William Swanston and Sarah Young

Daniel Blackwell and Elizabeth Pilcher

1-Daniel Blackwell was born in 1822 in Leamington Nr, Warwickshire, England and died on 1 Apr 1907 in Victoria Valley, Hamilton at age 85. Daniel was a convict per the Agincourt, 1844. Daniel married Elizabeth Pilcher, daughter of John Pilcher and Jane Rigden, on 20 Jul 1854 in New Norfolk, Tasmania. Elizabeth was born about 1835 in Foord, Kent, England and died on 4 Nov 1911 in Hamilton, Tasmania aged about 76. They had a daughter: Ada Elizabeth.

2-Ada Elizabeth Blackwell. Ada married John Chesshire, son of convict Henry J. Chesshire and Irish convict Johanna Sullivan, on 15 Dec 1892 in Fingal, Tasmania. John was born on 8 Feb 1865 in Fingal, Tasmania and died in a mining mis-adventure on 6 Dec 1895 at age 30. They had two children: Henrietta Sarah and Elizabeth Ann.

3-Henrietta Sarah Chesshire was born and died on 29 Jun 1893 in Finga, Tasmania.

3-Elizabeth Ann Chesshire was born on 6 Jan 1895 in Fingal, Tasmania.

Ada next married Valentine James Woods, son of John Woods and convict Bridge Dunn, on 8 Jun 1897 in St Peters Church, Fingal. Valentine was born on 14 Sep 1861 at Barton, Evandale and died on 15 Aug 1941 in Railton, Tasmania aged about 81. They had seven children: Charles, Annie, Mary, William Henry, Alice Merine, Lillias May and Eileen Elvie.

3-Charles Woods was born on 17 Mar 1898 in Fingal, Tasmania.

3-Annie Woods was born on 17 Mar 1898 in Mangana, Tasmania and died on 12 Jun 1898 in Mangana, Tasmania.

3-Mary Woods was born on 8 Mar 1901 in Railton, Tasmania.

3-William Henry Woods was born on 28 Nov 1907 in Railton, Tasmania.

3-Alice Merine Woods was born on 20 Oct 1910 in Railton, Tasmania.

3-Lillias May Woods was born on 5 Aug 1911 in Railton, Tasmania and died on 18 Dec 1966 in Latrobe, Tasmania at age 55. Lillias married Vernon Andrew Lucas, son of Arthur John Lucas and Sarah Fair Young, on 18 Jan 1928 in St John's Church, Railton. Vernon was born on 11 Mar 1899 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 19 Jan 1970 in Kentish, Tasmania at age 70. They had three children: Vernon James, Kevin Ralph and Neil Douglas. Their story is told here.

3-Eileen Elvie Woods was born on 17 May 1915 in Railton, Tasmania.