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Winifred Vera Lucas

Winifred Vera Lucas was born on 30 Jan 1896 in Longford, Tasmania. Winifred had a daughter:

Winifred next married Robert Bennie, son of James Bennie and Mary Jane McGauhey, on 20 Jul 1928 in St Lukes Anglican Church, Latrobe, Tasmania. Robert was born on 5 Nov 1885 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 9 Feb 1953 at age 67. They had one son:


5-Dorothy Rose Lucas was born on 15 Aug 1913 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 22 Jul 1997 in Nhill, Victoria at age 83. Dorothy married Edwin Davis Lowe. Edwin was born on 29 Oct 1910 in Kaniva, Victoria and died on 22 Oct 1987 in Nhill, Victoria at age 76. They had two children: Ronald Edwin and Dorothy Jean.

6-Ronald Edwin Lowe was born on 30 Jun 1946 in Nhill, Victoria. Ronald married Ana Germata Lumpapas. Ana was born on 26 Jul 1916 in Bato Leyte, Phillipines. They had four children: Phillip, Edwin Fausto, Diana Lumapas and Charmain Lumapas.

7-Phillip Lowe was born on 24 Jul 1978 in Nhill, Victoria.

7-Edwin Fausto Lowe was born on 21 Sep 1980 in Nhill, Victoria.

7-Diana Lumapas Lowe was born on 14 Mar 1982 in Nhill, Victoria.

7-Charmain Lumapas Lowe was born on 14 Apr 1984 in Nhill, Victoria.

6-Dorothy Jean Lowe was born on 12 Dec 1947 in Nhill, Victoria. Dorothy married Michael Stephen Darnell. Michael was born on 26 Dec 1941 in Rotheram, England. They had two children: Andrew Douglas and Michelle Jean.

7-Andrew Douglas Darnell was born on 27 Feb 1971 in Horsham, Victoria and died on 8 Jun 1988 in Horsham, Victoria at age 17.

7-Michelle Jean Darnell was born on 3 Mar 1971 in Horsham, Victoria. Michelle married someone She had two children: Ebony Shae and Somer-Faye.

8-Ebony Shae Darnell was born on 1 Jan 1996 in Horsham, Victoria.

8-Somer-Faye Darnell was born on 19 Mar 1998 in Horsham, Victoria.


5-Andrew Warton Bennie was born on 16 Sep 1931. Andrew married Jean Margaret Hadley. Jean was born on 18 Dec 1924.