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Lawrence Lord and Martha Halstead

1-Lawrence Lord was born on 29 Jul 1784 in Lancashire, England and died on 14 Apr 1849 in Greave, Langfield, Halifax, England at age 64. Lawrence married Martha Halstead. Martha died on 6 Jan 1842 in Greave, Langfield, Halifax, England. They had two children: Edmund and George.

2-Edmund Lord was born on 21 Sep 1806 in Greave, Langfield, Halifax, England, died on 28 Apr 1877 in Kentisbury at age 70, and was buried in George V Park, Sheffield, Tasmania.

Edmund Lord was first married to Ann Rockliff who died shortly after the birth of their third child Martha Elizabeth Lord. He later married Man Ann McMorgan and in the early 1860's they moved from Everton, Evandale, to Kentish, with several small children, including his children from the previous marriage. They were amongst the first twenty person buy land in the district. Edmund was a chairman of the early Kentishbury Road trust.

 Edmund married Ann Rockliff, daughter of Henry Rockliff and Mary Smith, on 9 Jan 1855 in Morven. Ann was born on 2 Aug 1834 in England and died on 31 Dec 1857 in Everton, Morven at age 23. They had three children: Edward Henry, Mary Ann and Martha Elizabeth.

3-Edward Henry Lord was born on 28 Oct 1855 in Everton, Cornwall, Tasmania.

3-Mary Ann Lord was born on 8 Dec 1856 in Everton, Evandale and died on 21 Feb 1883 in Sheffield at age 26. Mary married William Greenhill on 26 Apr 1877 in Port Sorell.  They had two children: Louisa Mary and Edith Alma.

4-Louisa Mary Greenhill was born on 4 Nov 1878 in Port Sorell. Louisa married Frank Young.

4-Edith Alma Greenhill was born on 4 Jun 1882 in Sheffield.

3-Martha Elizabeth Lord was born on 22 Dec 1857 in Evandale, Tasmania. Martha had children

Edmund next married Marianne Louisa Macnorgan on 12 Jan 1859 in Morven, now Evandale. Marianne was born about 1831 in Scotland and died on 10 Oct 1910 in Sheffield aged about 79. They had four children: George Edmund, George Marcus, Louisa and Bessie.

3-George Edmund Lord was born on 20 Nov 1859 in Morven, now Evandale and died on 18 Dec 1939 at age 80.

George Lord married Lucy Amelia Lane, born 1863 the daughter of G. Lane, Sheffield's first saddler who came from Amhurst on the Victorian goldfields and later moved to Latrobe. George built his own house from timber he split on the property and had treated at John Greenhill's mill. He also made all the furniture from local Blackwood trees. For some years a room on their house acted as a private school for surrounding children. George Lord was also the Kentish corresponded of the Launceston Daily Telegraph for 25 years.

 George married Amelia Lucy Lane, daughter of George John Lane and Annie Eleanor Rummings, on 15 Jul 1885 in Sheffield. Amelia was born in 1863 in Amherst, Victoria and died on 11 Dec 1937 at age 74.  Another name for Amelia was Millie. They had eight children: Eric Reginald, Edna Louisa, Eric George Edmund, Charles MacNorgan, Bessie Eleanor, Edmund, Winifred Constance and Kenneth Albert.

4-Eric Reginald Lord  1886 - 1886

4-Edna Louisa Lord was born on 17 Sep 1887 in Sheffield and died in 1964 in Tasmania at age 77. Edna married James Christopher Harvey, son of Alexander Harvey and Eleanor Susannah Little, on 24 Mar 1909 in Sheffield. James was born on 13 Jul 1883 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 14 Sep 1967 at age 84.  Another name for James was James Cheudhope Harvey. They had six children: Edna May Lucy (Kitty), Dallas Anthony, Eleanor Vivian, Jean, Keith and Rae.

4-Eric George Edmund Lord was born in 1890 in Sheffield and died on 16 Apr 1973 in Wivenhoe, Tasmania at age 83. Eric married Ruby Mabel Morse, daughter of George Morse and Sarah Amelia Spicer. Ruby was born on 28 Jul 1894 in Sheffield and died on 24 Jun 1977 at age 82.

4-Charles MacNorgan Lord was born on 4 Jan 1893 in Sheffield and died in 1979 at age 86. Charles married Maggie Janet Harvey, daughter of Alexander Harvey and Eleanor Susannah Little, on 7 Apr 1915 in Myalla. Maggie was born on 13 May 1890 in Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 12 Sep 1953 at age 63. They had three children: Tasman, Almer and Robert.

4-Bessie Eleanor Lord  1895 - 1982

4-Edmund Lord  1896 - 1975

4-Winifred Constance Lord  1900 - 1988

4-Kenneth Albert Lord  1904 - 1982

3-George Marcus Lord was born on 30 May 1862 in Kentish Plains and died on 12 Apr 1945 in Sheffield at age 82. George married Elizabeth Mary Lockett. Elizabeth was born in 1870 and died on 9 Aug 1958 in Sheffield at age 88. They had one son: Henry Arthur.

4-Henry Arthur Lord was born on 25 May 1897 in Sheffield and died on 4 Sep 1947 in Sheffield at age 50. Henry married Hazel Elvie Ida Campbell. Hazel was born on 30 Apr 1899 in Oatlands and died on 9 Apr 1968 in Sheffield at age 68.

3-Louisa Lord was born on 9 Aug 1864 in Port Sorell. Louisa married Alexander George Dawson Pease, son of Peter Pease and Grace Dawson, on 15 Jul 1885 in Sheffield. Alexander was born on 20 Oct 1859 in Deloraine, Tasmania.

3-Bessie Lord was born on 31 Dec 1868 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania. Bessie married Henry Rockliff, son of Ernest Rockliff and Ann Ingram, on 17 Jan 1894 in Sheffield, Tasmania. Henry was born on 28 Apr 1862 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania. They had a son: Edmund George.

4-Edmund George Rockliff was born on 21 Nov 1894 in Sheffield, Tasmania. Edmund married Jane Allison, daughter of Henry Allison and Emeline Page, on 28 May 1919 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania. Jane was born on 31 Jan 1890 in Mersey, Devonport and died in 1961 in Sheffield, Tasmania at age 71.

2-George Lord was christened on 23 Apr 1809 and was buried on 11 Apr 1810 in Lancashire, England.