William and Sarah Young
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Children of Andrew Oliver and Sarah Fair

5. Elizabeth Oliver

1-Andrew Oliver was born on 11 May 1784 in Ellingham, Northumberland, England and died after 1832 in Berwickshire, Scotland. Andrew married Sarah Fair, daughter of Thomas Fair and Elspeth Mather. Sarah was born on 30 Mar 1786 in Oxnam, Roxborough, Scotland, was christened on 28 Apr 1786 in Jedburgh Associate Congregation Church, Jedburgh, Roxburgh, Scotland, and died in 1832 in Scotland at age 46. They had ten children: Walter, Thomas, William, Andrew, Elizabeth, Isabella, Elspeth, James, Sarah and Thomas.

2-Elizabeth Oliver was born on 9 Jul 1816 in Whitinghame East Lothian Scotland and was christened on 6 Apr 1823 in Cranshaws Berwick Scotland.