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Lewis Edwin and Rhoda Rebecca Alice Lucas

Lewis Edwin Lucas was born on 5 Dec 1888 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 16 Sep 1978 in Devonport at age 89, and was buried in Sep 1978 in Quoiba. He served in the First World War.

Lewis married Rhoda Rebecca Alice How, daughter of James How and Katherine Bott, on 25 Aug 1915 in St Columbia, Mole Creek, Tasmania. Rhoda was born on 12 Oct 1896 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died on 6 Feb 1988 in Devonport at age 91, and was buried in Feb 1988 in Quoiba.

They had eight children:

5-Gladys Lillian Rose Lucas was born on 25 Jul 1916. Gladys married Dudley Valentine Bagley, son of Thomas Ellis Bagley and Emma Jordan, Dudley was born on 14 Feb 1916 in Dunning Street, Inveresk, Tasmania. They had one son: Dayle Dudley.

6-Dayle Dudley Bagley. Dayle married Margaret They had two children: Marcus and Dearne.

7-Marcus Bagley was born in Feb 1964.

7-Dearne Bagley was born on 26 Dec 1966.

Gladys next married Paul Giron

5-Rhoda Marion Fair Lucas was born on 25 Apr 1918 in Mole Creek, Tasmania and died on 2 May 1996 in Railton, Tasmania at age 78. Rhoda married William Percival Barrass on 10 Jan 1938 in Railton, Tasmania. William was born on 11 Jan 1909 and died in Jun 1981 at age 72.

Launceston Examiner Wednesday 19 Jan 1938


At St. John's Church, Railton, at 11 o'clock last Monday morning, Rev. Compton officiated at the wedding of Rhoda Marion Fair, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Edwin Lucas, of Edenfield, Railton, and William Percy, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barras, of Wellington, New South Wales. The bride was escorted and given away by her father. She wore a fitting gown of cream bridal satin. and carried a sheaf of cream gladioli. The two bridesmaids were the bride's sisters, Gladys and Caroline, who wore frocks of rose pink rayon and carried sheaves of pink gladioli. The best man was Mr. Arthur Lucas, brother of the bride. The wedding breakfast was at Edenfield, where the guests were received by the bride's parents. The bride and bridegroom's home will be at Condoblin, N.S.W. They left on Tuesday by the Ormonde, and will spend a few days in Sydney en route.

They had 11 children: Henry, Gary, William, Lynette, David, Patricia, Rhoda, Arthur, Joseph, Lewis and John.

6-Henry Barrass.

6-Gary Barrass.

6-William Barrass.

6-Lynette Barrass.

6-David Barrass.

6-Patricia Barrass.

6-Rhoda Barrass.

6-Arthur Barrass.

6-Joseph Barrass.

6-Lewis Barrass.

6-John Barrass was born about 1938. John married Beryl. They had three children: William, Arthur and David.

7-William Barrass.

7-Arthur Barrass.

7-David Barrass.

5-Arthur John Lucas was born on 25 Jan 1921.

5-Caroline Sarah Jane Lucas was born on 23 Apr 1923. Caroline married Kenneth Barrass They had four children: Kenneth, Ruth Caroline, Malcolm and Kathleen.

6-Kenneth Barrass.

6-Ruth Caroline Barrass. Ruth married Franklin John Beaumont They had two children: Leah and Sue.

7-Leah Beaumont was born on 8 Apr 1965.

7-Sue Beaumont was born on 2 May 1972.

6-Malcolm Barrass.

6-Kathleen Barrass. Kathleen married John Jauncey They had two children: Simone and Scott.

7-Simone Jauncey.

7-Scott Jauncey.

5-Winfred Susan Lucas was born on 5 May 1925. Winfred married Hans Miessell They had two children: Juanita and Daniel.

6-Juanita Miessell.

6-Daniel Miessell.

Winfred next married Stanislaw Spitalar They had one son: Stanley.

6-Stanley Spitalar. Stanley married Tina Curl They had one son: Benjamin.

7-Benjamin Spitalar was born on 15 Jan 1980.

5-Lewis Edwin Lucas was born on 17 Feb 1928 in Railton, Tasmania. Lewis married Jean.

Lewis next married Dorothy

5-Rebecca Christina Jane Lucas was born on 7 Jun 1930 in Railton, Tasmania. Rebecca married Graeme Victor Round They had one son: Ian Victor.

6-Ian Victor Round was born on 20 Apr 1953 and died on 8 May 1981 at age 28. Ian married Ann Robinson

5-Alice Daphne May Lucas was born on 7 Jun 1930 in Railton, Tasmania. Alice married Kenneth Lawrence Mawer in Railton, Tasmania. Kenneth was born on 8 Nov 1925 and died on 12 Oct 2003 at age 77. They had six children: Kenneth Edward Stephen, Charles Lewis, Gene Laurence, Pleasant Eric, Alice Leslie and Dianne.

6-Kenneth Edward Stephen Mawer was born on 25 Apr 1946 in Tasmania, died in a car accident at Deloraine on 27 Sep 1970 in the Launceston General Hospital at age 24, and was buried on 29 Sep 1970 in Latrobe, Tasmania.

6-Charles Lewis Mawer was born on 3 Jul 1949 in Latrobe, Tasmania. Charles married Carol Bryant. Carol was born on 13 Jan 1952. They had three children: Michelle Anne, Stephen Lewis and Sheralyn Jane.

7-Michelle Anne Mawer was born on 26 Nov 1972. Michelle married Anthony Pyke

7-Stephen Lewis Mawer was born on 26 Jul 1974.

7-Sheralyn Jane Mawer was born on 24 Dec 1977.

6-Gene Laurence Mawer was born on 28 Oct 1950.

6-Pleasant Eric Mawer.

6-Alice Leslie Mawer. Alice married Fellows They had two children: Brett and Shelly.

7-Brett Mawer.

7-Shelly Mawer.

Alice next married Anthony Crawford They had one daughter: Dianne.

7-Dianne Crawford.

6-Dianne Mawer.