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Joseph Crack and Mary Cramp

1-Joseph Crack was born in 1794 in Thelnetham, Suffolk, England and died in Oct 1861 in Hartismere, Suffolk, England at age 67. Joseph married Mary Cramp in 1823 in Suffolk, England. Mary was born in 1804 in Walsham Le Willows, Suffolk, England and died in Mar 1868 in Suffolk at age 64. They had five children: Alfred, Joseph, Sussanah, Eliza and George.

2-Alfred Crack was born in 1824 in Wattisfield, Suffolk, England and died in 1888 at age 64.

2-Joseph Crack was born on 10 Mar 1829 in Whepstead, Suffolk, England and died on 6 Nov 1907 in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania at age 78. Joseph married Ann Carter in Apr 1849 in Suffolk. Ann was born about 1828 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England and died on 4 Jul 1855 in Longford, Tasmania aged about 27.

Joseph Crack emigrated from England with his wife on board the Walter Raleigh in 1855. A son, born at sea on 4 February 1855, was named Walter Raleigh Crack. They settled at Bishopsbourne and later moved to Elizabeth Town. In the early 1880's Joseph and his son, Thomas, had a stud horse, Stranger, a beautiful dapple grey with black points, which won first prizes at the Longford and Westbury Shows. When his son, Thomas, took over the farm, Joseph and Ann retired to a little cottage next door to the Gospel Hall where he died on 6 November 1907, aged 76. Mrs. Crack later married again and moved to Burnie.

They had three children: Charles, Ephraim and Walter Raleigh.

3-Charles Crack was born in 1850 in Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England and died on 5 Mar 1900 at age 50.

3-Ephraim Crack was born in 1852 in England and died in 1935 in New Norfolk at age 83.

3-Walter Raleigh Crack was born on 4 Feb 1855 at sea, aboard the Sir Walter Raleigh and died on 18 Jan 1929 in Tasmania at age 73. Walter married Mary Margaret Maria Harman on 19 Sep 1883 in Sheffield. Mary was born in 1864 in Deloraine, Tasmania. They had two children: Hazel Daphne and Minnie Coral.

4-Hazel Daphne Crack was born on 24 Feb 1903 in West Kentish, Tasmania and died on 1 May 1979 at age 76. Hazel married Henry Herbert Goss, son of Samuel Goss and Elizabeth Walker, on 8 Oct 1919 in South Spreyton. Henry was born on 24 Nov 1888 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 23 Jul 1956 at age 67. They had 15 children: Olive Ruby Minnie, Leonard William, Robert Walter, Norman Henry, Roy, Charles, Walter Ronald, Alice, Joseph, Patrick James, Daphne Joyce, Bernard Samuel Graham, Henry Herbert, Maxwell John and Allen Leonard. Their story is told here.

4-Minnie Coral Crack was born on 28 Dec 1904 in West Kentish, Tasmania. Minnie married Arthur Ernest Goss, son of Samuel Goss and Elizabeth Walker, on 12 Oct 1921 in Barrington, Tasmania. Arthur was born on 28 Jan 1890 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 15 Feb 1958 at age 68. They had 17 children: Jean Margaret, Dolly Mae, Lawrence Arthur, Faye Elizabeth, Vena Mary, Edna Merle, Trevor James, Ronald Walter, Bruce, Edward Charles, Ivy Coral, Kevin John, Lloyd William, Rex George, Margaret Anne, Terry Robert and Peter John.  Their story is told here.

Joseph next married Jane Clerichue on 23 May 1863 in Deloraine, Tasmania. Jane was born in 1837 and died in 1903 in Sheffield at age 66. They had a son: Thomas.

3-Thomas Crack was born on 14 Oct 1864 in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania and died on 11 Aug 1954 in Currie, King Island, Tasmania at age 89. Thomas married Agnes Maria Skeggs, daughter of Richard Skeggs and Mary Ann Sparks, on 13 Feb 1889 in Sheffield. Agnes was born about 1870, was christened on 28 Nov 1870 in St Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Triabunna, and died on 10 Jan 1955 in King Island aged about 85.  They had nine children:

4-Ivy Gladys Crack 1890 - 1968

4-Lavenia Pearl Crack 1894 -

4-Mary Jane Crack 1897 -

4-Harold Joseph Thomas Crack 1899 -

4-Reginald Robert James Crack 1902 - 1970

4-Henry Albert Charles Crack 1904 - 1965

4- Coral May Crack 1907 - 1968

4-Alec Richard Gordon Crack 1909 - 1984

4-Allan George Lionel Crack 1911 – 2002

2-Sussanah Crack was born on 9 Mar 1830 in Wattisfield, Suffolk, England and died in Adelaide, South Australia.

2-Eliza Crack was born about 1833 in Wattisfield, Suffolk, England.

2-George Crack was born on 19 Jun 1838 in Thelnetham, Suffolk, England.