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Irene Chalcroft Harvey and Frederick Lane

4-Irene Chalcroft Harvey was born on 8 Oct 1924. Irene married Frederick Lane in 1949. 


 Frederick fought in the army in New Guinea in World War II.  Some of his experiences in the war possibly triggered his mental health problems - he was lost in the jungle and there is a story he lived with cannibals until he was rescued.  His mental health created a very stressful life for Irene and her children.  He died in 1st January 1965.   Irene died 7th July, 2008, shortly after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

They had five children: Mark, Stephen, Beverley, Heather and Susan.

5-Mark Lane.

5-Stephen Lane.

5-Beverley Lane.

5-Heather Lane.

5-Susan Lane.