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Richard Skeggs and Susannah Keep  

1-Richard Skeggs was born on 13 Mar 1812 in Ware, Hertfordshire, England and died on 21 Dec 1883 in the New Town Charitable Institution, Hobart, Tasmania at age 71. Richard married Susannah Keep in 1834 in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England. Susannah was born on 24 Jun 1811 in Denchworth, Berkshire, England and died on 22 May 1874 at Glen Gala, Cranbrook, Glamorgan, Tasmania at age 62.

They arrived in Tasmania on 26 Jul 1842 with their first two children as immigrants on the Orlean. They were described as first class farm servants of good character and both found work with George Meredith of Great Swanport. They had eight children:

2- William Skeggs 1834 - 1877

2-Elizabeth Skeggs 1838 - 1894

2-Thomas Skeggs was born on 19 Aug 1843 in Great Swanport, Tasmania.

2-Susannah Skeggs 1845 - 1900

2-Mary Anne Skeggs 1847 - 1929

2-Richard Skeggs 1848 - 1920

2-John Skeggs 1850 - 1912

2-Robert Skeggs

2-Richard Skeggs was born on 24 Dec 1848 in Spring Bay, was christened on 28 Jan 1849 in All Saints Anglican, Swansea, Tasmania, and died on 12 May 1920 in Albert Park, Melbourne at age 71. Richard married Mary Ann Sparks, daughter of convicts James Sparkes and Sarah Fox, on 30 Jan 1870 in St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Triabunna. Mary was born on 23 Nov 1853 in Spring Bay and died on 12 Feb 1939 in Sheffield at age 85. They had three children: Agnes Maria, Robert James and Charlotte Mary.

3-Agnes Maria Skeggs was born about 1870, possibly 24 Sep 1870 on Maria Island, was christened on 28 Nov 1870 in St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Triabunna, and died on 10 Jan 1955 in King Island aged about 85. Agnes married Thomas Crack, son of Joseph Crack and Jane Clerichue, on 13 Feb 1889 in Sheffield. Thomas was born on 14 Oct 1864 in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania and died on 11 Aug 1954 in Currie, King Island, Tasmania at age 89. 

King Island News Wed 18 Aug 1954

Passing of a Pioneer.

Mr. Thomas Crack Was Well Beloved.

In the changing life of King Island with a new and greater population taking the place of those I that have just claim on the title of pioneer, such names as that of Mr Thomas Crack have become relatively obscured in the hurry of our everyday life. However, that he was still well beloved, and well I remembered by many, was proved by a saddened community as he was taken last Saturday morning for the last time through the town he knew so well- to his final resting place in the Currie Cemetery.

Came Here In 1910.

For on Wednesday afternoon Mr Crack died suddenly while walking near his little Camp Creek home. Mr Crack came to King Island in June or July of 1910 and be never left here again. With his family he engaged in farming pursuits for many years in the Loorana area. When the going was still often hard, and in good years and bad, this bearded pioneer - he ignored change and had never shaved- retained his genial and placid outlook on life. Mr Crack might well have earned the title, through 89 years of life, of one of nature's gentlemen. He had never smoked and it is claimed of him that be never entered a hotel bar.

Married to Miss Agnes Mary Skeggs at Sheffield on 13th February 1889, Mr Crack was able to celebrate his 65th anniversary this year. He leaves his widow, nine sons and daughters- Joy (Mrs Fred Lynch), of Currie, Joe, of Sheffield, Pearl (Mrs M. Lynch), of Currie, Mary (Mrs Howard), of Sydney, Reg. and Alan, of Grassy ; Chas, Alan and May (Mrs V. Patterson, of Currie. There are also 41 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren

Thomas and Agnes had nine children:

4-Ivy Gladys Crack 1890 - 1968

4-Lavenia Pearl Crack 1894 -

4-Mary Jane Crack 1897 -

4-Harold Joseph Thomas Crack 1899 -

4-Reginald Robert James Crack 1902 - 1970

4-Henry Albert Charles Crack 1904 - 1965

4- Coral May Crack 1907 - 1968

4-Alec Richard Gordon Crack 1909 - 1984

4-Allan George Lionel Crack 1911 – 2002

3-Robert James Skeggs was born on 9 Oct 1872 in Oatlands and died on 13 May 1947 in Ballarat, Victoria at age 74.

3-Charlotte Mary Skeggs was born on 18 Oct 1874 in Richmond, Tasmania and died on 24 Apr 1877 at age 2.

2-Robert Skeggs was born on 28 Sep 1852 in Great Swanport, Tasmania and died on 29 Jun 1929 in Royal Hobart Hospital at age 76. Robert married Sarah Fanny Cole on 22 Feb 1873 in Glamorgan, Tasmania. Sarah was born in 1851 in Bagdad, Tasmania and died on 1 Aug 1923 in Swansea at age 72. They had one son: Robert James.

3-Robert James Skeggs was born on 22 Feb 1883 in Kelvedon, Glamorgan and died on 8 Jul 1943 in 28 Galvin Street, Launceston, Tasmania at age 60. Robert married Ada Blanche Barber on 19 Dec 1901 in St Andrews Church, Bicheno. Ada was born on 25 Mar 1883 in Apsley Station, Glamorgan and died on 16 May 1946 in 28 Galvin Street, Launceston, Tasmania at age 63. They had a son: Raymond Carl.

4-Raymond Carl Skeggs was born on 19 Apr 1906 in Bicheno, Tasmania and died on 8 Apr 1964 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 57. Raymond married Hazel Jean McGilp. Hazel was born on 5 Oct 1907 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 26 Sep 1996 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 88. They had a son: Joseph Robert.

5-Joseph Robert Skeggs was born in 1932 in Scottsdale. Joseph married Beverley Dawn Cocker, daughter of Percy Douglas Cocker and Florence Maud McGuire, on 15 Oct 2005 in Salvation Army Citadel, Launceston. Beverley was born on 16 May 1933.

Joseph next married Beryl Nancy Huett. Beryl was born on 31 Aug 1933 and died on 3 May 2003 at age 69.