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James Saward and Mary Ann Murrell

1-James Saward was born on 16 Aug 1795 in Little Badow, Essex, England and died on 30 Oct 1837 in Little Badow, Essex, England at age 42. James married Mary Ann Murrell. Mary was born on 12 Jan 1810 in Little Badow, England and died on 6 Jun 1872 in Little Badow, England at age 62. They had one son: George Henry.

2-George Henry Saward was born in Jun 1833 in Little Badow, England and died on 31 Oct 1895 in Montagu at age 62. George married Rachel Ann Williams. Rachel was born on 22 Jul 1832 in Little Rissington, England and died on 16 Feb 1885 in Montagu at age 52. They had two children: John Henry and Hannah Maria.

3-John Henry Saward was born on 25 Jan 1854 in Ballarat, Victoria and died on 12 Apr 1945 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 91. John married Mary Ann Howard. Mary was born on 23 May 1861 in Horton, now Circular Head and died on 4 Dec 1894 in Ridgley at age 33. They had a son: James Howard.

4-James Howard Saward was born on 6 Mar 1888 in Ridley and died on 13 Sep 1968 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 80. James married Nellie May Harvey, daughter of Alexander Harvey and Eleanor Susannah Little, on 31 Mar 1920 in Myalla, Wynyard. Nellie was born on 11 Oct 1896 in Dairy Plains, Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 23 Aug 1979 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia at age 82. They had four children: Living, Alex Leslie, Mary Eleanor and Earl Graeme.

3-Hannah Maria Saward was born on 18 Oct 1859 in Horton, now Circular Head and died on 8 Mar 1953 in Irish Town at age 93. Hannah married Henry Murray Reid, son of Henry Grieg Reid and Eleanor Barrett, on 17 Jan 1877 in Horton, now Circular Head. Henry was born on 8 Feb 1852 in Launceston and died on 1 Nov 1903 in Irishtown at age 51. They had 15 children: Eleanor Rachel Mary, George Henry, William, Clarence Charles, Thomas James, Douglas Walter, Wilfred John, Samuel Barrett, Ethel Jane, Louisa Rose, James Saward, Annie Murray, Annabella Ada May, Margaret Clara and Lillian Victoria.

Hannah was widowed three months before her 15th child was born.   She donated her land to the Irish Town Church of England.   Whilst attending Church, Hannah always sat in the front pew.   Their story is told here: