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James Barker and Katherine McGuire

1-Convict James Barker was born on 31 Oct 1822 in St Dunstan, London, England and died on 17 Sep 1905 in Avoca, Tasmania at age 82.

On 5 Feb 1847, James Barker was tried and convicted of stealing £200 and £48 in watches and was sentenced to 15 years. He arrived in Van Diemen’s Land on the Aboukir on 20 March 1852. He was convicted of larceny of £5 and sentenced to 18 months hard labour.  He was granted Conditional Pardon on 30 June 1857. In 1871 he owned a shop, house and land in Kempton, and leased an Inn at O'Briens Bridge.

James married Katherine McGuire, daughter of David Isaac McGuire and Margaret Jane Leviston, on 11 Jan 1869 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania. Katherine was born in 1842 and died on 25 Jan 1918 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 76. They had a son: Henry David.

2-Henry David Barker was born on 1 Aug 1874 in Hobart, Tasmania and died on 17 Jul 1963 in South Hobart at age 88. Henry married Florence Isabel Monk, daughter of James Monk and Elizabeth Brown, on 10 Apr 1899 in Moonah, Tasmania. Florence was born on 10 Dec 1868 in Bream Creek, Tasmania and died on 2 Nov 1915 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 46. They had four children: Henry James, Alan John, Richard Clyde and Norman Edward.

3-Henry James Barker was born on 27 May 1903 in Swanston Street, New Town, Tasmania. Henry married Sophie Edna Stella Stafford on 4 Apr 1928 in Melville Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

3-Alan John Barker was born on 21 Jan 1905 in Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania and died in Aug 1992 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 87. Alan married Hilda Scott, daughter of Robert Burns Scott and Mary Jane Walker, on 3 Sep 1930 in Davey St. Methodist Church, Hobart. Hilda was born on 18 Mar 1904 in Hagley, Tasmania and died on 17 Aug 1980 at age 76. They had a son: John Scott.

4-John Scott Barker was born on 23 Jul 1947. John married Pamela Kube. Pamela was born on 8 Apr 1948. They had two children: Michelle and Martine.

5-Michelle Barker was born on 4 Apr 1974.

5-Martine Barker was born on 30 May 1976.

3-Richard Clyde Barker was born on 30 Jul 1906 in Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

3-Norman Edward Barker was born about 1909 and died on 14 Jul 1998 in Claremont, Tasmania aged about 89. Norman married Rosie Eileen Warren on 12 Apr 1930 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Hobart.

Henry next married Mabel Irene Cole on 14 Feb 1917 in Hobart, Tasmania. Mabel was born about 1900 and died on 1 Feb 1975 aged about 75. They had four children: Ronald Kenneth, Katherine Amy Irene, Frederick and Maurice.

3-Ronald Kenneth Barker was born on 14 Aug 1917 in Huon Road, Hobart, Tasmania. Ronald married Elaine Joy Thomas.

3-Katherine Amy Irene Barker was born on 24 Dec 1918 in Wentworth Street, Hobart. Katherine married Graham Harold Rabe.

3-Frederick Barker was born about 1921.

3-Maurice Barker was born about 1923.