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Vernon Andrew and Lillias May Lucas

Vernon Andrew Lucas was born on 11 Mar 1899 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 19 Jan 1970 in Kentish, Tasmania at age 70.

Vernon married Lillias May Woods, daughter of Valentine James Woods and Ada Elizabeth Blackwell, on 18 Jan 1928 in St John's Church, Railton. Lillias was born on 5 Mar 1911 in Railton, Tasmania and died on 18 Dec 1966 in Latrobe, Tasmania at age 55.

They had three children:

5-Vernon James Lucas was born on 23 Dec 1929 in Latrobe and died on 25 Jan 1975 in Railton, Tasmania, Australia at age 45. Vernon married Margaret Catherine Stark. Margaret was born on 25 Jun 1936 in Kaipoi, New Zealand. They had two children: David Scott and Gregory James.

6-David Scott Lucas was born on 28 Mar 1964 in Devonport, Tasmania. David married Vicki Ann Marshall. Vicki was born on 5 Nov 1964 in Queenstown, Tasmania. They had three children: Nicholas James, Fiona Caitlyn and Cameron James.

7-Nicholas James Lucas was born on 14 Sep 1984 in Devonport, Tasmania.

7-Fiona Caitlyn Lucas was born on 3 May 1994 in Adelaide, South Australia.

7-Cameron James Lucas was born on 10 Jul 1996 in Adelaide, South Australia.

6-Gregory James Lucas was born on 4 Dec 1965 in Devonport, Tasmania. Gregory married Jodie Pistola. Jodie was born on 4 Mar 1969. They had three children: Lauren Maree, Alexandra Catherine and Samuel James.

7-Lauren Maree Lucas was born on 16 Dec 1988.

7-Alexandra Catherine Lucas was born on 6 Apr 1992 in Adelaide, South Australia.

7-Samuel James Lucas was born on 21 Mar 1993 in Adelaide, South Australia.

5-Kevin Ralph Lucas was born on 5 Apr 1931 in Latrobe, Tasmania. Kevin married Ruth Hull. Ruth was born on 6 May 1930. They had one son: Mark Gavin Douglas.

6-Mark Gavin Douglas Lucas was born on 20 Nov 1954 in Hobart, Tasmania. Mark married Sharon Elaine Desmond. Sharon was born on 16 Sep 1959 in Surrey, England. They had three children: Luke Michael, Joel Mark Daniel and Liam Keith.

7-Luke Michael Lucas was born on 3 Mar 1981 in Wanneroo, Western Australia.

7-Joel Mark Daniel Lucas was born on 19 Oct 1982 in Kalamunda, Western Australia.

7-Liam Keith Lucas was born on 9 Nov 1985 in Duncraig, Western Australia.

Kevin next married Fay Francis Fisher. Fay was born on 30 Dec 1933 in Hobart, Tasmania. They had three children: Sandra Joy Elizabeth, Leanne Fay and Allison Gloria.

6-Sandra Joy Elizabeth Lucas was born on 31 Mar 1958 in Adelaide, South Australia. Sandra married Anthony David Munro. Anthony was born on 17 Jan 1957 in Burnie, Tasmania. They had two children: Brendan James and Adam Christopher.

7-Brendan James Munro was born on 8 Mar 1981 in Burnie, Tasmania.

7-Adam Christopher Munro was born on 11 Mar 1984 in Burnie, Tasmania.

Sandra next married Robert Leslie Deverell. Robert was born on 14 Jun 1958 in Burnie, Tasmania.

6-Leanne Fay Lucas was born on 9 Jun 1959 in Adelaide, South Australia. Leanne married Russell Ian Clark. Russell was born on 21 Feb 1959 in Sheffield, Tasmania. They had two children: Daniel Jarrod and Matthew Lucas.

7-Daniel Jarrod Clark was born on 27 Oct 1985 in Devonport, Tasmania.

7-Matthew Lucas Clark was born on 16 Oct 1987 in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

6-Allison Gloria Lucas was born on 16 Apr 1963 in Adelaide, South Australia. Allison married Lionel Vincent Daley. Lionel was born on 10 Mar 1961 in Burnie, Tasmania. They had two children: Melissa Fay and Joshua Lindsay.

7-Melissa Fay Daley was born on 23 Jun 1987 in Burnie, Tasmania.

7-Joshua Lindsay Daley was born on 5 Jun 1990 in Burnie, Tasmania.

5-Neil Douglas Lucas was born on 14 Mar 1963 in Latrobe, Tasmania. Neil married Janet McKelvie. Janet was born on 19 Apr 1941 in Brisbane, Queensland. They had two children: Rosalind and Robert Andrew.

6-Rosalind Lucas was born on 3 Aug 1965 in Sydney, New South Wales.

6-Robert Andrew Lucas was born on 15 Aug 1967 in Port Moresby, New Guinea.