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Stephen Radford and Jane Morris

1-Convict Stephen Radford was born on 10 Sep 1809 in Farnham, Surrey, England and died after 1853 in Victoria. Stephen married Jane Morris on 22 Aug 1840 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania. Jane was born in 1821 in Whitechapel, London, England and died on 20 Feb 1912 in Blythe, Tasmania at age 91. They had a son: Henry Thomas.

2-Henry Thomas Radford was born on 10 Nov 1844 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 14 Aug 1918 in Penguin, Tasmania at age 73. Henry married Charlotte Moody on 8 Oct 1871 in Table Cape, Tasmania. Charlotte was born on 3 Jul 1847 and died on 6 Nov 1932 at age 85. They had eleven children:


3-Henry Thomas Sullock Radford was born on 3 Dec 1871 in Port Sorell, Tasmania. Henry married Mary Ann Jeffrey on 24 Mar 1897 in Ulverstone, Tasmania. Mary was born in 1877 in Port Sorell. They had a daughter: Charlotte Ruth.

4-Charlotte Ruth Radford was born on 22 Oct 1897 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 23 May 1973 at age 75. Charlotte married Edward Thomas Walker, son of Samuel Francis Walker and Ada Amelia Kate Scott. Edward was born on 9 Sep 1896 in Westbury, Tasmania and died on 13 Dec 1965 at age 69. They had five children: Donald Edward, Nola Eunice, Bernard Eric, Keith Alan and Kevin Aubrey.

Their story is told here: