dorothea.

4-Janet Bott was born on 4 May 1936. Janet married David Goldsworthy.  They had two children: Ian and Andrew.

5-Ian Goldsworthy.

5-Andrew Goldsworthy was born on 25 Aug 1992. Andrew married Jenny Donnelly.  They had two children: Madeline and Mathew Andrew John.

6-Madeline Goldsworthy was born in 1991.

6-Mathew Andrew John Goldsworthy was born on 25 Aug 1992.

4-Dorothea Bott was born on 19 Feb 1940. Dorothea married Neville Banner.

3-Ernest Archie Wilson was born on 27 Dec 1905 and died on 27 Jul 1962 at age 56. Ernest married Zilla Howe. Zilla was born on 27 Aug 1911 and died on 8 Mar 1997 at age 85. They had two children: Dawn and Andrew.

4-Dawn Wilson was born on 15 Aug 1927. Dawn married Athol Elliot.  They had two children: Brian and Carl.

5-Brian Elliot was born in 1949.

5-Carl Elliot.

Dawn next married Ron Jones.

4-Andrew Wilson. Andrew married Betty Varian.  They had two children: Christine and Gregory.

5-Christine Wilson. Christine married Bryan Smith.

5-Gregory Wilson.

3-George Alfred Wilson was born on 18 Oct 1907 and died on 15 Jul 1975 at age 67. George married Mona Beryl Aspinall. Mona was born on 19 Feb 1911 and died on 10 Nov 1978 at age 67. They had three children: Marie Greta, Kaye Margaret and Jillian Anne.

4-Marie Greta Wilson was born on 25 Sep 1939.

4-Kaye Margaret Wilson was born on 21 Apr 1943. Kaye married Arthur Morphett.  They had three children: Ruth, Lisa Jane and Mark Richard.

5-Ruth Morphett was born on 12 Oct 1971.

5-Lisa Jane Morphett was born on 1 Oct 1973.

5-Mark Richard Morphett was born on 7 May 1975.

4-Jillian Anne Wilson was born on 19 Jul 1949. Jillian married Peter Van Tienen.  They had two children: Jane Marie and Paul George.

5-Jane Marie Van Tienen was born on 22 May 1979.

5-Paul George Van Tienen was born on 2 Sep 1983.

3-Harry Andrew Wilson was born on 22 Aug 1913. Harry married Lois Wilson. Lois was born on 17 Aug 1916 and died in Jul 1997 at age 80.

3-William James Wilson was born on 17 Aug 1900 at Caveside,Tasmania and died at home, Bayside Victoria on 28 Jan 1973. William married Selma Elizabeth Whitchurch. Selma was born on 22 Jan 1911 and died on 10 Jan 1994 at age 82. They had three children: Verna, Rae Doran and Kevin Whitchurch.

4-Verna Wilson was born on 9 Aug 1935. Verna married Norman George Henderson. Norman was born on 2 Apr 1932. They had two children: Judith Anne and Lynette Margaret.

5-Judith Anne Henderson was born on 1 Mar 1960. Judith married Bruce Norman Kirkham. Bruce was born on 11 Apr 1959.

5-Lynette Margaret Henderson was born on 26 Apr 1962. Lynette married Steve Coyle. Steve was born on 19 Oct 1958.

4-Rae Doran Wilson was born on 7 Jan 1944. Rae married Robert Mathew. Robert was born on 21 Dec 1938. They had one son: Daniel.

5-Daniel Mathew was born on 25 Nov 1982.

Rae next married Robert Slonek. Robert was born on 9 Apr 1928. They had one daughter: Helen.

5-Helen Slonek was born on 23 Feb 1958. Helen married Peter Hogg.

4-Kevin Whitchurch Wilson was born on 17 Oct 1946. Kevin married Helen Cumming. Helen was born on 1 May 1946. They had one daughter: Chandelle.

5-Chandelle Wilson was born on 26 Dec 1973. Chandelle married John Farrow.  They had two children: Tori and Jadine.

6-Tori Farrow was born on 3 Mar 1994.

6-Jadine Farrow was born in Jul 1995.

Kevin next married Lyn Smith. Lyn was born on 18 Apr 1949.