William and Sarah Young
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Margaret Swanston Young

3-Margaret Swanston Young was born on 18 Jun 1859 in Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland and died on 28 Dec 1893 in Launceston at age 34.

William and Sarah's family bible records the birth of Margaret Swanston Young at Park, Coldingham on 18 June 1859 and her death on 28 December 1893.  The only recorded Tasmanian death for a Margaret Young in 1893 or 1894 was on 28 November 1893.  The records state that Margaret Young died in hospital in Launceston due to epilepsy. She was unmarried, born in Tasmania  and 33 years of age.  The Launceston hospital board reported that Margaret Young, 33, native of Tasmania died due to epilepsy, burns of the head.

Nothing else is currently known about Margaret.