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Alexis Mabel Alice Chilcott

Alexis Mabel Alice Chilcott was born on 22 Oct 1884 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 10 Nov 1955 at age 71, and was buried in Ringarooma General Cemetery.

Alexis married Frederick Charles Stengel, son of Heinrich Stengel and Maria Lohery, on 14 May 1902 in St Barnabas Church of England, Scottsdale. Frederick was born on 28 Apr 1873 in Hobart, Tasmania, died on 29 Nov 1945 in Alberton, Tasmania at age 72, and was buried in Ringarooma General Cemetery. They had 17 children:

5-Alma May Stingel was born on 8 Nov 1900 in Alberton, Tasmania and died on 20 Feb 1989 in Fingal, Tasmania at age 88. Alma married Charles William Cox, son of Charles Cox and Mary Ann Byatt, on 3 Jan 1922 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Launceston. Charles was born on 2 May 1886 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 24 Nov 1949 in St Marys District Hospital, Tasmania at age 63. They had nine children: Merle, Thelma, Trevor, Frederick Charles, Lawrence William, Ronald Roy, Charles Douglas, John Robert and Geoffrey Donald.

6-Merle Cox. Merle married Webster

6-Thelma Cox. Thelma married Pyle

6-Trevor Cox. Trevor lost both legs in an accident at Mangana.

6-Frederick Charles Cox was born on 15 Aug 1924 and died on 20 Jun 1932 in the Children's Hospital, Launceston at age 7.

6-Lawrence William Cox was born on 19 Aug 1927 and died on 21 Jun 1999 at age 71.

6-Ronald Roy Cox was born on 1 May 1929 and died on 12 Jun 1995 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 66.

6-Charles Douglas Cox was born on 20 Dec 1930 and died on 7 Sep 1951 in Victoria at age 20.

6-John Robert Cox was born on 22 Aug 1934 and died in 1988 in New Town, Hobart, Tasmania at age 54.

6-Geoffrey Donald Cox was born on 6 Aug 1935 and died on 4 Mar 1999 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 63. Geoffrey married Patricia Dawn Harris. Patricia was born on 11 Feb 1937 and died on 11 Feb 1996 at age 59.

5-Albert Charles Stingel was born on 15 Apr 1903 in Alberton, Tasmania and died on 9 Aug 1994 at age 91. Albert married Ivy Glover, daughter of Thomas Hayes Glover and Rosetta Margaret Devine, Ivy was born on 27 May 1904 in Sheffield, Tasmania. Ivy was descended from the artist, John Glover. They had one daughter: Shirley.

6-Shirley Stingel. Shirley married Brian Goudie They had three children: Jillian, Sharon and Robyn.

7-Jillian Goudie.

7-Sharon Goudie.

7-Robyn Goudie. Robyn had three children: Jack, Timothy and Laura.

8-Jack (Unknown).

8-Timothy (Unknown).

8-Laura (Unknown).

5-Edith Mary Stingel was born on 3 Oct 1904 in Alberton, Tasmania and died on 22 May 1970 at age 65. Edith married Randolph Oakley Reeve, son of Frederick Reeve and Emily Lavinia Apted, on 16 Nov 1927 in Branxholm, Tasmania. Randolph was born on 5 Aug 1893 in Ringarooma and died on 31 May 1976 at age 82. They had a son: Fred Ockley.

6-Fred Ockley Reeve. Fred married Amy Hayes They had five children: Tony, Shane, Len, Elvie and Ismay Lillian.

7-Tony Reeve. Tony married Trish Ennis They had four children: Jade, Ebony, Amid and Taylor.

8-Jade Reeve.

8-Ebony Reeve.

8-Amid Reeve.

8-Taylor Reeve.

7-Shane Reeve. Shane married Roseanne Jones

7-Len Reeve. Len married Amy Foley They had two children: Meredith and Shelley.

8-Meredith Reeve. Meredith married David Vernon They had three children: Stephanie, Rebecca and Georgina.

9-Stephanie Vernon.

9-Rebecca Vernon.

9-Georgina Vernon.

8-Shelley Reeve. Shelley married Chris Barcza They had two children: Claire and Sam.

9-Claire Barcza.

9-Sam Barcza.

7-Elvie Reeve. Elvie married Don Steel They had four children: Christine, Julie, Craig and Gavin.

8-Christine Steel. Christine married Bob Bush They had two children: Katrina and Stuart.

9-Katrina Bush.

9-Stuart Bush.

8-Julie Steel. Julie married Charles Barnett They had three children: Troy, Adam and Timothy.

9-Troy Barnett.

9-Adam Barnett.

9-Timothy Barnett.

8-Craig Steel. Craig married Cherie Bellette They had two children: Kallan and Bronte.

9-Kallan Steel.

9-Bronte Steel.

8-Gavin Steel. Gavin married Georgina Lockhart They had two children: Laura and Madeline.

9-Laura Steel.

9-Madeline Steel.

7-Ismay Lillian Reeve was born on 16 Nov 1938. Ismay married Kenneth James Bye. Kenneth was born on 22 Mar 1942. They had three children: Joanne Lee, Katrina Louise and Karen Maree.

8-Joanne Lee Bye was born on 22 Oct 1963. Joanne married Michael Keith Pearce on 5 Apr 1986. Michael was born on 3 Oct 1962. They had one daughter: Indea Alice.

9-Indea Alice Pearce was born on 26 Mar 1995.

8-Katrina Louise Bye was born on 18 Aug 1965. Katrina married Ritchie Thomas Elliott on 12 Oct 1991. Ritchie was born on 17 Sep 1966. They had one daughter: Madeline Louise.

9-Madeline Louise Elliott was born on 21 Jul 1994.

8-Karen Maree Bye was born on 23 Aug 1967. Karen married Leigh Andrew Rawson on 3 Feb 1990. Leigh was born on 5 Jul 1966. They had two children: Teghan Maree and Callum Leigh.

9-Teghan Maree Rawson was born on 14 Dec 1992.

9-Callum Leigh Rawson was born on 23 Mar 1996.

5-Amy Ruth Stingel was born on 25 Dec 1905 in Alberton, Tasmania and died on 28 Jul 1974 at age 68. Amy married Henry George Reeve They had four children: Kelvin, Thelma, Neville and Phyllis.

6-Kelvin Reeve. Kelvin married Mavis Stoward They had four children: Ian, Jeanette, David and Mervyn.

7-Ian Reeve. Ian married Elaine Stewart They had four children: Jan, Douglas, Jeremy and Aimmee.

8-Jan Reeve.

8-Douglas Reeve.

8-Jeremy Reeve.

8-Aimmee Reeve.

7-Jeanette Reeve. Jeanette married Michael Savage They had four children: Jason, Adam, Karen and Christopher.

8-Jason Savage.

8-Adam Savage.

8-Karen Savage.

8-Christopher Savage.

7-David Reeve. David married Ann Peden. They had one daughter: Carly.

8-Carly Reeve.

7-Mervyn Reeve.

6-Thelma Reeve. Thelma married Michael Phelps They had one son: Rowan.

7-Rowan Phelps.

6-Neville Reeve. Neville married Catherine Reitoff They had three children: Tania, Michael and Kristen.

7-Tania Reeve. Tania married Stephen Honey They had four children: Chad, Chelsea, Sarah and Danika.

8-Chad Honey.

8-Chelsea Honey.

8-Sarah Honey.

8-Danika Honey.

7-Michael Reeve. Michael married Bonita Mitz They had two children: Chloe and Jake.

8-Chloe Reeve.

8-Jake Reeve.

7-Kristen Reeve.

6-Phyllis Reeve. Phyllis married Peter McLennan They had four children: Narelle Maree, Reeve, Lyndell and Kenneth.

7-Narelle Maree McLennan was born on 24 Nov 1970. Narelle married Dale Anthony Wooley, son of Thomas William Wooley and Vonda June Ling, Dale was born on 20 Jul 1969. They had one daughter: Lauren Mae.

8-Lauren Mae Wooley was born on 22 Apr 1994.

7-Reeve McLennan.

7-Lyndell McLennan.

7-Kenneth McLennan.

5-Ralph Frederick Stingel was born on 16 Aug 1907 in Alberton, Tasmania and died on 12 Jan 1968 in Ringarooma General Cemetery at age 60.

5-Charles Henry Stingel was born on 16 Sep 1909 in Alberton, Tasmania, died on 11 Feb 1981 at age 71, and was buried in Ringarooma, Tasmania. Charles married Isabel May Rattray, daughter of William Robert Rattray and Florence May Le Fevre. Isabel was born on 22 May 1921 in St Helens, Tasmania and died on 4 Sep 1976 in Burnie, Tasmania at age 55. They had one son: Rodney Charles.

6-Rodney Charles Stingel was born on 21 Jan 1941 in St Marys, Tasmania. Rodney married Julie Brewtnell on 15 Sep 1958 in Burnie Baptist Church.  They had seven children: Deborah Margaret, Cherine Louise, Kathryn Angela, Maria May, Lisa Marguerite, Paul Rodney and Helen.

7-Deborah Margaret Stingel was born on 28 Feb 1960 in Burnie, Tasmania. Deborah married John Roberts.  They had two children: Ashley and Samantha.

8-Ashley Roberts was born on 9 May 1992.

8-Samantha Roberts was born on 31 Jul 1996.

7-Cherine Louise Stingel was born on 17 Jan 1962 in Burnie, Tasmania. Cherine married Mark Green on 3 Jan 1996 in Devonport, Tasmania.  They had two children: Tyler and Jessica.

8-Tyler Green was born on 23 Jan 191 in Tasmania.

8-Jessica Green was born on 11 Feb 1993 in Tasmania.

7-Kathryn Angela Stingel was born on 20 Sep 1963 in Burnie, Tasmania. Kathryn married Robert Charles Killingback on 23 Sep 1995 in Brisbane, Queensland.  They had one daughter: Carly Lauren.

8-Carly Lauren Killingback was born on 15 Dec 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales.

7-Maria May Stingel was born on 29 Oct 1965 in Burnie, Tasmania. Maria married Steve Russell.  They had one daughter: Molly.

8-Molly Russell.

7-Lisa Marguerite Stingel was born on 17 Nov 1967 in Burnie, Tasmania. Lisa married Garth Mangan.  They had one daughter: Maddison.

8-Maddison Mangan was born on 24 Sep 1997.

Lisa next married Mike Wilson on 28 Jun 2010.

7-Paul Rodney Stingel was born on 22 Jun 1983 in Devonport, Tasmania. Paul had three children: Ethan, Ezra and Xavier.

8-Ethan Stingel.

8-Ezra Stingel.

8-Xavier Stingel was born on 11 Nov 2017 in Queensland.

7-Helen Stingel. Helen married Tony Clements.  They had three children: Vikki, Debbi and Grant.

8-Vikki Clements.

8-Debbi Clements.

8-Grant Clements.

Rodney next married Carol Skipworth on 27 Apr 1983 in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Rodney next married Jenny French on 20 May 2017 in Leith, Tasmania.  They had one daughter: Trudi Jane.

7-Trudi Jane French was born in Apr 1958 in Latrobe Cemetery. Trudi married Ryan Seen.  They had three children: Natalie, Courtney and Justin.

8-Natalie Seen.

8-Courtney Seen.

8-Justin Seen.

5-Mae Stingel was born on 23 Aug 1911 and died on 27 Dec 1990 at age 79. Mae married Ellis James Davis on 12 Jun 1931.  They had two children: Geoff and Colin.

6-Geoff Davis. Geoff married Maureen Murphy They had three children: Ann, Kathryn and Sharon.

7-Ann Davis. Ann married John Harvey They had three children: Blake, Caitlin and Callum.

8-Blake Harvey.

8-Caitlin Harvey.

8-Callum Harvey.

7-Kathryn Davis. Kathryn married Lawrence Hancock They had one son: Zach.

8-Zach Hancock.

7-Sharon Davis. Sharon married David Henderson They had one son: Steven.

8-Steven Henderson.

6-Colin Davis. Colin married Beverley (Davis) They had two children: Brett and Joanne.

7-Brett Davis.

7-Joanne Davis.

5-Frances Linda Stingel was born on 2 Mar 1913 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston and died about 1913 in Launceston, Tasmania.

5-Jessie Mabel Stingel was born on 21 Sep 1914 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston and died in 2007 in Currie, King Island, Tasmania at age 93. Jessie married her first cousin William Charles Stingel, son of Henry Stengel and Henriette Templeton, William was born on 9 Nov 1905 in Ringarooma, died on 11 Apr 1978 in King Island, Tasmania at age 72, and was buried in King Island Anglican Cemetery. They had six children: Graeme, Esma, Valerie, Jennifer, Janet and Christine.

6-Graeme Stingel. Graeme married Margaret Walsh They had three children: David, Nigel and Adrian.

7-David Stingel.

7-Nigel Stingel.

7-Adrian Stingel.

6-Esma Stingel. Esma married Robert Ballard

6-Valerie Stingel. Valerie married Robert Loosey They had two children: Michelle and Katrina.

7-Michelle Loosey.

7-Katrina Loosey.

6-Jennifer Stingel. Jennifer married Graeme Hill They had two children: James and Charmaine.

7-James Hill.

7-Charmaine Hill.

6-Janet Stingel. Janet married Harry Elkington They had two children: Martin and Paula.

7-Martin Elkington.

7-Paula Elkington.

6-Christine Stingel. Christine married Neville Johnstone They had two children: Kellie and Heidi.

7-Kellie Johnstone.

7-Heidi Johnstone.

5-Phyllis Victoria Stingel was born on 2 Jan 1916 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston and died on 25 Oct 1984 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 68. Phyllis married Eric Hedly Pickett on 23 Nov 1935.  They had two children: Kay and Jillian.

6-Kay Pickett. Kay married Robert Hughes They had two children: Mark and Megan.

7-Mark Hughes.

7-Megan Hughes.

6-Jillian Pickett. Jillian married Chris Oliver

Jillian next married Bruce Jackson They had two children: Nicholas and Grace.

7-Nicholas Jackson.

7-Grace Jackson.

5-Reginald Stingel was born on 9 Nov 1917 in Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston, died on 13 Jul 1989 in Burnie, Tasmania at age 71, and was buried in Ulverstone Lawn Cemetery. Reginald married Muriel Daken on 23 Oct 1943.  They had one son: Brian.

6-Brian Stingel. Brian married Robyn Eastall They had three children: Karen, Glenda and Kylie.

7-Karen Stingel. Karen married Denis Dwyer

7-Glenda Stingel. Glenda married Darren Fielding

7-Kylie Stingel.

5-Doreen Margaret Stingel was born on 28 Feb 1919 in Scottsdale, Tasmania and died on 14 Nov 1938 in Prahran, Victoria at age 19.

5-Walter Douglas Stingel was born on 9 Jan 1921 in Alberton, Tasmania and died on 8 Apr 1988 at age 67. Walter married Gwendolyn Freda Glover on 4 Apr 1942.  They had two children: Barry and Desmond.

6-Barry Stingel. Barry married Helen Henderson They had three children: Nigel, Nicole and Grant.

7-Nigel Stingel.

7-Nicole Stingel.

7-Grant Stingel.

6-Desmond Stingel was born in 1921. Desmond married Lorraine Styles They had three children: Sally, Michael and Simone.

7-Sally Stingel. Sally married Brett Woodward

7-Michael Stingel.

7-Simone Stingel.

5-Joyce Harriett Stingel was born on 22 Jan 1922. Joyce married Stanley Eric Green on 26 Feb 1949.  They had two children: Sheryl and David.

6-Sheryl Green. Sheryl married Con Dafnis They had two children: John and Peter.

7-John Dafnis.

7-Peter Dafnis.

6-David Green. David married Irene Binns They had three children: Matthew, Kurt and Martin.

7-Matthew Green.

7-Kurt Green.

7-Martin Green.

5-Clifford Mervyn Stingel was born on 2 May 1923 in Alberton, Tasmania, died on 26 May 1991 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 68, and was buried in Ringarooma. Clifford married Alicia Lillian Adams. Alicia was born about 1917, died on 20 Nov 1976 aged about 59, and was buried in Ringarooma.

Clifford next married Anna Siti Amanah on 23 Sep 1978.

5-Ronald Roy Stingel was born about 1924 and died on 2 Feb 1926 in Alberton, Tasmania aged about 2.

5-Jean Daphne Stingel was born on 10 Sep 1926. Jean married Steve Donaldson

Jean next married Reginald Larkin They had three children: Jennifer, Ronald and Debra.

6-Jennifer Larkin.

6-Ronald Larkin.

6-Debra Larkin.